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Top Places To Make Money Answering Questions

If you enjoy browsing the internet, joining forums and engaging in discussions then you'll love this, what if some one told you that you are making site owners very rich by browsing their website alone? What if they tell you to continue browsing you'll receive your share of the riches? Will you grab it or will just ignore it and continue surfing the web unpaid? Not likely. The time spent on this this things will get you a lot of cool cash. This is the refreshing and exciting new way of making money online as you get to do what you're already doing! How will you like it if you got paid to answer questions online? Won't it be quite fun and enjoyable? Yes it would as you won't only have the satisfaction of a time well spent doing positive things to the society by helping people solve their problems you'll also make some money off it. People will come to know and respect you as a problem solver, you can even become a celeb as they'll want to add you on Facebook, twitter etc.

So the hard part? Of course there is always a hard part to a legit programe like getting paid to answer questions. The only hard part here is your time if you really wish to make lets say $500, you'll have to put much effort and time as the amount you'll make depends on how many questions you answered that amount made is directly propotional to the questions answered, so you see there is really no limit you can make.

How to answer questions and make money

There are many websites that offers this kind of service, I'll list some of them later, however you should be aware of how to answer questions before you jump right in.

All websites offering this kind of service has something in common that is; create an account with them, complete your profile, chose your payment method, read their TOS and FAQ to get the feel, if it's a revenue sharing answer site that requires adsense then you'll need and adsense account.

List of top question-answer sites that pays

1. webanswers

Webanswers is a gold-mine when it comes finding answers to questions, almost every question imaginable has been covered by this site, if you ask a question there the rate at which your question will be answered will amaze you. It happens that they get paid to answer all this questions hence the quick response.

2. Chacha

Chacha has been on the scence for a long time, infact it's one of the oldest if not the oldest as it has authority trusted authority on the internet. Guides (which is what answerers are called) are always welcomed, your answers will even be received offline worldwide through text message! They also pay well.

3. knowbrainers

You want brain? You have it, you want intelligent answers forged out of an already made brain you got it. You have that brain? Want to put it to good use and earn money for helping out? Then joing knowbrain select a category your're good at and start answering it quite simple.

4 Justanswer

You really wonna just answer some questions? No strings attached and earn while doing so? Then Justanswer is for you, here you don't just answer questions you answer to help people and get paid.

5. Shvoong

This is somewhat a shift from the status quo. This website allows you to write a summary or review of any published written text, any at all but the review has to be written in your own words. you may choose any published book, it maybe an article, a newspaper just any published thing. Since the review is not long in terms of word counts, infact a good average answer can even be more than the review, so it can still be included.

There you have it, this website pays you to answer questions the posh office minded people ask, listen they depend on you to solve their problems isn't that nice? Just try to be honest and caring with a little bit of emotion then you'll make a lot of money as your answers will really solve their problems to achieve this you need to tell yourself that you're here to help people not earn a living.

Did I miss anyone? Add yours via the comment box, don't forget to like us on facebook, share this post to your friends please don't hord this your friends need this too.


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