DSTV Nigeria Bouquets Packages And Channel List

DSTV Nigeria Bouquets Packages And Channel List
DSTV is a pay-TV satellite service that's owned by Multi-choice with its headquarters in South Africa. It relays TV (video ) and Audio services including those in High Definition to individual users, through the use of a decoder, dish and receiver ( LBF)

DSTV has six main packages which is divided into bouquets, each bouquets has its own number of channels. They are

- DSTV Compact
- DSTV Family
- DSTV Compact Plus
- DSTV Mobile Devices
- DSTV Mobile (able to work on most mobile devices)
- DSTV Access
- DSTV Premium

1. DSTV Access

Although DSTV Access has the most smallest number of TV channels, it's far the most affordable subscription.
Access is the starting package on the DSTV network and it often does not give you HD channels.

Number of Channels 0n DSTV Access

The Access bouquet, has over 45 TV channels both local and international. Such channels like
Al jezeera
SuperSport BLITZ
E! Entertainment
Magic World
Mindset Learn
Africa Magic
NTA Channels and others.

This DSTV Access bouquet does not include some top channels like
MNET channels, and other top channels.

2. DSTV Family Bouquet

Just like the name DSTV Family is packaged for the average Nigerian family, it has lots of channels to fit different people we have in the family. Father, mother, and children, it caters for all. In a nutshell it gives you access to all DSTV Access channels and much more.

Channels in the DSTV family

Channels in the DSTV Family package include
Cartoon Network
Channel O
ESPN Classic
Euro News
Mnet Series
Africa Magic
Al jezeera
SuperSport BLITZ
E! Entertainment
Magic World
Mindset Learn
Africa Magic
NTA and others. 
Over 55 channels are in this package. 24 DSTV Audio services are also included. Examples of these include Voice of America (VOA)
BBC (3 channels)
Ray power FM
RAI radio
music channels
Star FM and many others.

3. DSTV Compact

DSTV Compact has all Family channels and much more. This is a good choice if you need a wider selection of channels.

DSTV Compact has 60 channels, 5 more than Family and all the 24 audio services. TV channels that are in this package include

DSTV Compact channels

Here are some TV channels that's included in this package.
Africa Magic Plus SuperSport 10
MNET Action
Sony Entertainment
ESPN Sports
BBC World
RAI international and many others. No HD channels.

4. Compact Plus

You get all the channels in the DSTV Compact package, plus 2 additional Sports channels, this package is ideal for sport lovers, this package allows one to have a lot more access to premium sports channels, without paying much like account DSTV Premium subscribers. With this compact plus, you'll watch upto 90% of EPL matches and other live sport actions such as Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, golf, athletics, French League, motorsport, boxing and others.
This is the second best sports focused Bouquet, the first being DSTV Premium, where 100% of EPL matches are available. You can't watch HD channels with this package.

5. DSTV Premium

DSTV Nigeria Bouquets Packages And Channel List

The DSTV Premium package comes with is all the available audio, SD/HD channels. With Premium you get Over 85 channels all filled with interesting content. The DSTV Premium package gives access to over 85 interesting TV channels. High Definition channels are exclusive only to DSTV Premium subscribers. You will also get full access to Premier league’s 24-hour complete HD content service and 100% English Premier League matches. To get all this, you'll need a DSTV HD PVR decoder.

Subscribing to the Premium Bouquet gives DSTV Mobile free of charge, provided you have a DSTV Drifta decoder.

In summary, DSTV offers lots of channels, all this channels are grouped and packaged, the number channels with each package increases in from DSTV Family to DSTV Compact Plus bouquet. DSTV Premium has the largest number of channels, it's also the most expensive. about 11,000 Naira monthly.
Non-English audience too can enjoy special bouquets such as Indian Bouquets, French Bouquets and German Bouquets.
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Latest DSTV Nigeria Subscription Prices And Customer Care Contact Details

Latest DSTV Nigeria Subscription Prices And Customer Care Contact Details
As you well know DSTV has bouquets, each bouquet has a number of TV and Audio channels. Also the prices are different, as the price for the DSTV access bouquet is different from the DSTV Family.

