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3 Simple Ways To Unblock A Website At School

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How To Legally Unlock Websites That Are Blocked

This is how to easily and legally unlock a blocked website, it works 100 percent in whatever country you are in. You can now access your favorite websites anywhere in the world.
There so many reasons websites are blocked, in some countries, citizens are not even allowed to access popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, even YouTube. In China, for instance, has their own social network.
In North Korea citizens are not allowed to view some sites like Facebook, YouTube, or even Twitter. 
This is so with other countries too, even down to the US where some sites cant be accessed, either because of government restrictions, school or office restrictions.
Some organizations may decide to limit or lock their worker's access thereby blocking them from accessing some websites. 
It is bad since freedom is part of the long list of our fundamental human right that people seem to have forgotten, freedom in this context to visit any website you want to visit. So technically if you do wha…

Top Free Streaming Sites To Watch NFL Games Online

There is nothing bad in having options, especially when it comes to streaming live NFL games or matches on the Internet. 

Depending on major players like ESPN, Fox or Skysport may get you disappointed especially if you want to watch the NFL playoff games on PC, tablet and set-top boxes outside America or even in US.

So if you're around the world, places like Europe, Asia, and even Africa, you can still watch this NFL matches via streaming. Even places like Australia are catching up.

Here are the websites that offer this content free. They stream NFL games for free alright, but it comes with its own drawback, being a free stream. 

The quality is not expected to be top notch, also some websites on this list have some pretty annoying popups, not to mention the constant breaking off of the stream along the way, but below are some pretty stable and not so stable free streams. 
Before visiting any of these sites, I  recommend you have a popup blocker. 

If you have Google

Chrome installed, I r…

Top 5 Free Facebook Video Downloader Apps For PC

With this applications, you can download Facebook videos straight to your computer for free, without any issues. It is just a matter of locating the Facebook video you want to download, and knowing how to properly download them.

Before we proceed here are some things you need to know
- Facebook videos are majorly two types Private and Public, Private videos are those shared privately with friends, groups, pages or selected persons including oneself, this videos cannot be been seen by any other person whose name is not in the list, it can not be discovered even when searched.
Public videos, on the other hand, is the opposite of private videos, you can see the videos as it is shared publicly, you can find it by searching for it, through the Facebook search bar.
- To make use of these online apps you will need the facebook video URL, (don't worry I will show you how to get the URL easily), you'ill then download through them
- You can download this videos in any format be it 3gp, …

How To Fix Google Play Store Server Error

Here is the various simple way to fix google play store server error that is common in most Android phones. 
I agree is quite frustrating, when you open your play store only for it you to see no connection please retry error on some android device. 
If your device has this problem, the thing you should do is follow this simple steps, it is a do it yourself steps. You may not need anybody to it for you.
There are various ways to fix this, each one should be done before other.
How to fix
Experience has shown that devices that get this kind problem is often caused by network, especially WiFi connection, the mobile network can also contribute, but it is majorly WiFi.
Before you start fixing do a small troubleshooting first,
If you have cellular data check with that If you can find another WiFi connection try it on it
When you've gone through the above steps, and the problem still persists, you've gained one thing the knowledge that the server error is from your android phone a…

Top Best Sites To Watch World Cup Live Streams Free

The world is upon us, this time it is Russia 218, for soccer fans around the whole world, it is exciting and refreshing, seeing that some major football events like the premiership and champions league across Europe have ended.

As football fans we all have one thing in common, we have a team we cheer. Whether it's favorites to win the WC Germany, Spain, and Brazil or the outsiders Belgium, Portugal, Argentina, and England with a lot of players, or outsiders like France, Croatia, and Uruguay to design kings Nigeria whose fashion statement will add to the atmosphere of Russia.

Even the fans whose countries are not in Russia are not left out as soccer fans like the ones in Italy will still like to follow the World cup even though they did not qualify.

Of course, the traditional means of watching matches of the World cup remains through television, especially cable TV. Unfourtnarly cable TV can't be carried around, this is where mobile streaming comes in.

It is convenient and you…

How Tinder Dating Site Ignited The Dating Revolution

Tinder, a social-based mobile application was developed to enable users to chat and find hookups through liking or disliking the various users that one come across with on the platform.
The information available to users is based on pictures and a short bio that the users have written about themselves along with linking Instagram and Spotify accounts.
Tinder is considered to be one of the most popular and successful dating apps since it was founded in 2012 by Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen and Justin Mateen.

It is easy to use and also free! Many consider that its phenomenal success changed the way people encounter partners. Tinder is so popular that other dating sites like must utilize aggressive marketing strategies with grand discounts to stay relevant.

How does Tinder work?
Tinder builds a user profile with photos that have already been uploaded by the use of a Facebook account. Therefore the necessary information is gathered, and the users' social graph is analyzed. User…
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