How To View Full Website On Mobile Devices Easily

2:44 PM

Some websites like Yahoo and Twitter even Facebook loads the mobile version of their site, when you access it with your mobile device. Learn how to stop or force those sites to show you the full websites.
This also serves as an update to my earlier  how to access Yahoo full site  which has 70 percent success rate.

Here is an update with screenshots
Works 99.9%, with this method you're certain to load the Desktop page of any website, I mean the full website.

What you'll need

* A browser, UC HD, which can be downloaded here install it and open.


1. Once launched go to the main menu, by tapping the menu button

2. On request Desktop site, then tap settings.

3. Tap display and tap website preferences, a dialog box opens, then choose Desktop preference.

Note You can also switch to Tablet or mobile view. Only tested on Android
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