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Top 4 Adsense Disapproval Mistakes And Solutions

Have you been rejected by adsense? The Google money making service that has been paying some publisher's bills. If you have been you'll feel bad about it I know after all this seems like your only hope getting something off your content is no more. To some being denied over and over again without the exact reason is frustrating.

Below is a common email by adsense that brings out what I'm going to say
" Hello, As mentioned in our welcome email, we conduct a second review of your AdSense application once AdSense code is placed on your site(s). As a result of this review, we have disapproved your account for the following violation(s):
Contact address incorrect, incomplete or not provided
Site does not comply with Google policies
Un acceptable content
Insufficent content" and other reasons, if you're lucky you'll have one reason, if you're not they may have 2-3 or even more issues with your blog or website. It not that they refuses an application with those reasons that frustrats applicants, it's because no direct up to the point solutions are giving. Technically it's more easier to fix those reasons if they are something like

1. Insufficent content

As this indicates that you have little text content on your blog, what you simply do is to write more original contents wait for search engines to pick it up and then resubmit your application. Is quite simpley eh?

2. Unacceptable content

This too is fixable if you got this, you only have to look at your articles read adsense TOS the one about contents come to your articles and remove those words that are not allowed boom! Resubmit. And wait for approval or disapproval? For yet another reason.

3. Contact address incorrect, incomplete or not provided

Although this is usually the first in this order but it's number three here. If you make mistakes on your address then you're instantly disapproved just correct the mistake and reapply.

So those are the easy part as you'll know what you did wrong and correct it instantly, those easy adsense disapproval reasons are pinpoint, they tell you where, how, when and which place you went wrong so you can fix it. But we are going over to the hard part where if you eventually get pass this stage then you're very lucky as there are only a handful of applicants who gets pass this stage.

Adsense approval application the hard part

If you get pass this stage then you're worth your weight in gold.

4. Site does not comply with Google policies

If you got this reason hahaha you're really in hot soup, this reason is very difficult to fix if not impossible, because there're many reasons why your site does not comply with Google policies. From copied contents to navigation from that to copywright problems to even the unknowns like the make-up of your site I mean the technical aspect (you're referred to webmaster tools) from there to broken links etc. So you see there are many reasons all packed in one, if Google can be so kind as to point out the exact point then there won't be too many applications and re-applying as applicants will now fix it once and for all.

For those who have passed this stage then I bet you have seen this in your inbox "Congratulations!
Your Google AdSense application has been approved. You'll soon begin to see relevant Google ads appear on (your site url)" really this one is the most hardest and the last step towards getting adsense approval.

Why you should know the top reasons for adsense disapproval

This post aims to expose the reasons adsense disapproves an account so as to help potential adsense publishers know and avoid this common mistakes, telling them the harsh truth adsense application through blogger's blogspot, even a domain you own is difficult. However it's not all doom and gloom as you can still get approval especially if you have a new blog that has not been disapproved before also an email address gmail will do. Here is what you'll do

How To get adsense approval with blogspot

Open a new blog on blogger write about 22 articles atleast 500 long, get some traffic to it, don't put any third party plug ins or gadgets yet (this ensures your blog is clean and good as most plug ins make it spammy). Use blogger's own popular post gadgets, create a sitmap, About, Privacy policy, one thing more don't link to external and internal pages. Finally apply through the earnings tab.

22 good articles = no insufficent & unacceptable contents
No gadgets (third party) & Links = Site looks clean, no broken links eliminates "webmaster quality problems"
Privacy policy, Sitemap, about pages = Google's programe policy problems eliminated.
Labels & popular post = gives clear navigation to every post from home page.

Most times it's this seemly little things that makes a difference. Has it worked for you share it


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