This article is going to focus on subscription prices for the various Bouquet, payments, and also their contact details in case you need to contact them. For a list of all the Bouquets and number TV channels included in each Bouquet check >> DSTV Bouquets packages and channel list

The starting access cost of DSTV varies between N20, 000 to N45, 000. This  cost covers installation charges, satellite dish, DSTV decoder and cables. Plus 3 months subscription access.

For DSTV Access costs is N1, 500 monthly

For DSTV Family cost is N3, 000 per month

For DSTV Compact cost is 5,000 Naira Monthly

For DSTV Compact Plus Costs is N7, 500 per month

For DSTV Premium cost is at N11, 000 Monthly

DSTV mobile comes with DSTV Premium subscription, but you'll need a drifter device, sold at 5000 Naira.

Contact Address and Phone number

1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street; Victoria Island, Lagos State

1 270 3232 or 080 3900 3788
Fax 01 270 3256

or you can visit the Multichoice Nigeria Office:

Legion House
3 Kaura Namoda Street
Area 3 Garki, Abuja
Tel: 2347291/2 Fax: 2347295
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Glo Internet Bundle Plans For Laptops And Notebooks

Glo Internet Bundle Plans For Laptops And Notebooks
For me a computer without access to the internet is useless. So grab that your PC and make it useful. To make it useful you'll need fuel.

Yes fuel, just as you fuel or gas your vehicle so you should do likewise to your computer. Everything this days in Nigeria needs fuel, not suprising your computer need its own too.

Wait! Before you jump out to the filling station to start buying fuel to filled up your Laptop or Notebook, wait and know the type of fuel mean. This fuel is not the literal fuel you know, but data, this internet data makes it possible for your computer to browse the Net.

I'm going to list the latest Glo data bundle plans, duration, prices and subscription for your browsing needs.

Glo Instant Surf Data Plan (51)
- Price: N100
- USSD Code to dial: 127*51#
- SMS Code to send to 127: 51
- Validity Period: 1 day
- Data Quantity: 20MB

Glo Weekly Data Plan
- Price: N400
- USSD Code to dial: *127*52#
- SMS 52 to send to 127
- V.P: 7 days
- Cap: 65MB

Glo Always Micro Data Plan
- Price: N1,000 - USSD Code: *127*53# - SMS 53 to send to 127
- Validity Period: 30 days
- Cap: 350MB

Glo Always Macro Data Plan
- Price: N3,000
- USSD code to dial: *127*54#
- SMS Code to send to 127: 54
- Validity Period: 30 days
- Data Cap: 1.5GB

Glo MyPhone Data Plan

- Price: N2, 000
- USSD Code to dial: *127*55#
- SMS Code to send to 127: 55
- Validity Period: 30 days
- Data Cap: 800MB

Glo Smallie Data Plan

- Price: N200
- USSD Code to dial: *127*56#
- SMS Code 127: 56
- Validity Period: 3days
- Data Cap: 50MB

Glo BigWeek Data Plan

- Price: N500
- USSD Code to dial: *127*57#
- SMS Code to 127: 57
- Validity Period: 7 days
- Data Cap: 150MB

Glo Always Day Data Plan

- Price: N500
- USSD Code to dial: *127*3#
- SMS Code to 127: 10 - Validity Period: 1 day - Data Cap: 195MB

Glo Always Min Data Plan

- Price: N5,000 - USSD Code to dial: *127*2# - SMS 11 to 127
- Validity Period: 30 days
- Data Cap: 4GB

Glo Always Max Data Plan

- Price: N8,000 - USSD Code to dial: *127*1# - SMS 12 to 127 - Validity Period: 30 days - Data Cap: 8GB
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How To Escape The Police In A High Speed Car Chase


How To Escape The Police In A High Speed Car Chase
It's possible to escape a police car chase, despite the Crown Vic, helicopters and other sophisticated police interceptor equipments. Almost everything can be possible especially with "technology and brain combo", if there are people capable of becoming real life Batman, then you can certaintly escape a high speed Police Chase.

