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20 Tested HTC One Secret And Hidden Codes

20 Tested HTC One Secret And Hidden Codes

You don't need to visit any Phone Tech to use your HTC One to the full, infact you don't even need to be Techy or a Geek. If this is your first time of seeing this codes, it will totaly blow your mind. If you've seen them before, you need to see them again there are updates.

For the dummies there are many things you can do with your HTC One that simply beats your imagination. Imagine you sense your phone has a problem but you really don't know where the fault lies, is simple instead of taking it out to phone repairers you can easily do it yourself. There are codes you'll press that will diagonize your HTC One and if possible there are codes to fix it. So whether the fault it's your device screen, hanging, uncommon RAM overload etc you'll find it out, (note: it might not be almost what you expect.)

Wonderful codes I tell you, but while we appreciate that this codes, can do wonderful and amazing things we should also excercise caution when using them. Some codes can damage your HTC if not used the right way, please no over use. Also some codes are pretty harmless but powerful nonetheless. If you're not sure of what a particular code does please try and find out, you can ask me or head over to our Facebook page and drop your question there, this is necessary other wise you may end up doing what you don't intend doing. For example lets say you don't know what "factory format/reset" is and you decides to input the code for it, you then lose your data, the code wipes out everything on your device, in this case you wouldn't hold Nethelpblog responsible as you've been warned.

1. *#*#528#*#* – WLAN test (Use “Menu” button to start various tests)
2. *#*#7780#*#*– Factory reset
3. *2767*3855#– Factory Format
4. ##775#– EPST/PRL – PRL Settings 5. ##786#– EPST – Status Menu
6. ##3282#– EPST – Data Programming Menu (User Name, Advanced, Restore, Enable HFA, DSA Server, MMSC URL)
7. ##2539#– EPST/A-Key – Data A key menu
8. ##7738#– EPST/P_Rev – Protocol Revision
9. ##8626337#– EPST/Vocoder – Unsure
10. ##33284#– Debug – Debug Menu – (Debug Screen, Test Calls, RC Data, HDR/1X Selection, Voice Privacy, DTMF Set, Korea Mode Set)
11. ##3424#– Diagnostic – Connect to phone in diag mode.
12. ##4772579#– Reset the GPS
13. ##72786#– changes DSA back to Factory
14. ##889#– enables TTY
15. *#*#34971539#*#*– update firmwire
16. *#*#7594#*#*– change the End Call / Power button action
17. *#*#273283*255*663282*#
18. *#*– code opens a File copy screen where you can backup your media files
19. *#*#197328640#*#*– enter into Service mode
20. *#*#232339#*#* – WLAN test (Use “Menu” button to start various tests)

*#*#526#*#* – WLAN test (Use “Menu” button to start various tests) (Bonus update)

This codes can also work on other HTC android smartphones apart from HTC One M8, HTC E8, HTC One Mini and other HTC One android smartphones, the codes can work on other HTC devices like HTC butterfly, Desire 310, Desire 816 etc.

Over to you do you know any other codes that others will find useful, please do write them down via the comment section.


Top 3 Tested USB Desktop Mics for Video Games

Top 3 Tested USB Desktop Mics for Video GamesLooking to get a desktop mic for video games with a USB port for ease of use especially when you're faced with having to plug it in and out from your computer?

There are mics with this specs, which I'm going to pick out, I'm using the ones I'll had experience with to help you get the perfect Mic (if there is anything like perfect mic) for your gaming experience although I'm highlighting few, but this few are the best to the best of my knowledge.

 I've used this Microphones to so I can vouch for them, don't mind if the headline reads in part "3 best gaming mics" one of the criteria is best in quality and not price, some are even cheap, in case you're wondering if you could get anything cheaper without losing quality.

This mics can be used to talk over Skype, so it's hybrid supporting Audios in games and Skype.

1. Samson C01U

 Samson C01U USB Studio As far as cheap, good quality microphones go, the Samson C01U is the best microphone you can get in my opinion. The Samson is very good for background noise, it's not audible under normal situations.

2. AT2020

AT2020USB If you want to push a little more money, you'll love the At2020, providing you have a quiet environment since it's a sensitive microphone. This is particularly good when you don't want to go noisy.

3. Logitech USB Desktop Microphone.

Logitech USB Desktop Microphone (Black/Silver) Great when noise-cancellation is your priority, it also has a better voice recognition and superior speech recording than many Mics. You also don't need to download or install any drivers it's plug and play.

4. Blue Microphones - Snowball

Blue Microphones Yeti USB  Haven't really tested this myself, but I've seen and heard enough to be convinced, so here it is seating pretty close at number 4 of my tested mics, comical isn't it? Well it won't be here if it isn't good. This mic has USB digital output, it also good for podcasting.


