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Simple Way To Get Ride Of Spam Or Junk Electronic Mails

Simple Way To Get Ride Of Spam  Or Junk Electronic Mails
Prevention is always better than cure, so says the physicians the best form of deference is offense /attack going by sports. Getting ride of spam emails involves preventing this email spammers from sending it in the first place.

Getting ride of spam or junk emails in your inbox either in Gmail, Yahoomail, Outlook Hotmail etc, has not been any easier, this solution works on all email providers. A cross-platform solution that is natural, easy to implement and good all round.

One thing is certain, whether you use yahoo mail, or Gmail or even your own email provider at your domain, you'll still get spam mails there is no avoiding them, instead of switching from one client to other, which actually quite time consuming, use this one time solution.

What actually is spam emails? Junk emails as they are often called are any unwanted mails sent often sent by unwanted people, it could be on the internet or offline, if it's online that's when it could be properly called spam. Often this mails are logged in a folder called spam hence the name, somethings the unwanted mails manages to get in to the maim inbox folder.

First create a second email address, use it as your personal spam free address. Why the need? What do you do to a spoiled gadget which can't be fixed? You ditch it and get another one. Believe me if you've already started receiving spam emails there is no way to stop it other than this. Luckily for you creating a new email is free. All you have to do is decide which provider you need, I prefer Gmail from Google, head over to their site fill the details and create an account. You can then migrate your existing account to that new one sort of merging it. After that move on to the next is step, managing the new email so that you won't get spam ever again.

Now get ride of unwanted emails

Be Watchful Emails don't fly in mysteriously from the air, is either you gave spammers your address directly or they picked it up where you carelessly left it either way you're guilty. Take for example you made you Id public on your profile either in Facebook, Google plus, there everybody that views your profile will see it, that's the careless aspect. What of if you gave your ID to untrusted websites or blogs? That's giving them your address directly.

With this your new address don't give it out any how, limit it to people and sites you trust that way you'll avoid junk mails. If you're unsure of any thing human or websites that requires your email then don't give it to "it" if you must use your first email to test them out.

This is easy as along as you keep to it, besides there is nothing wrong with having more than one email address, the big guys do, only what you should do is to give each one it's place, you know, personal, business, pleasure etc. They are free so play with them to your benefit.


  1. Hii!!
    It's a good informative blog.Yes its right Prevention is always better than cure.So we should always watch for preventing this email spammers from sending it in the first place.


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