How To Fix Unfortunately Badgeprovider Has Stopped Error

The, unfortunately, Badgeprovider has stopped error is quite common,  especially on Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, and other android phones.

This issue has been given a lot of Android users a headache, as it seems to be popping out of nowhere. Sometimes this is quite irritating, especially if you have something important and urgent you are doing. So if your Badge provider has stopped working here is what you need to do. 

What is Badge provider?

BadgeProvider is a sort of system app that works in tandem with Badge notification, this runs in the background all the time. In one hand, it shows pending notifications and on the other hand, it consumes battery a lot. Though this is not a battery killer, it can consume a lot of your device battery.

How to fix its error

- You first have to open Settings. Find your way to application and Application manager.

How To Fix Unfortunately Badgeprovider Has Stopped Error

- Go to All tab. Scroll down and find out BadgeProvider. Tap on this to open the settings.
- Tap on it to open it.

*. You'll see various options, you'll have tap this options in this order Force Stop, Clear Data.
Restart your phone.

-. If it doesn't work, follow all the steps but, this time tap Disable to disable Badge provider.
At this stage, the, unfortunately, Badgeprovider has stopped error, should disappear for good.
Well if it still doesn't work which is highly unlikely, you still have the factory reset or format option available.

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