Top Nigerian Android Smartphones Worth Buying In 2015

Top Nigerian Android Smartphones Worth Buying In 2015
Xperia Z2
Naija as popularly known all over the world, this country has over 100 million plus known users of mobile phones in Nigeria, because of this the demand for phones is on the rise especially among internet savvy and young urban city dwellers. The listed devices are not mainly the most popular by user base alone, they are all round popular both in functionality and in user base.

Although this top Nigerian smartphones in terms of users, is but a fraction of  Tecno, Gionee and other low budget phones' users which makes up the majority of smartphone users in the country. yet there are still a smartphone worth buying in the country today.

Below are the smartphones in Nigeria that is worth buying, many of this smartphones are expensive considering what you might be used to. But they are great if you could afford them.

1) Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen)

  Top Nigerian Android Smartphones Worth Buying In 2015
 2) Sony Xperia Z2

 3) Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

 4) Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

 5) Google Nexus 5

 6) Motorola Moto G (1st Gen) 4G

7) Sony Xperia E3

 8) Sony Xperia Z3

 9) Acer Liquid E700

 10) Huawei Ascend P7

1 1) Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen)

12) Google Nexus 5

 13) Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

14) Huawei Ascend P7

15) Motorola Moto G (1st Gen) 4G

16) Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

17) LG G3

Top Nigerian Android Smartphones Worth Buying In 2015
 18) CAT B100

19) Acer Liquid E700

20) Sony Xperia Z2
The above smartphones are hot favorites in many offline and online shops in Nigeria, especially konga, Jumia and others. It might not be what you think, but it's a change from the normal Tecno an average Nigerian is used to.

If you can afford it go for it. Visit to get the latest price and discount
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Tecno Boom J7 Review Specs Features and Price

Tecno Boom J7 Review Specs Features and Price

This device is perhaps the official Tecno express music, as it is built for music, Tecno claim that just 5% battery charge you'll have hours playing music, forget Tecno phantom this smartphone is the real thing.
power full music interface with a powerful equalizer that lets you choose how and what type of genre to play the music, remember the famous android app ttpod and its music settings? well this one is much more powerful as it's built into this Tecno boom j7.

Tecno Boom J7 is a new smartphone running Android 4.4 Kitkat, sporting a 5″ HD screen with a resolution of 1280×720. The phone has a 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera, this cameras are very powerful great for taking selfies.

This flagship tecno product comes equipped with the following
1. charger
2. 1 usb cable.
a pair of earphones
3. two covers.

Buy Now

Stylish and beautiful you wont regret to sport this device as it's a brand new phone that offers much more than tecno phantom.

DISPLAY: Size – 5.0″ Resolution - 720 x 1280 HD IPS BODY SIZE: Dimensions - 143mm × 71.9mm × 8.93mm

CAMERA: Rear Camera – 8.0, Front camera – 2.0MP, (With Auto Focus for both Cameras)

 MEMORY: 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM (External Memory Card Support – 32GB Maximum)

PROCESSOR: 1.3GHz Quad Core processor Cortex-A7 CPU, MediaTek – MT6582 chipset, Mali-400MP2

GPU OS (Operating System) : Android 4.4 (KitKat) SIM TYPEDual SIM, (Normal Sim and Micro Sim card)

NETWORK DATA: 2G / 3G CONNECTION: – Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi direct – WIFI hotspot, – Bluetooth – 4.0

BATTERY: Capacity – 2020mAh Li-ion Battery

OTHER FEATURES : COLORS – Grey, Black, White, Pink & Green- SNS integration – MP4/MPEG4/H.263/H.264 player – MP3/WAV/eAAC+/AC3/FLAC player – Document viewer – FM radio – Image viewer and editor – Voice memo/dial/command – Predictive text input – Preloaded apps – Gmail, Gtalk,
 Google Now, Youtube, Flash Share, Facebook, Palmchat
Tecno Boom J7 Review Specs Features and Price

 Price varies sales on Konga for #25,000 – #28,000 at the moment, depending on the seller. Buy Now
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How To Get BBM Pins And Whatsapp Numbers of Hot Pretty Girls And Guys

How To Get BBM Pins of Hot Pretty Girls And Guys

The craze for Blackberry messenger this days is enough to create a niche for ladies and gentlemen, especially the ladies and gentlemen of pleasure as they will like to be called, but perhaps there are just hot boys and girls, nothing lady like nor gentlemanly about what they are doing.

In the world of chatting especially the BBM and Whatsapp world, there are different sections for different users. There is the section Dating; people using BBM pins and Whatsapp numbers to find people to date or hang out with. There is the section of business, users who are more interested in doing business over and with this social networks, there yet another group of people who only see Whatsapp and BBM as a cheap alternative to voice calls, they use this tools for communication, simple communication with friends and family.