Imagine you just got the latest speed car, and you decided to test it out via speeding, you know what follows when you start speeding, a cop following with ticket ready, refuse to stop after some warnings it will turn to something. When that happens here is how to come out on top despite whatever the police will throw at you.
To escape the police in a high-speed chase, you need to basically

1. Have a faster car than the police.

2. Be fortunate enough that there aren't other cars or helicopters in the region.

3. Get enough of a lead to make it unclear where you have gone.

5. The car should not be connected to you.

The above circumstances are difficult, several of them are out of your control. Just as one Qoura user said the "old movie trick of 'I crossed the state border, so they can't pursue' doesn't work" especially if the speeding is done in the States. They will contact the other state to get authorization. The pursuing officer may even do a citizen's arrest.

The second method is the one that require some important things like Technology, Time, Skill, Manpower and other little things. To pull this off you need money but not lots of it, as many things will be done by what you've learned.

1. A degree in programming with electronics minor is needed, go to school for that. Stuntman school is next, also get trained as a mechanic. Working for an agency like Google will help your cause, you'll need to be in the self-driving car program. Steal the car, with your knowledge gained in school, modify it to break the connections to Google's data collection.

Reprogram it for high-speed chases, then modify the Prius for speed. You now have your car.
2. Next, you first have to eliminate your biggest threat, which will be from air. To do this have an accomplice take over a radio tower and modify the equipment to provide broad-spectrum jamming on frequencies the equipment was made not to interfere with. This will interfere with radio pursuit and make it unsafe for the helicopters to fly. Helicopters and other aviation eliminated.

3. Take care of the land pursuit by creating several diversions to distract and draw resources away from your location. Such things huge fires, car accidents, riots. In order to get enough resources diverted, unless you're a magician this will involve lots of death. But as they say "you gotta break eggs to make an omelet"

                        Why Escaping Police Chase Even With The Highest Speed Car Is Impossible

4. Next modify a car with spike droppers, oil slicks, and smoke screens. That will take care of the pursuers. A reinforced chassis with a ram plate will deal with roadblocks. Solid tires will deal with spikes. SAM will deal with the helicopters. You also need to do these modifications in such a way nothing will be traced back to you.

Once you've done all this take your car and hit the road, and let the chase begin. To take care of emergency (you never know what the government can come up with) find a collection of several spots that have overpasses near corners. When you change your mind just use one the overpasses, and hide while the car continues without you.
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How To Escape A High Speed Police Chase With A Bike

How To Escape A High Speed Police Chase With A Bike

You don't need the latest speed car nor even a Jet to escape the many police vehicles that are on your trail. No sophisticated equipment, latest gadgets, just your bike can do it.

Not all conditions support the use of a Bicycle in getting away from a Police chase. So if you want to do it you've to create the conditions. Conditions? Only one, let it be at night.

At night on a relatively open road on a high-end sport bike that you how to ride really well, you might be able to get far enough down the road by the time the cop has realized what happened to be able to turn off the road and get away. The sport bike's plates are hard to read flying by at 140.

You've many advantages compared to other method of escaping

1) A sport bike capable of 160 mph and a four-second 0-60 can be had for under $10k new

2) If you have to ditch it, it's much easier to conceal than a car

 Read More >> Why Escaping Police Chase Even With The Highest Speed Car Is Impossible
                        How To Escape The Police In A High Speed Car Chase

3) It can travel down many trails, sidewalks, and the like

4) If you crash at high speed, you won't be in any pain.

5) You can't easily be spiked.

What of if an helicopter gets thrown in? Well head to the nearest airport. Stop the bike and disappear.
But the important thing is to know when to end the chase and ditch the bike. Otherwise if you get caught don't say this site is responsible.
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Why Escaping Police Chase Even With The Highest Speed Car Is Impossible

Why Escaping Police Chase Even With The Highest Speed Car Is Impossible
Can you really outrun the police even with a monster car? Well unless you're wanted for capital murder or a life term in prison awaits you, I'll suggest you stay put, do not ever engage the police on a high speed car chase.
Here are top reasons why escaping police chase is impossible, sorry almost impossible (there is still a way you still can)

1. Communication Every involved officer, as well as their supervisors and their supervisors' supervisors, have radios, both in-car and portable on their person. I don't think you can dial your cell phone and drive with one hand at top speed while you coordinate with accomplices down the road. The police have communication advantage, you don't.