Top Forums For EPL Side Stoke City

Top Forums For EPL Side Stoke City

For Stoke City FC fans and non fans alike that are keen to know this club's message boards or forums, here is Nethelpblog to your aid. I'm going to help you with the list of top Stoke city forums, where you can visit and chat with Stokies, you can also get the latest news, fixtures and results including latest/trending Stoke happenings on some of this websites.

This English Premier League club SCFC known by their nickname the Potters is based on Stoke on Trent a city in England, their home turf is the famous Britannia Stadium. Stokies as their fans are known are regarded as one of the most vocal fans in England, and for some the Britannia is one hell of a place to go especially if you're on the opposing side. It's that atmosphere on match day that's carried on to their various message boards/forums and blogs.

Do you know? No other Professional club is older than Stoke city in the world except Notts county.
Do you know? Top Stoke site the Sentinel has more followers and readers than even Stoke FC official website.

1. Oatcakefanzine The biggest Stoke City forum, has a lot of members and usually the first on Google when you do a search. Impressive is the website's arrangement where each topic is categorized, for Match day threads, news, rumours, and anything footbal related has Stoke City as its own Category. Travel and Ticket for anything that involves buying ticket for matches and arrangement for travel. They also have a section where old seasons are remembered the good the bad and the ugly. Add that to that the photo and video section you'll see why Oatcake is easily the best Stoke FC forum.

2. 1. Eighteensixtythree Second on the list is Eighteensixtythree (1863) a forum boasting of small but active members and still growing. This forum like the first has different categories such as General Football Discussion Board, Stoke City and sub categories like Match Thread Archive, Game Room, On the Terraces, The Red & White Lion etc.

There are other pure smaller forums still, but we want to look at the the seemingly hybrids, sites that has both a messageboard plus News reporting.

Stoke Sentinel This site seem to have a monopoly of everything Stoke. A top blog where you can visit for news, football fixtures and other things in the world of soccer all related to the Potters of course.

4. Stokevitalfootball You wouldn't find much fan generated activities here but this place is good for getting news and results.

Special mentions

5. Chiefdelilah Blog
Although this blog is neighter a forum nor a site for getting fixtures and results, it's just a personal blog, but this blog is the reason why I become a Stoke city fan (aided by Victor Moses ofcourse), the writer is skilled at writing about Stoke City, he seems to know the club very well, presenting facts logically, if even if they are not always correct he will make it appear correct. Kudos number Stoke fan.

Know any other forum you'll like me to add to this list? Comment below and I'll do so provided it meets up.

Solar System And Power Bank Nigerian Alternative To Electricity

 I don't care if  NEPA, PHCN, EDC or whatever they are called this days, decides to black out the whole Nation.

I've my fuel generator and if some reason I don't get fuel, no worries I now have a better alternative to fuel generator (whether it's I pass my neigbour or not is out the question) and electricity in general.

What will you give to have a wireless electricity plus solar generator plus power all in one? Can such be in Nigeria? Of course it is, although for now you'll get the Mini one...

Introducing Mini Solar System And Power Bank the new portable alternative to Nigeria Epilatic Electricity


*. 2-in-1 function: lightens up your home with 2 x led bulbs and can also charge your USB powered gadgets at the same time

*. Solar system can be charged through the panel cable placed directly under the sun
*. Led power indicator lights

*. Solar panel: 3W 9V

*. Panel cable length: 5m

*. Battery type: 6V4.5AH lead acid

*. Bulb cable length: 5m

*. With USB 5VDC output

*. Battery low voltage protection, over charge protection, over discharge protection, overload protection

*. Solar system dimenson: 16 x 11 x 5cm

You'll love this go get it now before it's sold finish at Dealday, get the Home solar and power bank and say bye to power problems.

Simple Way To Cut Your Sim Card Down To Three Sizes

There are four different sizes of Sim cards, of this four three sizes which are Mini, Micro and Nano are the most popular, the fourth being the standard sim card which is about the size of a credit card.
The fourth one is no longer used, as it's not supported on mobile devices, so I'll be limiting this tutorial to the three Sim card sizes we are familiar with.

Official MTN Nigeria Data Bundle Plan For All Device

Here are the whole data plan for MTN Nigeria, one of the top network provider in Africa, and the foremost in Nigeria. Along with the activation codes.


Best Sites To Buy Used And Recycled Electronics

Best Sites To Buy Used And Recycled Electronics
Have a used gadget or parts of a gadget you'll like to buy or even sell? Perhaps you've looked for it in many places yet fortune didn't smell on you, for instance, if you wanted to buy old gaming systems parts by parts to help you in fixing it, do you think there are sites that will have those in stock?

