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70 Men And Women That Could Become Batman With Technology

There are people out there that are potential batmen and women on Earth, they can become this comic hero in real life because they are qualified.

To be a real life Batman one will need the following qualifications, which are time, effort, focus, technology and youth. To get many of the qualifications you'll need money, because money buys you the best Tech, gets you the best training.

So let's start with money. I'm going to assume our Batman in comics, movie and creative franchise candidate is an American Billionaire. They must be one of the 400 people on the Forbes 2013/2014 list of the wealthiest people in the US.

Batman Incorporated, is at least a billion dollar project. When one is buying or building cars, computers, weapons, and facilities at the state of the art instead of the state of the market he will have to pay a stiff premium. Get them secretly and the person will have to pay even more. To stay a billionaire after spending a billion on Batfleet and other gadgets, one must start with $2 billion. That cuts the Forbes list in half, to 200 people worth $2 billion as at 2013.
Youth have to come in here, let's set an arbitrary cut off of 60 years old to allow for the long hours and physical endurance required of the training, the job the public life, physical therapy and counseling at Arkham Asylum. This leaves Warren Buffet out but Larry Page and Bill Gates are in. If you're not on this list, you cannot become Batman.

List of Batman candidates, net worth and Age

1. Mark Zuckerberg, 26. $13.5 B, Facebook.
2. Dustin Moskovitz, 26. $2.7 B, Facebook.
3. Scott Duncan, 28. $3.1 B, pipelines.
Under 40
4. Larry Page, 37. $19.8 B, Google.
5. Sergey Brin, 37. $19.8 B, Google.
6. John Arnold, 37. $3.3 B, hedge funds.
7. Daniel Ziff, 39. $4 B, hedge funds.
Above 40
8. Milane Frantz, 41. $3.1 B, pipelines.
9. Ken Griffin, 42. $2.3 B, hedge funds.
#10. Pierre Omidyar, 43. $6.7 B, Ebay.
11. Robert Ziff, 44. $4 B, hedge funds.
12. Michael Dell, 46. $14.6 B, Dell.
13. Dirk Ziff, 46. $4 B, hedge funds.
14. Tom Gores, 46. $2.4 B, private equity.
15. Marc Benioff, 46. $2.1 B, Salesforce. com.
16. Jeff Bezos, 47. $18.1 B, Amazon.
17. Dannine Avara, 47. $3.1 B, pipelines.
18. William Wrigley, 47. $2.1 B, chewing gum.
19. Edward Lampert, 48. $3.6 B, Investments.
20. Philip Falcone, 48. $2.2 B, hedge funds.
21. Abigail Johnson, 49. $11.3 B, Fidelity.
22. Randa Williams, 49. $3.1 B, pipelines.
23. Nicolas Berggruen, 49. $2.2 B, Investments.

Under 60

24. Daniel Och, 50. $3.3 B, hedge funds.
25. Winnie Johnson-Marquart, 51. $2 B, SC Johnson & Sons.
26. Mark Cuban, 52. $2.5 B,
27. Fisk Johnson, 52. $2 B, SC Johnson & Sons.
28. Len Blavatnik, 53. $10.1 B, Access Industries.
29. David Tepper, 53. $5 B, hedge funds.
30. Steve Ballmer, 54. $14.5 B, Microsoft.
31. Mitchell Rales, 54. $3.5 B, Danaher Corp.
32. Warren Stephens, 54. $2.5 B, Stephens Inc..
33. Lee Bass, 54. $2 B, oil, investments.
34. Helen Johnson-Leipold, 54. $2 B, SC Johnson & Sons.
34. Bill Gates, 55. $56 B, Microsoft.
35. John Paulson, 55. $16 B, hedge funds.
36. Steve Cohen, 55. $8 B, hedge funds.
37. Eric Schmidt, 55. $7 B, Google.
38. S. Curtis Johnson, 55. $2 B, SC Johnson & Sons.
39. Kelcy Warren, 55. $2 B, pipelines.
40. Christy Walton & family, 56. $26.5 B, Walmart.
41. Steve Jobs, 56. $8.3 B, Apple, Pixar.
42. Paul Tudor Jones, 56. $3.3 B, hedge funds.
43. #440 Ronda Stryker, 56. $2.6 B, Stryker Corp.
44. Jin Sook & Do Won Chang, 56. $2.2 B, Forever 21.
45. Henry Samueli, 56. $2 B, Broadcom.
46. Robert Rowling, 57. $4.2 B, Investments.
48. Oprah Winfrey, 57. $2.7 B, television.
49. Stanley Druckenmiller, 57. $2.5 B, hedge funds.
50. Marianne Liebmann, 57. $2.4 B, Cargill, Inc..
51. Rodney Lewis, 57. $2.3 B, Natural gas.
52. #540 Randal Kirk, 57. $2.2 B, pharmaceuticals.
53. Paul Allen, 58. $13 B, Microsoft, investments.
54. Charles Ergen, 58. $7 B, EchoStar.
55. Andrew Beal, 58. $6.6 B, bank, real estate.
56. Ron Burkle, 58. $3.2 B, supermarkets, investments.
57. Riley Bechtel, 58. $2.9 B, engineering, construction.
58. Bharat Desai & family, 58. $2.2 B, Syntel.
59. Patrick Soon-Shiong, 59. $5.2 B, generic drugs.
60. Leon Black, 59. $3.5 B, private equity.
61. Trevor Rees-Jones, 59. $3.3 B, oil & gas.
62. Steven Rales, 59. $3.2 B, Danaher Corp.
63. Nancy Walton Laurie, 59. $2.8 B, Wal-Mart.
68. David Sun, 59. $2.6 B, computer memory.
69. John Doerr, 59. $2.2 B, venture capital.
70. David Shaw, 59. $2.2 B, hedge funds


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