How To Easily Fix WiFi That is Not Working On windows 8

If your wireless connection is not working, don't fret, the solution might be easier than you think.

So far your hardware is OK, then you don't need any body to fix it, you can
fix your wireless connection yourself. A little knowledge of your laptop is required, I mean basically the operation.

Follow this simple steps to restore your WiFi

Be sure to check whether your WiFi driver is present. By write clicking on my computer and going to properties then to device manager, click network and adapters, if you see something like 'wireless WiFi link....." or something like that no that the driver is present.

But if it is not present then you need to drive it first. Find its driver online or get driver pack solution and run it. The best thing about driver pack is it automatically detects missing drivers in Windows 8 and allows you to choose which one to drive.

After taking care of the driver issue restart your laptop and try connecting, if that didn't work go to the next step below

1) First make sure that your wireless connection is not disabled, by moving your mouse pointer to the extreme left of your PC, to bring up Windows 8 setting slide out click the connection symbol and check whether wireless can be enabled there.

If not move on to the next step

2. Click on Search --> In search box, type ncpa.cpl and press Enter
"Network Connections" window will be opened. If you find your wireless
connection icon in grey color then right-click on it and select "Enable".

3) Check your SSID and the security key.

And you're good to go. Your wireless will start working fine if every thing is in order.
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The 3 Proper Lawn Mower Height Settings

Grasses need to be taken care of, our lawns need to be kept neat and tidy, this is why a mower is need. A good lawn mower set at the proper height will not only make your lawn neat, it will cut the grass the proper way. That is ensuring that they remain healthy and fresh.

You see some mowers cuts the grasses from their roots thereby killing them, obviously a lot also depend on the settings, that is why a good lawn mower and the proper setting are the key.
The 3 Proper Lawn Mower Height Settings
Actual height of cut and what the mower is adjusted to off of level smooth concrete is always going to differ, but standard is to set and measure on level concrete.

Proper mowing setting also depend on the time of season, different settings for different seasons.

1. For example during the months of May you should mow at 4 inches  till October, then adjust to 3.5 inches in April, October and 3 in in November.

Every lawn is different, but that is the normal general recommended settings experts agree on.

Some mowers may not work with the above settings for mowing, example a typical John Deere, if you set it at three inches...It measures exactly three inches from the bottom of the mower deck (front)to the ground (flat smooth surface). This is because JD's decks have a raised lip in the front.

The blades, but they were a little shorter than three inches. Contrary to popular opinion it's not  "setting the blades at X-inches, but rather" setting the deck."

2. Yet again the above settings may not work for your Mower, although this is highly unlikely. But then hurts in being sure, so here is a third way of making sure your lawn mower is set the right way.

3. To measure true cutting height vs bench height that is the height the machine is set at there are relatively inexpensive optical prisms meant for just this use.

Companies use them to set their mower for  golf fields and many other things that requires mowing.

There is also the tape measure process as to accurately determine height of cut, the major con of this is you need to take several readings across several points on the turf site then average them together, a lot of work considering that you're still yet to get down to the business of the day, mowing.

The best part about the prism is the magnifying portion which really allows you the opportunity to see what shape the leaf tissue is in following mowing.
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How To Know The Location Of Facebook User Via Chat

How To Know The Location Of Facebook User Via Chat
Get to trace someone on Facebook, using this four simple practical steps, that is easy and free to do. You can do it for fun or for important info, all this done while chatting. 

This works even if you're on Facebook Messenger or chatting with a person via the chat feature of FB main website, you can still know the location of that person.

The process is very simple and easy to do, it is also free, you only have to use what you have to get what you need. In this case use the things you already have on your computer to track someone you have been chatting with on Facebook.

I assume you already have a browser on your PC,  browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, any browser will work, but I'll recommend Mozilla or baidu.


1. Press crt+alt+del or locate task manager for  Windows PC, for other OS such as MAC the key here is to  Close all  applications. Only your browser should be left open.

2. Starting chating with the person, making sure you only one tab on your browser open, that is the tab you're using to chat with that person.

3. Press Win+R or navigate through Start >>
Run to open Run Dialogue Box

* Type cmd there and hit enter to open it.
Now, command prompt has opened.