Whatever category or categories you belong, is best known to you. But you'll only get to learn to ho get this BBM pins and Whatsapp number of ladies and men all over the world. can teach you to mine this Pins and numbers yourself.

There are ways to get this contacts easily, infact a simple google search will likely get you what you want, but the downside is you won't know who you're adding, atleast the basic details about him or her. But here are some ready-made resources to get this numbers and pins.
1. Bbm pins 2014 list
2. BBM pins 2015 list

You'll get as much pins as you want using the above links. But if you'll like to be among the first to get this BBM pins and Whatsapp numbers of this pretty hot ladies, then you'll need to joing socialconnect. Socialconnect is another to get this contacts firsthand, as firsthand receipient of this pins and numbers you get to choose who suits you best. And being a member is free.

Subscribe HERE you'll go to the subscription page where you'll be required to fill in your details. Fill your details and subscribe, then make sure you confirm it. And you're set to go.

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How To Check Visafone Internet Data Balance

How To Check Visafone Data Balance

It's actually easy to check internet data plan on any Visafone device or modem, easy as checking your MTN, GLO, Airtel or Etisalat account balance.

When I got my Visafone modem a gift from a reader, it came with 1GB data, one of the stand out feature of this Visafone Modem is it's speed, I tested it in three cities Lagos, Porthacourt and Umuahia never once did it fail me. The only frustrating problem I had was checking the account or data balance, info on how much internet data I've used and remaining wasn't easy to come by then.

After much research the only thing, that was the answer is get in touch with a Visafone rep, ask them officially to check your balance for you, how do you work into a Visafone shop only to ask them to check it for or take the easier route, call their custormer care number, except this isns't an option if time is of important to you. Why then should subscribers go through this stress? A question that's best answered by this Network's mangagement.

So what's the easiest way to check your balance?
- Open the Visafone application, then locate the call Symbol at the bottom of the app.
- A keypad opens, dial *444*601* modem number# on that and send you'll receive balance as text messegae.
- Once you get the message alert, go to messages you'll see the message symbol, like envelope
Open it and go to inbox, then open it and you have your balance.

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List Of Nigerian Banks That Accept Adsense Payment via Savings Account

Comfirmed List Of Nigerian Banks That Accept Adsense Payment

You'll agree with me that openning a Domiciliary account in order to receive foreign currencies especially adsense earnings which is paid in dollers, is difficult.

For example GT Bank requires upto 3 current or Dom account holders to serve as refrees to one that wants to open a foreign account, there is also a fixed amount of a hundred doller $100 that's required to open it, your problem is still not finished, you'll have to face the problem of time, all this takes time.

This is why if you are receiving adsense payment through wire transfer and you don't have a Domiciliary account, you should do well to use Savings account, not just any Savings account but the ones I've comfirmed.

Even if you don't have a Savings account with any of this comfirmed Nigerian banks, you should do well to open one as opposed to openning a Domiciliary account. With just 3000 Naira roughly $20 you'll have a brand new account plus a debit card (always go for Mastercard or Visa, stay away from Verve if you want to do lots of business online).

Though there have been uncomfirmed reports coming from Nigerian bloggers on Bloggerslab, this bloggers have it that Zenith bank, Access Bank, Diamond Bank, FCMB, and Fidelity bank are accepting adsense payment into Naira savings account, it's still what is it uncomfirmed, so there is no reason in wasting time , with this banks, I suggest you wait for comfirmation or you can try them yourself if you have time. You won't lose your earnings, it will be returned to you if the bank rejects it.

Banks that accept Adsense payment to Savings account

1. Firstbank Nigeria
2. United Bank for Africa UBA, and
Eco bank

The above are the three comfirmed banks I'm fully sure that will receive your foreign money. Lets see how to set this up on our adsense account.

1. Log in to adsense
2. Go to payment settings
3. Click add new form of payment
4. You'll see the box where you'll have to input your bank details. Enter it in this format
Account Name
Account Number
Bank Name

5. Set that form of payment as the primary one, then save.

SWIFT code for UBA, Firstbank, Eco bank

Firstbank - FBNINGLA
Ecobank - ECOCNGLA

UBA has many SWIFT codes depending on the location, if you can't find your city use the nearest city code - (ABA MAIN BRANCH) UNAF NGLA 088

Do you know any other bank that accept adsense payment with savings account? Or even current account, if you do we will to know, please share.

Note do not use a Freedom account.

