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Simple Way To Get Instagram Followers And Likes With Hashtags

Who says the little details in life can't be explored? Some time back I was struggling to get noticed on Instagram, a newbie with no connection, no particularly stunning photos like all those popular celebs and companys that calls Instagram their photo home. There are many people that offer a quick way to get Instagram followers which they require you to pay for. But are those followers
they are going to give you interested in you? Are they real individuals or are they just software or bot designed for that? You should endevour to ask and seek answers to this thought provoking questions, although one thing is certain, majority of Instagram follower services rendered for a fee are fake, to me I'd best have a small targeted amount of followers who I have some thing in common than have lots of followers who don't even know my username.

The best followers you can think of those who will like or dislike your photos, those who feel strongly connected to you are those ones you can get natuarally, users that willingly follow you, So how do you really get this type of followers without spending money?

The answer lies in you and information flow, I was amazed when I discovered this, using harshtags as a helper, I set out to get more natural followers during that time I discovered the two things why people don't usually get many followers, this are Information & Appeal

Information & Appeal the two pros

Negative usage of this two can lead to zero increase in followers, and fast unfollowers, this is dicy you need to learn how to balance it.
Information People won't know and get to your picture if they don't have access to you, so you need to inform them, hence the need for harshtags, harshtags are the fastest, free and natuaral way to pass information and bring your contents in front of people and thus increase your likes and follower count. It's one thing to point many people to your photos it's another thing to get them to like or follow you. To do that you need appeal
Appeal Before you promote your photos through harshtags you need to create a worthwhile unique picture, photo that is sound and appealing to people. This is the difference between getting likes and followers and getting none at all. Try to make your tagged photos clear, crisp and engaging.

About Instagram harshtags

Harshtags are harsh like symbol that is used to make text or in this case photos clickable, and collect similar pictures into a group or category, clicking on any similar photo that is tagged leds to more tagged pictures that are in the same group, the symbol # followed closely by a word makes the word clickable and in extent the picture as this hashed word serve as the clickable picture caption.

Which means if you upload a picture and tag it with a harstag like #tbt (throw back thusday) and others regardless of their popularity upload theirs too and tag it with the same #tbt, yours and theirs are grouped together, so when users desiring to see more photos on tbt clicks on that tag yours will show too, if it has appeal it will get likes and you followers.

You need to know those popular harstags people search for, ones which users are always on the look out for. below are popular harshtags on Instagram

#follow @TagsForLikes #f4f #followme # TagsForLikes.COM #TFLers #followforfollow #follow4follow #teamfollowback #followher #followbackteam #followhim #followall #followalways #followback #me #love #pleasefollow @TagsForLikes #follows #follower #following #tbt (throwback Thursday), #instadaily, #photooftheday and #instagood.

Don't overdo it. A hashtag paragraph, will look cluttered, and maybe a turnoff. Instead, use one to four relevant hashtags per photo.
Always use relevant tags, it's important.

This is a great way to get free followers, so don't abuse it. Always stay tunned to this blog for the best tutorials.


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