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Tumblr Compared To Blogger

Comparing Blogger with Tumblr is just like comparing two soccer balls, they've the same uses, they've the same size, but may have different colours that's what is certain, different colours.
No matter how similiar this two are, there must be something different.

1. Blogger

Blogger is a multi-purpose blogging platform owned by Google.
On August 1999 Blogger was launched by Pera Labs and it's one of the earliest blogging platform, used for publishing blogs on the world wide web, till date.

Google acquired Peral Labs along with Blogger for an undisclosed fee. And has since then turned it into one of the leading blogging platform on the Internet. With many premium features now avalaible for free, and other add ons being developed.

What Makes Blogger Thick

There're many features that makes Google's Blogger stand out, notable among them are

* Its intergration with with Picasso in 2004 made writing and sharing pictures easier and even fun.
* When Blogger was still under Pera Labs you've to pay before you can use their premium features, but now it's free.
* You've the option to choose between a free and a custom domain. A free domain has a
* subdomain while a custom domain is what you want it to be.
* The integration of Adsense on Blogger allows publishers generate revenue from their blog's.
* Users can edit there templates or even create one using CSS



Like Blogger Tumblr is also a blogging platform but silightly different as it's design mostly as tumbleblogs and also doubles as a social networking site. Users has the option of posting to their blogs, and following other blogs too.
Tumblr was founded by David Karp and was launched along with developer Marco Arment on February 2007, with the site recording about 75,000 subscribers in two weaks, a pointer to the direction it will be moving.

On May Yahoo a major search engine on the Internet announced that it has reached a deal to buy Tumblr, and on June this deal was sealed, and it further strengthened the rivalry with Google.

Tumbler's main features

* Users can use Tumblr both for blogging and following other blogs, the social networking features makes that possible
* Tumbler's unique dashboard makes it easier to use than Blogger's dashboard
* In only six years Tumblr has grown to host about 108 million blogs
* Like Blogger, Tumblr allows free and custom domains.
* Users can edit their blog's html code to control their appearance.

The Stats

Domain age. When it comes to domain age Blogger is simply the senior. Blogger was launched about 13 and half years ago compared to Tumblr which was only launched six years ago, you'll see there's a difference of seven years.
Growth. when it comes to growth, we've two types, the fast growth and the General growth.
1. Fast growth. Currently Tumblr has about 108 million blogs with 58 billion post, about 13 billion global pageviews, this was achieved in only 6 years and prior to Yahoo's takeover. Tumblr has established its self as the fastest growing blogging platform.

General growth. With a global Alexa ranking of 72, Blogger has grown to become one of the most visited website on the Internet. Though Google hasn't released their official stats about how many blogs Blogger host, but one thing is certain the number of blogs being hosted by Blogger is far more than Tumbler's.

Now that Yahoo has taken over Tumbler, don't be suprised if you see Tumbler overtake Blogger or even Wordpress.


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