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How To Fix Google Play Store Server Error

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Top Best Sites To Watch World Cup Live Streams Free

The world is upon us, this time it is Russia 218, for soccer fans around the whole world, it is exciting and refreshing, seeing that some major football events like the premiership and champions league across Europe have ended.

As football fans we all have one thing in common, we have a team we cheer. Whether it's favorites to win the WC Germany, Spain, and Brazil or the outsiders Belgium, Portugal, Argentina, and England with a lot of players, or outsiders like France, Croatia, and Uruguay to design kings Nigeria whose fashion statement will add to the atmosphere of Russia.

Even the fans whose countries are not in Russia are not left out as soccer fans like the ones in Italy will still like to follow the World cup even though they did not qualify.

Of course, the traditional means of watching matches of the World cup remains through television, especially cable TV. Unfourtnarly cable TV can't be carried around, this is where mobile streaming comes in.

It is convenient and you…

How Tinder Dating Site Ignited The Dating Revolution

Tinder, a social-based mobile application was developed to enable users to chat and find hookups through liking or disliking the various users that one come across with on the platform.
The information available to users is based on pictures and a short bio that the users have written about themselves along with linking Instagram and Spotify accounts.
Tinder is considered to be one of the most popular and successful dating apps since it was founded in 2012 by Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen and Justin Mateen.

It is easy to use and also free! Many consider that its phenomenal success changed the way people encounter partners. Tinder is so popular that other dating sites like must utilize aggressive marketing strategies with grand discounts to stay relevant.

How does Tinder work?
Tinder builds a user profile with photos that have already been uploaded by the use of a Facebook account. Therefore the necessary information is gathered, and the users' social graph is analyzed. User…

How To Fix Earpiece and Mouthpiece Problems on Phones

Earpiece and Mouthpiece Problem ExplainedEarpiece.This is when you can't hear anything on your handset either when you receive a call or when you make calls. It's as if your phone is dumb calls can't be answered even when you do you won't hear anything.

Mouth Piece Problem.This is when nobody is hearing you either when you are making calls or receiving calls, although you'll be hearing callers they won't hear you. This problem can be as a result of either software or hardware problem.

Fixing Hardware Version When your phone's earpiece starts showing this signs know that it simply shows that the clear face also known as Earpiece is weak it needs replacement, and you can change it in any place that sells phone's accessories. When you've bought the Earpiece loose your phone with a screw driver, bring out the panel, do not force it out.

- Then locate where the Earpiece is and change it.

For the mouth piece here is what you need to do.

- Go to the lower…

How To Fix iMessage That Won't Activate On iOS Devices

There are different ways and methods to solve this, so you have to try anyone that is easier for you, although all are easy.
When activating iMessage or FaceTime, you might see one of these messages:
Waiting for activation,
Activation unsuccessful,
An error occurred during activation.
Could not sign in, please check your network connection.
Check your device settings.
So without further ado here the things you need to to do, to fix imesage that won't activate in your device. Try this first: Go to Settings, then General,  then all the way down to Reset. Click on that and select, Reset network settings. Allow it to reboot and try it again and it should work. But if it doesn't work then move on to the next step.
- Make sure that you’re connected to a cellular data or Wi-Fi network. If you're using an iPhone, you'll need SMS messaging to activate your phone number with iMessage. Depending on your carrier, you might be charged for this SMS.
- Go to Settings > General > Da…

15 Moshi Monsters Secret Codes For 2017 And 2018

These Secret Codes are codes that can be entered at the Secret Codes page of the Moshi Monsters website once entered it will give you various secret items. This is codes that will make your gaming life easy. With this codes, you'll get additional things you won't have gotten normally.

In the case codes for getting items; once you enter those codes, the items will appear among the other items in your chest.  For example, In the case of clothing items, they should appear among the other items in your Dress-up room.

This code has types, for instance, there are Moshi monster codes for rox, Moshi monster codes for moshlings and Moshi monster codes for items.

But the codes below are mostly secret codes for items. This is perhaps the latest Moshi monster secret codes for 2015, and may even enter 2016.

Moshi secret codes and function

* 18 Karat Shiny Parrot: N8AD6679T7CY
* Animated Disco Floor: PUZZLEPALACE
* Bangers and Mash: mash4
* Barfmallows: BARF8
* Beach Poster: wish
* Black P…

18 Tested Nexus 4 Secret And Hidden Codes

Nexus four also known by its codename Marko and just like its name, is the fourth smartphone in the Google Nexus series. Co-produced by LG Electronics and Google, the Nexus 4 runs on the Android platform. October 29, 2012, was the day it was unveiled was finally released on November 13, 2012, as the successor of the Samsung manufactured Galaxy Nexus.

Like other smartphones in this Nexus line of phones, Marko has its own secret and hidden codes, codes to activate its hidden functions. Below is a list of eighteen tested Nexus four secret codes to do hidden things. You might as well open your device's dialer and start dialing, but make sure you take note of what each code is, this is very important so as not to damage your smartphone, as some codes can even make you lose everything; your contacts, pictures, music, applications, files, and many other things.
Nexus four top-secret codes 1. IMEI number *#06#
2. Service Menu *#0*#
3. Phone information, usage statistics, and battery *#*#…
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