2. Collaboration. If a pursuit has been authorized, the longer it goes on the more police men it attracts. And if you stray toward the boundary of a jurisdiction (city limit, county border, etc), you're going to get extra pursuers from other agencies, who may be even less restricted than your original pursuers.

3. Convergence. You can go in one direction at a time, but law enforcement response to your location will be omnidirectional. You're going to have LEOs swarming your vehicle from 360 degrees and, and if the chase attracts a helicopter, you'll be faced with three dimensional pursuit. You simply cannot go fast enough to counter this. Even if you were trying to elude one Highway Patrol in a super car, you've still got a lot of variables to overcome regarding inter-agency cooperation.

4. Contraptions Is solid rubber tyres present? Because if the Police gets a lock on your direction of flight, the next thing is to spike you, once spiked, you're hosed. You'll drive for a while, because spike strips are designed to puncture tires so they slowly deflate as opposed to blowing out. But once they're flat, driving on them will make them disintegrate; then you're driving on rims. You can make fourteen to twenty miles per hour on rims, plus the danger of your vehicle catching fire from the spraying sparks.

5. Concentration. I'll take it you're not used to driving like this. Even if you've driven fast before for a while, you surely had some distraction and backed off. Maybe it's the car or some sound you got concerned about, maybe you caught a glint you thought might be a trooper's windshield. Whatever distraction you had, it weakened your resolve and you slowed down.

You have no such luxury here. And while this a new experience, it is not for them. They've trained for this in training scenarios and have been involved in pursuits in the field. They run code multiple times a week. When one tires another one takes over.

6. Cognizance. Chances are you don't know your flight path as well as your pursuers. The officers on your trail probably know every pothole and curbstone, every back alley and shortcut.

7. Conveyances Your chosen city of flight may have the oldest squad cars, but they have the distinct benefit of redundancy. Your escape car is precious, because there is only one. If a patrol car has a blowout, that unit will fall out and be replaced by another. I don't think your vehicle can outrun and outlast an infinite number of responding unit vehicles especially if there is inter-agency involvement.

8. Control What is your flight plan - are you going to rely on top end speed on the open highway? Or are you going to try to lose responding officers in an intricate series of turns? You've got a tall order ahead either way.

First, if you've got something in your hands that can outperform Crown Vic and Charger interceptors you're going to be easy to spot. Second, you've got people to worry about - if you bruise someone's doors at double the speed limit, they're probably going to call the police. Instant update to last known location and direction of travel, which allows triangulation if you managed to create space. You probably haven't, though, because even with vehicles capable of impressive top speed, there comes a point where the vehicle is so functionally light you can no longer safely operate it in real world driving conditions. While you may maintain some semblance of distance between yourself and the point car, you're very unlikely to be completely leaving them in your wake.

Read More >> How To Escape The Police In A High Speed Car Chase
                        How To Escape A High Speed Police Chase With A Bike

If you're banking on turns, you'll need to be focused. Stress has a tendency to get the better of your attempts at rational thought. Was that three lefts or four? This looks familiar, I'd better go the other way...was that a school crossing sign or a dead end sign? Is this Street continuous this far North? Which side of the tracks am I on? If this occurs your chase ends there. Either alive and handcuffed or dead, either way the Police must have you.
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How To Book Flights Online With Fly Dana Air Nigeria Prices And Schedule

How To Book Flights Online With Fly Dana Air Nigeria Prices And Schedule
If you're booking flights with Fly Dana airline, you need to do it the right to way to avoid avoidable loss, scams and such. You see Dana airline has made available online booking, flight schedule and their ticket information on the Net for easy access, this is remarkable for being unremarkable, considering the traditional way Nigerians are used to doing things.

Whether this is your first time of trying out online booking of flights or you're seasoned in this act you still need a guide an updated guide on how to do this, so that you won't lose your money or miss your flight.

Moreover booking your flights online with Dana air has its advantage, it is convenient, cost-efficient and has a greater success rate than the traditional offline booking, if you're flying with Dana Airline you need to fly it the right way. You don't need to leave your home or office, sit in the comfort of your home or office and access the airline's online portal using your internet connection to conveniently book and make payments for your air flights.

