How To Get Quick Sharp Loans In Nigeria Without Collateral

Getting loans in Nigeria can be somewhat difficult but the goodness is there many banks in Nigeria that can give you loans but majority of those banks require collateral and going through collateral takes time which can stay up to months, it's only just a handful that can give you loans without requiring collateral, among those handful it's just few that will give you a loan that same day.

We know that emergencies do happen, and you might need money to meet those emergencies, if there is no cash at hand we need to borrow, borrowing money from people in Nigeria is not easy as many may not have it, some that do might be reluctant to give. Thankfully we now have a bank that caters for this type of emergencies. Apart from emergencies you can get loans in 24 hours for other things like.
1. As student loans to pay school fees in Nigeria
2. SME loan to set up small and medium scale business in Nigeria
3. Agric Loans get money to start up an Agric based business in Nigeria
4. Personal loans, use this loan to take care of yourself.

Steps to get this loans

1. Currently there is only one bank that offers this type of bank loan, that is First City Monument Bank, FCMB Nigeria under their arm called Credit Direct. This credit direct is responsible for giving out unsecured loans AKA sharp sharp loans. (credit direct limited loan)
High points of this loan are
*. Requires no collateral or Security
*. No account or deposit
*. No account transfer nor Guarantors.

Other benefits of this loan

*. No processing fee or consultation fee
*. No gurantee of employer
*. Non-discriminatory lending come just as you are.
*. No collateral or lien over borrower's assets
*. Credit life and Disability insurance, in the event of death or permanent disability your family is under no obligation to pay.
*. No restriction concerning where or what you buy
*. Loan application fee is free.
1. What you'll need Get this ready. Two passport, appointment letter, confirmation letter if you are working (to get this loan you need to be either a student or a worker, preferably a worker).
Pay slip, staff ID (for students student ID, and your guardian's staff ID, pay slip and appointment letter.) then another form of identification like Drivers license, National ID, govt ID.
2. If every thing is in order your funds will be processed and your money given to you.

How to repay the loan

Currently repayment is suitable for workers as the money will be taken from your monthly salary. A percentage will be deducted from your salary every month for the duration of one year.
For example if you take out 20,000 naira as loan, they will deduct 2600 naira per month for one year. They have a minimum loan grant of 18,000 naira.
Note: This type of loan is available to selected FCMB branches in Nigeria. Check your local bank branch or get in contact with Credit Direct headquaters at no. 48/50 Isaac John street G.R.A Ikeja, or visit FCMB website.

Tested Straight Talk APN Settings For Data And MMS On Android

Straight Talk configurations for Android
Straight Talk is part of Tracfone, which is a mobile virtual network operator shortnamed MVNO that offer prepaid unlimited text, talk and data plans for $45. They also sell sims that lets you use your own GSM phone, although it's services are popular, there are some difficulties associated with Straight Talk, especially in the area of Internet connection which include MMS and Data. It uses AT&T SIMs or T-mobile SIM cards, although any unlocked phone with the proper bands can work

How To Find Whatsapp Numbers Of People Worldwide

There are places that you can go and find numbers of people who are in Whatsapp. People who are willing to chat.

This Whatsapp users are not just restricted to a particular country or continent. They are scattered all over the world.
How To Find Whatsapp Numbers Of People Worldwide

The good side is you get to meet people male or female, girls or boys from different background and culture. The only down or bad side of this, meeting people who you don't like, or who might seem creepy some can even be dangerous. That is why you have to be careful when adding up people you don't know.

There are many ways to find the Whatsapp numbers of people.

1. Through websites: There are website that specializes in things like this. One of such is Connect Social.

Connect Social connects people, through their WhatsApp number. This site gives you real and authentic numbers for you to add up. Their numbers along side their location, age and other details are given.

You can also submit yours, so that it will be included in the register.

2. Through Social network: A network like Facebook has groups or pages dedicated to things like this. 

All you have to do is to login and use the search function. Same with Twitter and Google plus. 

There are communities and dedicated to this sorts of things.

How To Know If A Car Is Stolen Or Genuine Before Purchase

You can be to careful this days. That is why you need to be cautious in everything you are buying, especially when it comes to cars.
How To Know If A Car Is Stolen Or Genuine Before Purchase

You see buying a car in Nigeria is very easy especially when you have the money, on the other hand it is also very easy to get scammed or worse buy a stolen one and have the police on your trail.

Here is how to confirm if the car you're going to buy is stolen or if it is original or fake.

When buying any vehicle there are three categories, but we will be dealing with two here, because it is common.

Tokunbo and Nigerian Used.

1. Tokunbo (Usually imported from Abroad)


1. First you have to ask for the custom papers and do a VIN check on the said vehicle.

2. Then make sure you buy from a registered car dealer or stand.

3. Then check for repainting of the car, most obvious in the bonnet area where it's hard to respray.

4. Check the glass for any engraving.

Nigerian used

1. You'll to ask for customs document and ensure its

2. Ask for vehicle documents original ones.

3. Confirm name on documents, whether it will match sellers name if not let seller provide
proof of sale from the original owner and possibly receipt of sale (they are two separate

4. Input the plate number in FRSC database and make sure it conforms with the said vehicle registered.

5. Then make sure all documents are original not photocopy.

6. It is good you take a selfie with the seller and the said vehicle.

Some Important Resources.

This link is used for Plate number verification for registered cars with plate number.

 Number Plate Verification.

