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List Of Top Honda Generators For Homes And Offices Specs And Prices

When it comes to Generators for supplying  electricity either as a standby supply, complementary or as the main supply for homes and offices, Honda Gens should be considered because this brand is indeed well known and they known worldwide for being in the for front of Gen production.

This portable Honda Generators provide quiet power for all your electrical needs especially outdoors, whether you're camping, RVing, tailgating, races, parties, offices and homes including other situations that may need a 24 hours power supply.

For Home, Honda generators provide convenient reliable back up power for outages, for Work
Honda portable generators are among the best in the construction and rental industry.

It doesn't stop there this Honda Gens have many benefits including:

  • It provides quiet power for camping, RVing, tailgating, races, parties, and more.
  • Honda home generators also offer convenient, reliable back up power for outages. 

  • This portable Gens doesn't make much noise, quiet and efficient.

  • The carbon monoxide or exhaust smoke disperses in different direction this helps minimize pollution.

  • Low Fuel or Diesel consumption

  • Low Maintenance cost

1. Honda EG1000 Generator

This Gen is 0.75KVA with maximum output of .85KVA, has a portable 4-stroke, air cooled cooled, eco firendly gasoline engine, and different compartment for petrol & oil, 

Doesn't use much  fuel as it is highly efficient, has a continous running time of  up to 8hrs on 3.6ltrs fuel tank capacity. Its maintance is easy as most faults can be fix without involving any Technician, This is one of the best portable generator available in the market. 

It can carry a minimum of 3units of 60W bulb, 1unit of 100W ceiling fan, 1 unit of 200W LCD, 1 unit of 75W Home Theatre system.

Price in US dollars $350
 View offer on Konga Honda EG1000 60,500 Naira

2. Honda EG6500CXS Generator

EG6500CXS is another good Gen from Honda, is a 5.0Kva (5.5Kva maximum) generator manufactured to withstand the typical condition in Africa, you get to enjoy what you spend your money on  a Gen with no unnecessary over head cost.

This generator can be used with the following items in homes or offices:

Up to 6 units of 60W bulbs, 3 units of 100W ceiling fan, 2 units of 200W LCD Tv, 2units of 75W Home Theatre, 1unit of 200W fridge, 1 unit of 500W Deep freezer, 1 Hp water pump (this is not a small thing), 2Hp Ac.

Comes with electric/recoil starting system, and a large tank capacity of 24Ltrs with continuous operational time,  rated load is 8.hrs with low noise level.

Price in US dollars $ 1200
View offer on Konga Honda EG6500CXS 272,000 Naira

3. Honda Generator FA2500FMH
This Gen is great for its price, a cheap low cost Honda generator to get if you're on budget, this Gen gives you electricity that is steady, powes many of things including major house hold and office appliancs.

This  FA2500FMH is rated 2.2 KVA  and is manually operated. The minimum items this Gens can carry without shaking are, 6units of 60W bulbs, 3 units of 100W ceiling fan, 2 units of 200W LCD Tv set, 1unit 75W Home theater, 1unit of either 200W fridge/1 deep freezer/1Hp water pump.

Price in US dollars $300

View offer  on konga  Honda FA2500FMH 60, 000 Naira

4.  Honda EU65IS 6.5KVA 5500W Generator

Although expensive this Gen is really quality, the Honda EU6s5 generator offers 6500 watts power. Whether you're using it outdoors or indoors as primary and or standby  power source for emergency back up power for your home and offices, or for powering heavy equipments.

You'll love the low noise operating level (52 to 60 dBA) and so will your neighbors, if you live in close flats. The EU6s5 Gen is part of the i-Deluxe Series,  the first to use Honda's proprietary "i-Monitor" technology which provides information for hours of operation, wattage and engine speed; as well as diagnostics for convenient servicing. Standard features include electric starting, Honda's patented Eco-Throttle for extended run time, , two-wheel transport kit and folding handles.

What this means is you'll have the power, information and tools to maintain and repair your Generator any time it breaks down. this of course rarely happens because the same i monitoring technology prevents any major damage to your Generator.

Price in US dollars $4924
View offer on konga Honda EU65IS 6.5KVA 5500W Generator 979,999 Naira

5. Honda Generator - EM10000

EM10000 is rated 8.0Kva with maximum output of 9.0Kva.The generator can be used with the following items:  

Up to 6units of 60W bulbs, 3 units of 100W ceiling fan, 3 units of 200W LCD Tv, 2units of 75W Home Theater, 1unit of 200W fridge, 1 unit of 500W Deep freezer, 1Hp water pump, up to 3Hp Ac.

It runs continuously approx 6.5hrs on a full fuel tank which is 31Ltrs, and with a noise level of 73db(A).

Price in US dollars $3718
View offer on Konga 740,000 EM10000 Naira

6. Honda EB3000 2.5Kva Manual Generator

Rated power is 2.5Kva, has a recoil starting system, 14.5 Ltrs fuel capacity and a continuous operational time of up to 8hrs with a noise level of 71db(A)

The generator can be used with the following items: 
Up to 6units of 60W bulbs, 3 units of 100W ceiling fan, 2 units of 200W LCD Tv, 2units of 75W Home Theatre, 1 unit of 500W Deep freezer, 1Hp water pump.

Price in US dollars $593
View offer on konga Honda EB3000 118,100 Naira

7. Honda EU20I 2KVA 1600W Generator

 At first glance it seems you can pick it up and actually turn it in a hand bag, because of the look, it looks cool and o very portable, the style is something else, more so it is light weight which the hand bag you thought it could be used for can become a reality. 

You get to power the necessary things in your home and office.

some features
  • Honda's lightweight and compact EU20i generator offers a versatile and economical source of electrical power to a wide range of domestic and commercial users.
  • A quiet and clean running engine ensures reduced noise and emissions levels whilst 'inverter technology' means the engine only runs as fast as the load requires.
  • This feature reduces overall fuel consumption, thus helping to reduce running costs.
 Price in US dollars $1507
View offer on Konga Honda EU20i 298,999 Naira 

8.  Honda 4.0Kva Generator - EG5000CX

One thing that strikes me is the power duration of this Gen, it can run continuously for 10hrs, has a large fuel tank of about 24 Ltrs, this Gen is rated at 4.0Kva with maximum output of 4.5Kva. low or almost low noise, plus requires low maintenance.

The generator can be used with the following items:
Up to 4units of 60W bulbs, 2 units of 100W ceiling fan, 2 units of 200W LCD Tv, 2units of 75W Home Theater, 1unit of 200W fridge, 1 unit of 500W Deep freezer, 1Hp water pump, 1.5Hp Ac.
Installed with recoil starting system.


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