Simple Way To Borrow Books From Kindle Library

As a customer you'll be able to borrow books from many Kindle lenders. Books that cuts across many genres. Apart from books joining this program by Amazon allows you to do many things.

It's not just restricted to borrowing books alone from the Kindle Library. There are many benefits that comes with it, benefits like

*  You can instantly watch over 40,000 movies and TV episodes with titles for everyone.

* Borrow books from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library

* You'll also get unlimited FREE two-day shipping with no minimum order size
Just check the banner for more details.

check here for more

How To Receive Money Through Western Union Money Transfer At Home

You don't need to ever visit any bank to cash your money, no need to stand in que or waste your time waiting for bank officials.

With this new method, you don't need to visit any bank, just with your smartphone or computer you're good to go.

Endosed by CBN and other banking regulators like the Central Bank of Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries, through Interswitch. No hassles. If done properly you should receive an alert on your phone, from your bank. As your account will be credited with the transferred amount.

Latest WUT method

1. Get the sender to tell you the details including the MTCN
2. Go to, sign in if you have an account or create one if you don't have any.
3. Click on Receive Money from the drop down menu. Click the Western Union title once a new page opens.
4. Select Naira from the box under your bank's logo.
5. Click Receive Money Now, under your banks logo, a page opens fill the sender and the receivers details in the spaces provided. Click continue
6. A new page will be opened, confirm it by clicking confirm. If it reloads click confirm again, you'll see the confirmation page, and a text message will be sent to your phone.
7. Wait for Quickteller to verify the details you entered. Quickteller will check with Western Union and the bank you provided. Once everything corresponds your account will be credited with the transferred sum.

Note: supported banks in Nigeria are GT Bank, Skybank, Wema and StanbicIbtc, you must have an account with one of them. For other countries (currently there isns't) please refer to the Quickteller website for supported banks or your Apex bank's website.

Have you gotten any cash via Western Union before either through visiting a bank or with this method? What was your experience like?


How To Maintain UPS Battery For Long Life Without Spending

The uninterruptible power supplies known widly as UPS is a power protection system that protects electronic cc y  from burn out, it serves as a shield between unsteady or fluatuting current or electricity and your precious gadgets, preventing them from been damaged.

The UPS also serves as power bank.
The UPS contains sealed-acid maintanance-free battery. The bad environment, high discharge frequency, high temperature will dramatically reduce the life cycle of battery. Also it's not an option to drop it without using it, as the battery life will reduce when not in use.

Follow this simple steps to maintain your UPS battery for optimum performance.
1. First you've to connect the UPS to AC and turn on the UPS, then charge the battery for at least 10 hours, keeping an eye on the load status.

2. Keep the load at that status and record the total power capacity of the load and remove the input plug in the UPS, and the battery of the Uninterruptible power supply will discharge, untill drains and off, record the discharge time, for later use.

3. The battery service life is about 2 to 3 years depending on the type of UPS, you're using. For example the APC BR1500G
typically has a longer battery life, despite it's many amazing features when compared to others.

Features like

2. Has an Auto Shutdown Software which allows management of the Back-UPS from your computer via USB interface, saves files and shuts down system when battery is low.

3. Data Line Surge Protection guards against surges and spikes traveling over an analog phone line; Building Wiring Fault Indicator detects problems in building wiring.

4. LCD graphics display with text and mimic diagrams that display modes of operation, system parameters and alarms; audible alarms indicate changing utility power and UPS conditions. are there to actually enhance the battery life. As UPS performance depends on battery use.

How To Maintain UPS Battery For Long Life Without Spending

. Six battery backup/surge protected outlets which keep critical devices running during outages and fluctuations; has protection for non-critical devices.
5. With the operating time passed, the capability of battery will be weakened, that is the discharge time will decrease.

The checking frequency of the battery should change from once every half year to once every month.

6. Finally when servincing batteries, do not attempt to do it yourself if you have little or no knowledge of power protection systems. This should be done by personnel knowledgeable about batteries. Make sure the battery being replaced have the same type and number with the original one.

Some general remainders

Do not dispose of batteries in fire, this may cause explotion.
Don't open or mutilate UPS batteries, chemicals released is harmful to the skin and eyes, and in some cases toxic.

No matter how strong a UPS battery is, conditions like high temperature, high discharge frequency, the battery service may reduce the battery's life.

Suggestion Depending on the type of Battery, discharge the battery once every 3 months when AC is normal, will go a long way in improving battery performance.