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11 Practical Motorola Moto G Secret Codes

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20 Tested HTC One Secret And Hidden Codes

You don't need to visit any Phone Tech to use your HTC One to the full, infact you don't even need to be Techy or a Geek. If this is your first time of seeing this codes, it will totally blow your mind. If you've seen them before, you need to see them again there are updates.

For the dummies there are many things you can do with your HTC One that simply beats your imagination. Imagine you sense your phone has a problem but you really don't know where the fault lies, is simple instead of taking it out to phone repairers you can easily do it yourself. There are codes you'll press that will detect your HTC One and if possible there are codes to fix it. So whether the fault it's your device screen, hanging, uncommon RAM overload etc you'll find it out, (note: it might not be almost what you expect.)

Wonderful codes I tell you, but while we appreciate that this codes, can do wonderful and amazing things we should also exercise caution when using them. Some code…

How To Delete Conversations On Tinder App

The Tinder application is meant to match people male and female with their intended. There is a reason why they have so many interests you'll have to fill; description, gender, country etc.
All that is done so you can find people nearby, people who may be interested in you. What then happens when you find them? You'll chat with them, using the details you provided they will instantly know whether you're for them or against them.

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How To Upload Pictures On Tinder Without Facebook

How do I delete tinder conversations then? Although there is no official way to do that, you can still do it if you want to, albeit the hard way.

The different method for different folks depending on your situation, for example, if you only want to get rid of conversations with someone then blocking is for you. But if you have a motive like your Girlfriend or boyfriend catching you cheating, then your best bet is to delete your account. Deleting erases everythin…

Top Sites For BBM Pins Exchange

Meeting new people every day is always exciting, so whether you get to meet them via the Blackberry messenger app or any where online, it is always exciting chatting with them.
As for BBM pins, there are websites where you can get this pins, or exchange yours with someone else, that is giving yours for the person to give hers.

There are many pins, cutting across different gender, both male and female, girls and boys, men and women, on different continents and countries.
1.forums.crackberry First on the list is a forum, this is where many people from different walks of life comes together to share their pins, so people can add them up.
They are already registered, so their profile is there, you can look them up without adding, if you decide any one is worth adding you can go ahead.
2. A blog that brings together many BBM pins especially BBM pins of hot girls to your door step. In addition to the ones available there, you can request for any other pin by fill…

Top Apps Like Tinder For Hookups

Boy or girl, man or woman, male or female, whoever and whatever you are we all need company. it is said no one is an Island, so we need friends, whether casual or for serious relationship, no wonder platforms like Facebook and Tinder has millions if not billions of human members. 
Tinder is good, but then Tinder has its drawbacks, some of the downsides of the app are annoying. Is even frustrating as some countries are not supported, so if you travel from lets say US to a country that is not supported by Tinder, then you are on your own.
Another annoying thing about this platform is the Facebook login issue, you can not make use of Tinder without Facebook. But all in all Tinder is still worth it.
So here are applications similar to Tinder in the sense that it has two or all key features Tinder has.
1. Skout This app uses your Facebook connection to find friends you may be interested in nearby, is also great for making friends, see who has been looking over their profile, browse local …

How To Access Yahoo full Site Not Mobile

Update! See how to view full websites 99.9 percent working view full websites on mobile devices with screenshots  this tutorial has screenshots. this is after you must have tried this.

Yahoo has its own website that is specially designed for mobiles, which means when you visit Yahoo website especially Yahoo mail with your iPad, iPhone or Android device, the site automatically picks up the type of mobile you're using and shows its optimized mobile version according to the screen of your smartphone. In a nutshell, this means viewing the Yahoo website on any mobile device will bring in that special "mobile design". Although the mobile website can be the exact duplicate of the normal web version it's still lacks many features, when compared to the desktop version.

So how can you force Yahoo, especially Yahoomail not to redirect to mobile on cell phones? There are two ways which can accomplish this, but first,t let's see how the Yahoo's mobile version work. Any ti…

Full Nigerian Internet Configuration Codes/Settings For Smartphones

Here is the full list of internet configuration codes for automatic configuration and settings for manual configurations, each platform is taken care of, that is each of Android, Java, Symbian and Apple (iOS) has its own personalized settings and codes so that you don't have to worry about looking for each one.

There are about 4 major network carriers in Nigeria that provides internet services to its customers. Those networks provide many services from non-internet services like; Voice calls, SMS, Multimedia to internet services like; Web (Access points, GPRS, 3G, 4G etc), Data bundles for browsing, Live streaming and downloads. Although there a host of other network providers in the country but this four networks which are MTN, Glo (Globacom), Airtel, Etisalat are the biggest and also they are used by the majority and as such they are those we will at.