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3 Free Ways To Unlock icloud on iPhone 4 And iPhone 5

3 Free Ways To Unlock icloud on iPhone 4 And iPhone 5
Every one love having options, three options to unlock your smartphone free is a lot of options. Now you can easily unlock your iPhone 6, 5, 5s, 5c and iPhone 4 or even bypass iCloud activation code, without spending any dime, that is free of charge.
Unlocking any model of iPhone can be difficult especially when you don't know what you want, you might lose time or worse even lose money. But with this three 3 ways you'll be able to get your iPhone 4, 5 and any other model unlocked.

Unlock activation code using this steps

As of now this glitch in iOS 7 will unlock your iPhone, don't know how long it will last though.
1. When are on Restart phone, you'll be told to go to iCloud settings, asked to turn find my phone off, but you can't do this.
2. If you don't know the password just select 'Delete account' and turn off 'find my iPhone' at the SAME time, then turn your phone off.
3. After you turn your smartphone on the Activation Lock should be deleted and now your device is not locked to Apple ID.

2. Reach out

The second way to Unblock your iCloud on your iPhone is to reach out, call calling the previous owner or third-party company that you purchased the iPhone from and tell them to go to their iCloud account and remove the iPhone from their Apple ID. If this doesn't work try the third option.

3. Use an online tool to Unblock or Bypass iCloud activation

No doubt a google search will bring up lots of tools promising to help you unlock your iPhone 4, 5, or other model. But how many of those tools have had any success in unlocking any thing, this a case of quantity not quality.
You can try those or you can try this one that's relatively new. As at the time of writing this article this online unlocking tool is working fine, especially with iPhone 4, 5, and 6. The name is iCloud unlocker This unlocks your iPhone by bypassing iCloud password. They also claim to Unlock and or ByPass iCloud for many iPhones, such as 6 Plus / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4 and iPad up to iOS 8.3
Note iCloud on iPhone is usually locked, when the password is forgotten. The main reason why majority of iPhones are locked is because of this 'find my iPhone' feature, this an anti-theft feature is present in iOS 7, when this feature is activated, you'll have a username and password that will make it possible for you to locate your iPhone, or iPad whenever it's stolen.
The only downside of this is, if you bought your Apple device from a reseller or third-party company chances are you won't have access to your iCloud account. The simple thing to ask the person you bought it from. Try the above alternatives when this fails.
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See The Amazing Pressure Cooker That Cooks All Things

See The Amazing Pressure Cooker That Cooks All Things

There is this Gas cooker that doesn't just cook meat and beans, it also works with the smallest of generator. It even keeps your food warm automatically afterwards till you're ready for it.
Cooks, bakes, fries, roasts, bbq, broils, steam, stews, simmers, warm, thaws etc. Does your current pressure cooker do all this? The name is A2W Pressure Cooker, this a Gas cooker that does things cooking.
If all your pressure cooker does is cook your beans and meat then you might want to Upgrade, this not only helps you get your cooking done easily and in record time, but saves you money.
The cash you would have used to buy various different cooker for cooking the many things your current pressure cooker don't do.
You're wasting money and time both in maintenance cost and cooking time if you still have rice cooker separately, microwave separately, electric oven separately, moin moin steamer separately. You can choose to make your life easier, upgrade to this pressure cooker.
The fact is A2W cooker is cheap compared to getting different kinds of cooker to cook different things. If you're thinking of getting each cooker one by one, then its time to pause and gather the money together and just get one of this A2W multifunctional all purpose amazing working kitchen companion!
This pressure cooker will do all the above for you by itself and much more while you go about your business.
Wanna have some funtime DIY baking to give the kids some treat at home, you got this kitchen wonder to do the job for you. Just pour in your batter, set the already labelled timer and go watch some TV! Your kitchen companion will call on you when your cake is ready.

Some top functions

- Easy cooking
- Quick cooking -cooks 3 times faster than the standard rice cooker.
- Saving 60% energy.
- Healthy cooking: no soot, non radioactive, oil and fat free. Supports the go green initiative in its own way.
This pressure cooker comes with
- Free Video of how to use it. And or Manual
- Free Indian Curry & Spices (subject to availability)
- Free delivery for any where in Nigeria ( might shipping cost outside Nigeria, unless you get it through Amazon.)
Get it on konga BUY NOW
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5 Free Online Streaming Sites To Watch English Premier League Matches

4 Free Online Streaming Sites To Watch English Premier League Football

Ever wondered where you can watch premier league matches for free? That is without paying a dime both in cable cost and streaming cost. Well online is the way, you can catch your favourite Barclays matches live as it happens without relying on the likes of Skysports, ESPN, Supersport etc to watch Arsenal vs Man United, Stoke City vs Newcastle, Mancity vs Chelsea and other EPL matches.

