Top Sites Like YouTube Without Censorship

11:03 AM
Majority love YouTube, even for the few ones that hate this platform they still make use of it.

Hate it or love it you will surely make use of it, but there is this annoying thing that put some users off Youtube, the issue of censorship, either some parts of the video uploaded gets blued or they censor it one way or another.

Top Sites Like YouTube Without Censorship

This means some youtubers and news channels can not upload any overly graphic or adult termed videos on YouTube without censoring them. Even if for educational or news purposes.

So they upload it elsewhere, on a platform that doesn't mind if the videos are censored or not.
Here are some top Youtube alternatives where censorship is not that important.

1. Liveleák : If you are into shocking real life videos this is the website for you, this is 100 percent without censorship. 

When they show blurred or censored video on the news because it’s too graphic the main version is always on livelek.

2. Tooshõcking : Just as the name implies videos here are shocking. They focus more on shocking videos than graphic contents, so they are less graphic than Betgòre or liveleàk.

3. Bestgòre : You do not want to be in this website if you don't have a heart to take any thing, videos here are too heart breaking, here you will see man inhumanity to man at it full glory.

Warning: This sites are not for children, the contents are not usually moderated.

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