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Simple Way To View Private Photobucket Pictures

It's really simple to view private Photobucket photos, if you can get the hang of some stuff that I'll explain here. You see that's a bug right now in this online photo sharing website that users upload their images to, I like to call it a small but mighty bug, small when left alone, mighty when exploited. Photobucket staffs or whoever is in charge of fixing their bugs when they develop,
probably don't know that it exist in the first place, even if they do it will take some time for them to fix it, a little time is all you need to reveal images that are hidden which you may have been targeting since.
This is where you pay attention, seriously your attention is needed, just a little distraction, a little lose of some details can be the difference between success and failure, this is delicate and just like other tutorials of this nature in two to three weeks with a maximum of some months this tutorial may probably become past tense as they may fix the bug, if it expires don't worry I have a back up which won't be shared here, unless privately to subscribers.

Unlock Photobucket photos how?

The best way to learn something is to understand it, this is very important as it will help you comprehend and indead understand some terminologys involved here.

Photobucket and Images

This website handles privacy levels differently than other photo sharing services like Facebook and Flickr. Unlike them too you can't set your picture's privacy level on an individual basis, you set the privacy level at the album level, either as Everyone > Private or > Password-protected . If you choose Private or Password-protected for an album, the pictures won’t show up and won't and thus won't be seen on search, even someone going through your profile wouldn't be able to find them. Although, each photo is still accessible via a direct link to its url.

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What this actually means you can only view passoward protected photo with a direct link to a particular photo contained in an album, automatically you can't see any private picture unless the owner gives you the direct link.
What was meant as a tight security feature with only small error rate turned out to be the weak link of might proportion hence this phrase "small but might"
For this to work, I expect you to have atleast one url to one private picture, 90% of searches have this already this is quiet common as someone may have given you a private photo link before hence the curiousity to view more of the pictures in that album.

The majority of Photobucket pictures always follows a sequence for example if a photo has the filename DSC_003.jpg there is a high tendency for DSC_004.jpg, 005 and others in that album. Guessing this one by one can be time consuming morever some links maybe scattered or shortened using some powerful url shorteners.
To avoid the stress, and too much brain cracking this is where you employ the use of a software, a fusking software. With the aid of this software no need to guess the filename, you only need to enter the person's username and Album name, and then allow the programe to run likely guess and bring up any photo it can find.

What you need

A fusker software or programe ( find it online, or wait till I publish the full guide to fusking images)

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The username and album name of the target person.
If you have the above you're good to go.
Despite Photobucket's effort to stop this trend, it's still on the rise, personally I'd like to see a time where photo website will be completely save, but since the Internet on the whole is not save there might not be a save photo sharing website afterall.


This is out in public which means I have no control to the type of people that read this including Photobucket staffs (although I control the back up, which won't be published, but sent exclusively to premiums.) as a result this may not work after some time, notify me when it stops working for you. Become a subscriber to get it when it's hot.


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