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About Facebook Comment Box And How To Add it on Blogger and Wordpress

About Facebook Comment Box And How To Add it on Blogger and Wordpress

What Is Facebook comment box?

This a box-like field specifically made for text to be written, those text are in response to what is written in the main field that a visitor read, in a nutshell comments are an extension of the user's thought on an article or a post and Facebook comment box is the means to do that.

Advantages of Facebook comment box

Adding this useful gadget to your blog has many advantages some of it

* Bounce Rate. Facebook comment box decreases your bounce rate. When ever any person wants to comment on your blog he/she must perform more than one action on your blog. (Bounce rate is measured by the number of intraction between a visitor and the site he is visiting usually greater than 1)

* Pageviews. Pageviews follows on the heels of bounce rate as both are related. Mathematicaly a decrease in Bounce rate is an increase in pageviews, it's simple if you've lower bounce rate you'll have higher pageviews.

Increase in comments Facebook comment box increases your blogs comments, one good feature of facebook comment box is its flexibility, and because of that it's easy to comment on any blog or website that has this plug-in installed.

Moderated comments (no spam) Comments made through this box are moderated and as such it reduces spam greatly. Imagine having the power to fight spam with facebook equipments (it's the best anyway) with billions of users and trillions of comments on facebook and yet their site hasn't gone down for once. Facebook comment box is the perfect weapon to fight spam.

Real People, Real Profiles Real Pictures

80% of Facebook users are real, 90% of those commenting on a blog through this plug-in are real.

Disadvantages of Facebook comment box

Anything that has advantages also have disadvantages, this gadget is not left out, remember the main title? all about Facebook comment box.... when I mean all it include all things including this disadvantages.

* Neglect of the blogs own comment box On Blogger's blogspot blog or Wordpress blog it has its own comment box while that of wordpress is dynamic and can be changed, that of blogger is always static and fixed. No one would see a more user friendly and attractive box and leave it to use a less featured one. Who would leave a place of happines to a place of sadness?

* Adds to Facebook's own brand Having this box on your blog makes it part Facebook, so instead of building your own brand you'd be helping Facebook build its own brand.

Advertising Facebook on your blog free! Usually Facebook pays ads publishers of companies like Google's adsense money for advert, but using this comment box you'll be doing this for free, you'll help them showcase their "wares" on your site free.

Features of Facebook comment box

*. Portability. The touch of green on your blog is always nices especially when it comes from a high authority site like Facebook, the comment box can be literally lifted from Facebook and placed on your blog.
* Easy installation. With a few clicks, and copy and paste you'll be on your way to creating your own app! Even first-timers can do it. You don't need to be a developer or a coder.
* Flexibility. Ability to comment while logged in Facebook is the peck, now you don't need too much reloading or clicking to add your thoughts to a post you liked.
* Real intaractions. Real people and real profiles include pictures to spice it up, friendship can even be cultivated with this box.

How to add Facebook comment box to Blogge's blogspot blog

This is quite easily explained here

How to add Facebook comment box to Wordpress

Again a nice and easy to use guildlines and tutorial about this can be found on this page


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    I am also share helpful tutorial: Facebook Comment Plugin


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