To take advantage of this free method you'll need to connect your computer to the internet. Some of this online streaming websites will want you to install their software, although most don't, but if you're not comfortable with any software you don't have install anything.

1. firstrowsports This website stream everything football, not just EPL matches but many football matches; club, country, sub20, division, etc.

2. MYP2P This is a site specialized in schedules for all kind of Sports especially Soccer. You can watch Live Premiership matches by using their schedules. On top, browse to Live Sports, you can also watch live Tv. This site requires you download some client they might refer you to.

3. Rojadirect One of the best sites you can get football content for free, almost all major live sport events including English Premier league matches are shown. They also have a section where you can download full passed matches so you don't have miss any match.

4. ATDhenet This a free online TV that streams news, entertainment and importantly sports events especially EPL matches. You get to watch lots of live matches during core weekends; Saturdays and Sundays.

5. Drakulastream Another football streaming website that allows you to watch football matches of major leagues in the world. Though I haven't tasted this but they claim to show many Live matches including EPL, Bundesliga, Seria A, La Liga and others.

The list will be updated as soon as we get more website that we are sure streams live football matches especially matches from the Barclays Premier League.

Do you know any other website that shows football matches? If yes please share with us through via comments.

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Top Practical BBM Secret And Hidden Codes


Top Practical BBM Secret And Hidden Codes Whether it's an iPhone, Android or Blackberry, whichever platform you're using your Blackberry Messenger on, you need this codes and serect shorcuts. This not only makes your BBM chat life simple, it makes your life simplier.

When BBM was newly made available to Android users back then, locating something as common as your BBM Pin was and is still is a difficult task as the layout is pretty difficult. But then we managed and everything worked out in the end.

Here are amazing tips and tricks for your daily use of your BBM, this secret shortcuts can do some amazing things.

Note Worked 100% with Blackberry smartphones.

1. Find Or Share BBM Pins

Is easier to share your BBM pin than to find other people's Pin. Well you can find the Pin, my simply following this method.

Create a new text or Email message and type “Mypin” in the message. The message will automatically show your pin. You can then share the same with anyone.

2. Get other BBM Info

Another way of using this secret code is to use the code proper via keyboard method, the keyboard shortcut not only shows you, your BBM Pin it also shows you many other things about your device, such as Battery level, signal strength and memory information. To do this press or tab press: Alt (left) Shift H on your home screen (depending on your device keyboard).

If for some reason the second method didn't work for you, then here is yet another secret code, this is still based on the second method but with some modification. You'll need to type EACE while holding left alt key on your home screen, it will bring out the same menu where you'll see the same information about battery, info about memory, network and others.

If you know of any other BBM tips, secrets or hidden codes you'll like people to know about, please do well to share them with us through the comment box.

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Top 7 Clash of Clan Facebook Pages And Groups

Top 7 Clash of Clan Facebook Pages And Groups

Super super game developed by Supercell, the game Clash of Clans is here to stay, when this game came out from Finland they didn't know that it will become a hit. Now this online game is being played by lots of people.

There are supporting structures to make this game more interesting, such supporting structures are many numerous pages, forums and groups created to help Clashers get Elixir, gems and tips on how to train their troops and better protect their clans.

1. Clash of Clans First on the list is the official Clash of Clan Facebook page. This page has many likes, infact 10m people to be precise, this page is also very active you can ask a question get your answer.

2. Lost Phoenix Clash of Clans Lost Phoenix Clash of Clans is another Clash of Clans Facebook pages that is focused in helping Clash of Clans gamers, the page has more than 10k likes. The downside of this page is its members are not that active as mostly links to their Youtube videos are shared here. But there are lots of engagements on their Youtube channel.

3. Clash of Clans Recruitment Page This 6000 strong page does what its name says it does. It's a place for recruitment. Even other Clashers uses that page to advertise their clans and find members.

4. Clash of Clans Tool This page is mainly dedicated to sharing tutorials that will help clashers get free gems, gold and elixir which thus makes their gaming easy. It's a 71k page so there will be many active clashers to interact with.

5. Clash of Clans Tactics This page shares some tutorial from time to time about how you can improve your tactics. Because this game is all about tactics this 21k page will come handy.

Clash of clans Fabebook groups

6. Clash of Clans Warrior s Group This is a closed group so your getting in is at the mercy of the moderator who might require an insurance of some sort before letting you in. This group is 9000 strong.

7. Clash of clans Community This also a closed group with 4000 members. Because it's a closed group you've to knock and enter to see what is done there.

Although there are many other groups and pages that's connected to this game, I only featured the ones that has worldwide appeal. For example there are many Clash of clan facebook pages and groups that are country specific like the ones for USA, Indonesia, India, China, Parkistan etc. Happy clashing clashers!

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