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List of Top Tested Mobile Ad Networks To Earn Money From

I tested them and here we are. You don't know don't mean you can't do it, you haven't made any cent on the Internet doesn't mean you can't earn from your internet contents. There are many blogs that runs on various blogging platforms like Blogger, Wordpress, Joomla, Drumpal etc, that receives a lot of traffic from mobile phone users.

Whether it's a simple Java/Symbian phone like Nokia Asha, or an Android/smartphones like Tecno, even to the Blackberry's, iPhones, Windows, just name them, this ad networks supports them all, monetizing your mobile traffic has not be this easy, especially on feature phones which tends to perform very low compared to other high-end smartphones, Tablets and ipads inclusive.

If your blog is not monetized for mobile earning then you're really missing out why? Check the stats : each individual has more than one phone on average compared to desktop/laptop users, some may not even have any, making a minimum ratio of 2 : 1, the figure could be as high as 5 to 1, that's five phones per individual to 1 computer per individual. A question for you how many smartphones do you own? How many desktop/laptop, palmtop or any other top top computer do you own? Between the two whic do you use most in surfing the net? Again do you walk around all the time with your computer? You may have problem doing so as it's big, compared to phones which could just be pocketed. Due to the nature of the world in general people are constantly on the move, being in stuck in traffic, flight hitches etc, sometimes this get boring, the turn to their phone for some fun, either to chat with friends on Facebook, twitter etc, or to catch the latest news, do some searches to find answers and solutions. Some to uses mobile phones to find answers to questions for examinations like JAMB, WAEC, MECO, GCE etc (Nigeria), Toefl, English exams etc. Others simply browse for games, and apps, So you see mobile useage is far more greater than computer useage especially when it comes to browsing the internet, it's not a blind fact it's the actual fact.

A blog with solution oriented contents is gonna have many mobile visits, they are going to troop to your website, as a result you may find out that your mobile visits are competing strongly with desktop visits or it's even exceeding the computer visits.

If it's so then monetize your mobile traffic, you even find out that you'll get more clicks and more money because of this. The good thing about this mobile advertizing networks is it's much more like adsense yet it's so unlike adsense. The ad codes of many of this ad network is more like adsense, it uses Javascript which is the main script language of blogging platforms like Wordpress, and Blogger. It's just plug n show. Ads are shown automatically and on any device with atleast gprs connection. Unlike adsense which does not show on mobile unless you do some technical tweeking.

In other to successful show mobile ads on mobile browsers like Operamini, Ucbrowser, Chrome for Android etc, you have to optimize it for phones, on blogger set your blog to mobile version just under the template tab, in Wordpress find the settings and switch or a plug in whatever that'll do the job.

This ad networks are heavy hitters as they have advertizers like Ford, Ask, MTN, Airtel, Vodafone etc. So you see you could really fix your blog to display mobile ads and earn a lot.

I said I tested them right? I didn't say I'm their partner, that helps spread the word and add my partner links whoever clicks on it I'll receive a certain amount, no I don't want any reader to think that way, so I'm just going to write out their web address without the dot com extention all what you have to do is to copy and paste it on a new tab and add dot com. That way it eliminates this

The list

This is not a list of top 400, or 1000 mobile ad networks that are filled up on the web, which proves my friend right "quality is not all about quantity" this list is short but highly targeted.
1. Mojiva
2. Admoda
3. Adultmoda (adults)
4. Madvertise
5. InMobi
6. BuzzCity
Adsense (adsense for mobile, though installation is a little bit technical)


  1. The top mobile ad network helps in publishing the mobile ads in the best network which gains adequate number of potential customers.


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