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How To Make Lots Of Money On Zarfund Nigeria

How To Make Lots Of Money On Zarfund Nigeria You may have heard about Zarfund, this program is guaranteed to make you millions of Naira in just few months. The info is on the net, Zarfund Nairaland Lindaikeji etc.

This is not like Ultimatecycler nor is it like MMM, where any day that the website goes offline, you will have your heart in your mouth.

With a MMM and the rest you can hope to made a few thousand Naira in days, but with Zarfund you can make lots to fulfill most of your dreams. If you dream to own a house next year or a car or whatever millions can buy, you will make it here.

When we introduced MMM online Nigeria people were doubting now look where it is now? My team that took action then have made  lots of money on MMM. 

Now Zarfund is making waves, I say get in and join my team, so that you'll be among the pioneers.

Nigeria have gone past the age where you need a large family for Agricutural purposes. It has gone pass the age where once your are out of school a job is waiting for you. We are now in the information age, what you know early can catapult you high 

Here is how it works For Nigerians

Estimated profit calculation of Zarfund System in Naira
Donate 10500 ($19)
Level 1 -: Receive 10500 from 2 ref (your two direct referrals) = 21 k (donate 17500 to upgrade) gain 3500 
Level 2 -: Receive 17500 from 4 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 70k (donate 35k to upgrade) gain 35k
Level 3 -: Receive 35k from 8 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 280k (donate 70 to upgrade) gain 210k
Level 4 -: Receive 70k from 16 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 1.12M (d onate 350k to upgrade) gain 770k
Level 5 -: Receive 350k from 32 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 11.2m (donate 700k to upgrade) gain 10.5M
Level 6 -: Receive 700k from 64 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 44.8M

HOW IT WORKS In Summery (Figures are in naira rate conversions of your bitcoins)

Firstly, you only need 2people, if you have more, you don’t need it! But your downlines do! So when some registers through your link, it goes down straight to any of your downline whose matrix is still empty! So you both can grow fast! That’s where you need ME (because we have a progressive team)

Secondly, you need 13.5k (the 5 is to cover exchange difference) at the start to get your 0.03BTC (bitcoins) [the price of 0.03BTC in naira vary depending on the current rate. 

It might be higher or less] 

to start! EVERYONE starts with the same amount! After that, You don’t put anymore!
Thirdly, upgrade as soon as soon as you have enough amount to do so! Don’t wait for the full amount, it would be paid! If not your downline might upgrade and you lose!

 When you register with the statutory 13k, you pay it to your upline (or referral) and u upgrade to become a full member, at that moment automatically the 2 new People under you will pay you 13k each. 

To be a full member too! That’s 24k for you!

You upgrade with 20k and keep 6k for yourself! That’s Level 1

Level 2: 4 persons [when the two people that joined under you, get 2people each] they pay you that 20k each which equals 80K! You can still walk away OR…..

You upgrade with 40k. And keep 40k which you can withdraw just like in level 1.

Level 3: Here, 8 people (when the 4people that paid you in stage 2, gets 2people) they pay you 40k each which equals 320k. You can walk away OR…..

Upgrade with 80k. And cash your  240k profit

Stage 4: Here, 16 people [when the 8people in the previous stage gets 2people each] they pay you 80k each which is 1.28million(millionaire already)! You can walk away OR…..

You upgrade with 340k and gain 940k.
Stage 5: Here, 32 people [As the 16people that paid you, get their 2people] they pay you 340k each! Which is 11.68million! You can walk away OR…..

You donate 680k to upgrade and gain 11million
Stage 6: Finally, 64 people pay you 680k.

You get 43.5million Naira At this stage you donate Nothing!
And you get paid every month!

Need I say more?  Well here is what an ordinary  member of our team is making
B164.26 ! That is 125157.907 i.e one hundred twenty-five thousand, one hundred fifty-seven Naira in just 2 days!

This is just an ordinary member o.

Note: As at today 1bitcoin (btc) 761.95 is  and bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency in the world.
DO NOT DELAY! Two weeks ago 0.031Bitcoin was 12,500 now it’s 13000.

Come join my team, you will be amazed how many popular Nigerians you will find in my team. 

Check Zarfund out then come and meet me on 
 Whatsapp number +2348135123481 name: Tim.


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