Things you will need for online payment

In order to book and pay for Dana Ng flights online you will need the following:
1. ATM Cards If you have an ATM card you can make payments with it, the Dana payment portal allows the following cards: InterSwitch, eTranzact, and Visa. Look at your card if you see any of those written on it then you're good to go.

2. Money You need to have money in your account that is linked with the debit card you want to use. Make sure the money is enough. (check the prices for more.)

How to book

1. Visit www.flydanaair.c om. Once there you'll see a box titled "book a flight".
2. You'll see a bow where you'll choose the type of trip you want. You have 'round trip, and one way trip'. Round trip is for going back and forth while the second is just one trip.

3. Check the best fare box if you want Dana Air to recommend comfortable flights for you if available.

4. Next select the your departure location, target destination and the time respectively. Prices vary so make sure you indicate Adult or Child.

5. Click next and you'll be taken to the next page, with price and ticket information, again prices are different depending on the airline class you wish to fly with, select the one that suits your budget, review it and proced to checkout.

Dana air tickets can be paid for in Nigerian Naira. Online payments for Dana Air flights can be made with Visa, InterSwitch and eTranzact debit cards. After payment and confirmation your Dana air eTicket will be sent to your via your email. Dana air fares as of 2014/2015 starts at N10,000. Periodically Dana Air run promotions in which discounts are offered to customers. The airline also have a loyalty scheme for rewarding loyal customers.
You will require at least a photo ID to board your Dana air flight.

Dana Air Flight Schedule and Locations

The airline currently operates in Lagos, Abuja, Uyo, and Port Harcourt. Goto here to access their timetable, for details of flight schedule, and prices. At the fly Dana Air website, you'll find contacts of Dana air offices through out Nigeria.
For questions and enquiries, you can call Dana Air customer care on 01-2809888 or 0700 FLY DANA (07003593262).
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Latest Visafone Nigeria Internet Plans And Configuration Settings

Visafone Nigeria Internet Plans And Settings
Visafone is a CDMA operator that offers internet services on both CDMA 1X and CDMA EVDO. It has coverage in several towns and cities across Nigeria and has different internet data plans for different budgets.

Visafone has some of the best internet data plans in Nigeria, especially on the cheap side. To access internet on the Visafone network you need an internet ready CDMA mobile phone or an internet modems.

Visafone has two types of networks. The CDMA 1X and the CEDMA EVDO, the CDMA 1x is known for moderate internet speed of up to 153kbps while CDMA EVDO is a 3G network and has a higher internet speed of up to 300kbps.

Visafone data type, subscription, prices and configuration

Visa CDMA 1X internet Data Plans

Below are the visa 1x internet bundle plans for high speed browsing.

- 5GB Internet Data Plan:(24/7, 30 days) N5,999
- 2GB Internet Data Plan:(24/7, 30 days) N3,499
- Daily Internet Browsing:(50MB, 24 hours) N120

Visafone 1x configurations

Once you have your CDMA 1x Internet set up by Visafone you are good to go, to renew your data services any time any day just dial this access codes " *444*access code*Number#" Scroll down for the access code for each internet browsing package. 'Number' is your data account number.

Access codes

- Visafone 5GB Data Plan: 643
- Visafone 2GB Data Plan: 642
- Visafone Daily Internet Browsing: 641

CDMA EVDO 3G Internet Settings

The second Visafone network type is the CDMA EVDO, here are its bundle plans and prices.
- Unlimited Data Plan:(24/7, 30 days) N15,999
- 15GB Data Plan:(24/7, 30 days) N12,999
- 10GB Internet Browsing:(24/7, 30 days) N9,999
- 3GB Internet Browsing:(24/7, 30 days) N5,999
- Daily Internet Browsing:(150MB, 24 hours) N499

Visafone EVDO configurations and access codes

Once Visafone customer shop sets up your internet connection, simply dial*444*access code*Number#. The access code for each internet browsing package is provided below. 'Number' is your data account number.

- Unlimited Internet Data Plan:655 - 15GB Data Plan:654 - 10GB Data Plan:653 - 3GB Internet Browsing:652 - Daily Internet Browsing:651

Apart from this two separate internet plans the Visa 1x and the visa EVDO, there is also a hybrid a combination of the type of data plan.

