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How To Make Movies On Facebook Using Timeline Movies

Facebook is progressive and not regressive as such each period in the life of FB brings forth new things. There are many things one can do with with Facebook, some known to you some you may not know about. Many amazing things can be done via this top social channel, manipulating your photos to create amazing timeline and profile photos of you is just one of them, you can even go further by removing blemish like pimples and dark spots from your face on your FB images, that's awesome. Facebook is really wonderful if you know what you're doing.

It's not just chat, make friends, share or upload pictures and videos that is only the main attraction, along with creating your own beautiful timeline pictures, you can make your timeline movies too. Yes Facebook now allows you to make a movie of your whole life on Faebook, call it your own timeline film. Facebook combines all your pictures, status and 5 music (one to be chosen) to form your timeline movie. This is truely amazing as you get to see all your status updates (even the ones that are very old) and your images with a music of your choice playing, all in this movie.

Steps to create your Facebook Movies

1. You'll need a web based application called Timeline movie maker. Go to the home page and click on Make Your Movie.
2. Next click on the Facebook log in tab, and authorize everything the app asks.
3. A minute or two will be taken by the app to prepare all your Facebook stuff, and process it to become a movie.

Time to watch your Movie

4. When step 3 finishes, your new movie will auto play, just relax and watch it. At the end of the movie, options will appear, you'll then have option of changing such things as the music and pictures.
5. Next is to share (optional), if you're proud of your Facebook life history, you can share the movie as all your virtual history are now contained in this movie.

The truth is FB can really be a great place to be if you know lots of things like this one, it's a fact many have the wrong perspective of FB, others too have only a limited knowledge of what FB can do, they take those mind-set and knowledge to open a Facebook account only to delete or cancel their accounts when that objective(s) are not meet, since they don't know anything else. No more about FB, browse around through the Facebook Tutorials section to find more amazing Facebook tutorials that'll blow your mind.

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