Top Craigslist Alternatives For Adults

Top Craigslist Alternatives For Adults

Craigslist is quiet popular being that it is one if the top website where users list what they want in the proper segment.

Listing is free except the job listing segment. Craigslist has many segments, but what it lacks is the side dedicated for adults.

So we came up with Craigslist alternatives for adult. This alternatives should be similar to Craigslist. So there are alternative, let us look at the top alternative.

- Reddit : Top on the list is Reddit, many don't know that you can get a woman or man for dates or casual encounters, on Reddit. Here are the sub reddit for you can use.

i. Reddit Singles This is specifically for Boston in US.

ii. Reddit hookups This sub reddit for people all over the world that wants to hookup.

Zoosk Zoosk is for people interested in each other, you get to choose any gender you like. 

Badoo With over 6 million subscribers, both male and female in many countries crisscrossing many continents of the world.

- Blackpeoplemeet Just like the name suggest it is for black people. It has a lot of blacks behind it.

- Christian mingle This is for Adult Christians who wants to meet Christians, for a relationship and possibly for marriage.

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