Visa Mobile Internet packages CDMA 1X/EVDO

Internet browsing bundles for CDMA and EVDO networks
- Monthly EVDO Mobile Data Plan:(1.2GB, 24/7, 30 days) N3,000
- Monthly 1X Mobile Data Plan:(500MB, 24/7, 30 days) N1,500
- Daily EVDO Mobile Internet Browsing:(12MB, 24 hours) N100
- Daily 1X Mobile Internet Browsing:(2MB, 24 hours) N25
For configurations and settings you need to Visit Visafone shop to have your mobile internet configured. Check below for access codes

- Mobile Data Plan:664
- Monthly 1X Mobile Data Plan:662
- Daily EVDO Mobile Internet Browsing:663
- Daily 1X Mobile Internet Browsing:661
To browse with Visafone you'll need an internet modem or a CDMA/EVDO internet enabled phone. Price of Visafone Internet modems starts from N7,000 to N11,000. If you want the Wi-Fi router you to pay about N39,000 with free 6GB data plan and can support up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Visafone locations in Nigeria

The states Visafone is available are
Lagos, Abuja, Abia, Anambra, Akwa-Ibom, Cross River, Delta, Ebonyi, Edo, Enugu, Imo, Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo, Plateau, Rivers, Kwara, Borno, Nassarawa, Niger, over 170 towns and cities in 24 states.
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How To Meet And Chat With Hot Girls And Boys on Badoo

Badoo is a social networking service that is bigger than a country it's even bigger than the country with the hig
How To Chat And Meet With Hot Girls on Badoo
hest number of blacks in the whole wide World
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Huawei Ascend Y520 Specs And Price In Nigeria

The Y520 is the mobile sensation that is currently taking the market by storm, it runs on an Android 4.4 KitKat OS and have a 5MP rear camera! You can do a lot of things with it, you can PING, Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, Whatsapp, game and more. Here are the full specs

Huawei Ascend Y520 Specifications

Height 134.2mm
Width 67mm
Depth 10.2mm

About 150g

Display : 4.5 inch LCD FWVGA (854 x 480) 256k colors Auto rotate (G-sensor)

MTK6572 Dual-core 1.3GHz

Operation System
Android™ 4.4

RAM : 512M eMMC ROM : 4GB MicroSD (up to 32GB)

Network GSM :
  l GSM 850 MHz: 824–849 MHz (UL), 869–894 MHz (DL)
l GSM 900 MHz: 880–915 MHz (UL), 925–960 MHz (DL)
l GSM 1800 MHz:
1710–1785 MHz (UL), 1805–1880 MHz (DL) l GSM 1900 MHz: 1850–1910 MHz (UL), 1930–1990 MHz (DL)

(Y520-U12, Y520-U22) l WCDMA Band VIII[900 MHz]: 880-915 MHz (UL), 925-960 MHz (DL)
l WCDMA Band I [2100 MHz]: 1920–1980 MHz (UL), 2110–2170 MHz (DL)
Or (Y520-U03, Y520-U33): l WCDMA Band V [850 MHz]: 824–849 MHz (UL), 869–894 MHz (DL)
l WCDMA Band VII[1900 MHz]: 1850-1910 MHz (UL), 1930-1990 MHz (DL) WCDMA Band I [2100 MHz]: 1920–1980 MHz (UL), 2110–2170 MHz (DL)


WiFi 802.11b/g/n Bluetooth with EDR MicroUSB (High Speed USB)



5.0 Mega pixel FF primary camera
0.3 Mega pixel front camera
Video recording/video playback


MP3, AAC+, Enhanced AAC etc.
3.5mm Headset Connector

30fps (MP4/H.263/H.264) FWVGA decode 30fps (MP4/H.263/H.264) FWVGA encode Emotion UI Not support EMUI


In the box

Handset x1
Battery x1
Charger x1
USB cable x1
Quick Start Guide x1

Huawei Ascend Y520 Specs And Price In Nigeria

Buy click to buy

It goes for 14950 Naira, you can get it at Konga or Jumia, or any Phone store in Lagos, Portharcourt, Aba, Enugu and Abuja
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