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Easy Ways To Open Blocked/Locked Websites Legally

Websites could be blocked as a result of many factors, not just in school, Library or Offices but in States and Countries, this is done to stop you from accessing sites which they deem improper or as distractions. For example in your Office some websites like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit
maybe blocked, so you won't be visiting them, according to the Office authorities this helps keeps your focus fully at your work and avoids distractions that may occur as a result of going to this social networks.

In some countries especially Islamic countries some websites may be locked from people living in such countries, which means if you move from United States to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate and other countries in Middle East, you may have to forgo visiting some of your favourite websites, as they may have been blocked.

To block a website, the organization or country that is responsible for that, make use of a special type of filter which places blocks on those website that has been locked, to visits those blocked website legally the key is to bypass that filter and go straight through that block. The process to view those blocked or locked website legally is not quite difficult as a matter of fact they are easy unless those websites are of National Security (not like CIA or FBI). I will list and explain the top ways to do so, the methods will be more than one, the reason for that is for you to have the luxury of many options, there is no way you won't be successful.

3 top methods for viewing locked websites

1. Clocking URL

This involves manipulating url to bypass any filter-block that may hinder you from accessing blocked website. There are two ways to this

i. URL Shortening via Redirection
ii. Using IP instead of Alpha-URL

i. Url shortening In some blocked sites, the filter uses the parameter of the full Url of that particular website to block it. Which means when you type the full website e.g it won't open, what you have to do is to copy that link and go to url shorteners like or and shorten the link, then use that shorten ones to visit the site. The Url shortening websites now redirects that link through their own site, to fully open any blocked website. See quickest way to shorten URL for a comprehensive guide to this.

ii. IP instead of Alpha-Url Another method under Url clocking is using IP address , this involves swapping the web address of that website with it's IP address, i.e the normal web address you know which is in alphabet will be converted to numbers e.g to something like, what you'll now do is to obtain the IP of those websites and visit them via their IP, you can do this online at

3. Use Proxy address

Another very effective method is to use proxy site to visit those blocked websites or blogs, this requires that you employ a middle man who'll serve as a bridge to that site, a proxy site in it actuality is a website that helps you hide your IP, providing another IP for you to use, this not only effectively gives you access to all those blocked websites you might want to visit, it also protects your identity. For example if you had visited you'll see your device's IP address when you click "More Info About You" you'll see everything about you, the type of device you're using (computer, mobile), what browser you're using, your location etc.

 But visiting such sites through proxy sites will remove your real information. This is effective as you'd be viewing this blocked website legally as you'll remain undetected. Examples of such sites are and amongst many others.
Don't forget to share this with others, remember sharing is caring, help someone now by passing this to him/her. I'd be happy to take any questions


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