List of Major SMS Carrier Gateway Domain Email Addresses

Carrier gateways are very important, it's just not because it is used for web to SMS or sending short messages to phone nunbers, no they are many uses of this domian gateways. Sending messages from web to cell phones is just one of them.

Whatever it is you just want to use it to do whether it's to send text messages directly to smartphones or sending text, audio and video as multimedia, this gateways will help you accomplish that, also for practical use of this SMS gateways see how to send text messages from computer to cell phones free.

List of SMS gateway domain address

*. Alltel Gateway: @
*.Nextel: @
*. Sprint Gateway: @ *.SunCom Gateway: @
*.VoiceStream Gateway: @
*.Verizon: @ (text only) or @ (photos and video)
*. Boost Gateway @
*. Cricket Gateway: @
*. Sprint Gateway: @
*. T-Mobile Gateway: @
*. US Cellular Gateway: @
*. Virgin Gategway: @

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