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I Can't Login To Facebook Top Login And Password Issues Solved

The almighty popuplar Facebook even have a weak point! Suprised? You shouldn't. As popular and seemly powerful as Facebook may appear to be, it still has a weakness, one very big weakness that they may not even know about. I know it sounds untrue but it's true going by their standards. You might not call it a big thing since Facebook is built almost flawlessly considering the problems various website like Yahoo mail is having.

Facebook has a hole in its login and password recovery options, though not to a big issue, its login and password section is one of the best around. But sometimes users may experience problems with this and may need a quick guide on how to recover forgotten Facebook passwords or login details. This article address this, below are top questions users ask about Facebook login activity and there solutions, it's in question and answer format.

1. How do I login to Facebook without my email? It's possible to login to Facebook without your email address, provided you've associated your phone number to your account. On the Facebook login page enter your number attaching your country code first then your password click login e.g for Nigeria +234 your number, same with US, India and other users.

2. How do I log in to Facebook without my password? It's not really possible to login with your password, officially it is not. Unless you want to bypass some things a raise some hairs then take my word and leave it alone. However if you've forgotten your password move on to the next question.

3. I 've forgotten my Facebook password, how do I recover it? To recover forgotten password, login and chose forgotten password option, enter either your email or phone number and send, you'll receive a message with a link follow it and you're done.

4. I can't log in to my Facebook account If you can't login, it's possible you made some mistakes, which will be shown to you, is either your username/email/phone number is not right or your password is incorrect or a combination of both login details be wrong. Retype everything and login, if it doesn't work change your password by following steps above.

5. How can I login to two Facebook account at the same time? To login to different Facebook accounts, you'll need to use google Chrome, it involves some settings manipulations which is not explained here, but it's explained in full details read login to multiple account the same time

6. Can I open more than one Facebook account? Yes you can Facebook allows that, the way they see it, it's good for business it depends on users to make money so you did be doing them a favour. If you're comfortable in doubling everything including your email, phone numbers, passwords then you're welcome to try.

7. Can I open an account on Fb without email and phone number? No you can't as two things are required either your email Id or your phone number, this is done for security purposes and verification, incase of password recovery it's also used. So you see without those no FB for you.

8. Can I use my name or username to log in? There was a time where you can, but now the word is can't, either you use your email Id or your phone number.


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