Simple Way To Fix Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped

This often happens when you update your existing messenger to the latest version.
Simple Way To Fix Unfortunately Messenger Has Stopped

Or you update your phone to latest software for instance moving from Lollipop to Marshmallow. This sudden change might trigger a malfunction on your apps, especially your Messenger app.

Here are ways to solve this problem.

If you've not tried the clear cache and force stop things I suggest you try doing them.

- Go to settings > apps > all apps > Locate Messenger > open and force stop, then clear cache.
Note: Clearing the Messenger data will delete your chats including media. It should be the last thing to do if everything else fails.

If it doesn't work you simply have to Uninstall the Messenger app and get an older apk Messenger app to install.

This of course is, if you started seeing this problem after the Messenger Upgrade. To get the previous version of the Messenger app just Google the name of that messenger and add apk lower versions, or list of version to download apk.

Example for Facebook messenger "download Facebook Messenger lower versions apk" for Snapchat "download Snapchat Messenger lower version apk" etc.

But if it is an Android version update then I suggest you upgrade to the latest version of Messenger.

5 Steps To Fix Unfortunately Package Installer Has Stopped

When you download an application from the internet or you the app through Bluetooth and Xender  or Flash share and your phone wont allow you to install it.

You get the unfortunately package installer has stopped error, when you try to install the app. Here are what you need to do.
Step 1: First step is to download Installer which is Install Apk
from the Play Store.

Install Apk is basically an app that serves as an interface between your phone hardware and software, of course the app is limited to installing APK files and nothing more.

2: Then open Installer - Install Apk

3: It then scans your applications, all your downloaded applications that are not installed should then appear.

4: Tap on that downloaded file you want to Install and click install, you should see the install

5: Accept and install, you won't get that annoying error message during and after installation.

How To Fix Unfortunately BBM Has Stopped

If you're getting this error message when you open your BBM  application on your phone or tablet. Here is how to fix it.

How To Fix Unfortunately BBM Has Stopped
When this happens, first thing you have to do is check your BBM app version, at least the version should be up to, if it isn't please update to the latest version. Visit Google Play or to update to the latest version of BBM for Android.

If you're still experiencing this error, move on to the next step.

If you are on Android phone, locate the BBM application, in settings, apps, all apps, open and,

- Clear Catch and force stop first.

Then open the app, if it is not working. Go back to settings and apps then all apps. And clear

- The cache and force stop, then clear data this time around.

Note: Clearing data may result in  lose of your BBM data which include your chats, photos, videos and other media that you may have sent or received.

How To Fix The Unfortunately Email Has Stopped Error On Android

This is usually from the email application and it happens whenever one wants to send email messages.
When this error message displays here is what you should do.

If you haven't done the force stop, and clear cache thing, then you should do that first. To do this go to, 
How To Fix The Unfortunately Email Has Stopped Error On Android

Settings > Applications
Manager > All > Hold on the email logo for 2 secs and then release it.
Now you can Clear Data and  Force Stop.

Next time when you launch the Email Application, you will be asked to set up the email accounts again.
If this doesn't work here is the second method.

2. You need to send an email from one account to the other and leave it in your inbox.

3. If you're using Samsung device just do the following.4

Download Samsung kies to your computer, then plug your phone to it, use it to update your device's firmware.

4. One Funny thing Android does is to send you notification to upgrade to the latest operating system which is Marshmellow. 

If you're not on the latest OS. Then do this to solve the unfortunately Email has stopped error.
Go to Settings > App Manager
Look for Android System WebView.

Uninstall it , clear cahe and disable it.

How To Fix Unfortunately Home Has Stopped On Android

This problem is often seen on LG phones, although it happens to other phones, it is not severe like LG's.
When this unfortunately home has stopped error happens here are the simple things you have to do solve this problem.

The problem is often from the Launcher you're using, and might be as a result of low phone memory, and low RAM or a combination of both.
How To Fix Unfortunately Home Has Stopped On Android

- Check to see whether you have enough phone, at least 80mb, if not free up some space. This is important because some applications like some launchers installed, continuously creates folders and files, so the when they try to create such without seeing any space, the result is your Android home crashes. And you'll get that message.

- Check your RAM: One of the likable feature Android OS has is the ability to multitask, like computer, that is the ability to do more than one thing at a time without closing or exiting any, you just minimize them. This function can become a curse because it eats up lots of memory.

This results in your home stopping. Which makes you see this error message.

You can solve low memory and RAM Problem with one solution

To solve this download clean master or RAM boaster, it auto detects when your RAM is low and asks to clean or Boast it. If you're using Clean Master open it and first go to junk files allow it to load, then it cleans them, you'll even be surprised the amount of junk files that your phone has, junk files in this context are basically useless files, files such as images that has turned blank, files that has been downloaded without you knowing, corrupted files etc.

After you've clean out your junk files is time to boast the RAM go back and click boast phone. There is this other option like file manger where you get to view list of installed and uninstalled apps on your Android device, including ones with APK files, you can uninstall, move, or delete.

 Alternatively you can also boast your RAM manually from time to time by going to Settings > Apps > Running apps, here you'll see list of apps including the amount of memory they consume, looking down you'll see the total number of RAM available free and used. To boast the RAM you'll have to select individual apps and process, then force stop. However you should be careful so you don't stop essentially apps. This is why it is advisable you use an app designed for this.

If all this fails is time to Change launcher, download a new launcher install and activate it.

On some LG devices you'll find that Disabling Smart Bulletins will do the trick. To do this goto
Go to: Apps. > Menu > Home screen then Turn off Smart Bulletin.