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How To Download Books Online For Free

First of all I want to state something here, make it very clear to you, since I understand you want to download and read books on your computer or smartphone but you don't actually know your way around it, hence here you are. The book you'll download is not the ones with hardcovers and paperbacks, nor is it written on paper rather it's digital and can be stored on an electronic device, since this online books are all digital it means it has its own names; books stored on computer are called ebook. ebooks are books that are digital, books that can be download on the internet to your PC, iPhone, iPod, Android or any other smartphone. You can pretty much read them on any device that has ebook reader you, so you don't have worry about your computer.

Before you can start reading this online to computer books there are steps you have to take first before anything else, we will look into them below.

Steps to downlod ebooks

Step 1. Ebook Reader To read an ebook you have to have a reader installed on your system, consider this readers the key of a lock, to open an ebook you'll need the key. However you may already have a reader so you'll only have to indentify the ebook reader you have, but if you don't have any, you have to download it. Some examples of ebook readers
a. Amazon kindle
b. Sony Reader
c. Barnes & Noble's Nook etc.

Step 2. Find Books Another step, the second step is to find this free digital books, their are many website that has many free books to download on atleast 2 million titles are available without cost, although they are many others which are paid this will do. Go to this websites to browse and download your books.

A. Amazon Kindle Store Amazon link I bet you've heard of Amazon, the giant online sales shop where everything is sellable and buyable. They have lots of classical novels, fictions, adventures, romancè just name them. Even the ones that are paid are sometimes given out for free!.

B.Google eBook store Owned too by a known brand, this supplies many free ebooks for download. Android, Apple iOS, Nook and Sony readers are supported, you can even read them online.

Others that are worth adding are
C. Internet Archive Text
D. FeedBooks
F. Project Gutenberg

Step 3 Visit and download Just visit those sites and download your favourite books. Books that can be found there are many, infact a combination of all those websites will give you many options on genre of those free books ranging from old classical books, Court books, Thrillers, Action and Adventures etc.

Step 4. Convert You may find out that your reader can't read those files, especially if you use smartphone, depending the smartphone you use, this may happen. In this case if it happens you have to use converter tools like Calibre to convert it to any format you want.

Note: True this are free, you should bear in mind that free things always have some downside. You'll get lots of free books that you even can't finish, imagine over 2million titles? but you may not often get the ones you'll like to read, if you want those then you'll have to pay.


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