* Type netstat -an and hit enter

You'll now get to see the list all the ip address which are currently being used.

Among those IPs one must be the person’s IP too, whom you’re chatting with, on Facebook. Identify any IP that seem suspicious or quee.

ip_tracer/ and put that IP address in
the box saying “lookup this ip or website”

The website will tell you the geolocation of
provided IP address. And hence, you will have.

Note: due to difficulty in narrowing more than one IP down to one person, it is best you use a new FB account with that person as your only friend. This ensures you get only one IP address while chatting with the person. Then use, to find the region, country, and state the person is chatting from.

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How To watch live Football Streams On iPad

The game of soccer streams on your iPad finally

How To watch live Football Stream On iPad

iPad users can now watch any football stream live, using this walk around. 

Is kind of difficult to stream football matches on iPad, because of Flash player, it doesn't always come equipped with its own flash player on its default browser. 

Another Problem is a lot of this p2p websites use Flash Player, that is many sites that streams live football matches.

As a result so many iPad users have been forced to find an alternative device, switching perhaps to Android or PC. Well with this walk around, hopefully you don't have to switch your iPad.

Follow this steps closely

1. First we have to find a third party app that, that comes with flash player.

2. Go to the App Store and download live media player from the App Store ( the app with the blue icon).

3. Load it up and in the top right hand corner search football, then scroll down and load more streams a few times and there's your match you wish to stream. This especially works for matches in the European leagues for instance EPL, Bundesliga, Seria A.

You're desired match might be further down just keep going down you'll find it. When you load it up it will actually say the club in description, for example Manchester City.

4. It would be easier if you try this during match days.

That's all hope this helps, ask your questions via the comment space below.
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How To Become An Instagram Ambassador And Earn Money

How To Become An Instagram Ambassador And Earn Money
As an Ambassador you'll be paid cash depending on the effort you make. This is open to every one that has an Instagram account. This is how to become an Instagram Ambassador and get paid for a job well done. All you need is an Instagram account with as many followers as possible. When you have that, you're set to go.
If you're not yet an Instagram user register now and grow your followers using harshtags. As you'll need an appreciatable number of followers to make an appreciatable income off this. This is why it's important you grow your followers.

How do this work?

It requires no special skills, requires zero investment level and a commitment to make it happen. This are the steps to become an Ambassador
* Create an account with Instagram if you don't have any
* Grow your followers
* Choose any Ambassador agent or agency below(you can join more than one)
*. Register with them, follow their guidelines and start making money.
Before we proceed let us get one or more things clear : the so called Instagram agency are not affliated with Instagram, at least not that I know of.
You're really going to be an Ambassador of any brand this agency gives you, your work is done on Instagram.

List of Instagram Ambassador Agency

snapfluence You'll be made an ambassador of a brand, product, or campaign. Your job is to be an active Instagram user (such as posting updates and interacting with people). You can get paid in cash and you can also get exclusive benefits like free products.

popular pays Popular pay is another agency that connects you to brands which are willing to pay you for jobs done for them on Instagram. This is how it works, depending on your profile strength a company will make an offer in cash or in goods, and if you like it, you join in. For instance 600 followers for a product to be marketed.

Snapwi This is bit different than the two, as you're more in charge of how much you make.  For buyers, pricing can start as small as $7 and go up to $10,000 requests. Snapwire has attracted some big- name buyers already like Dennys, Marriot and even some timef the biggest creative agencies in the world like JWT and The Omnicom Group.

Stockimo This one is similar to the above, but offers a fixed rate. offered for mobile photos. With Stockimo, you upload your photos and have the content eitherv rejected or accepted to fit the standards of the agency. Then, your content is priced according to the buyer’s usage intent and licences. For instance, the below rates include the following:
Advertisement: $500
Book use: $150
General/online use: $20
More to follow, however in the mean time if you know of any other trusted Ambassador agency, use the comment form to tell me, I'll verify and add to this list. From Nethelpblog wishing you happy earnings.
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Fotojet Site That Allows You Create Photo Collages Online

Ever found yourself in emergencies, perhaps in a situation where you need to create something quick. Especially creating colleges for your pictures.

Not just any how colleges, but colleges with unique, new and fresh designs and layout, different from what you're used to. If this sounds too good try FotoJet.
FotoJet is a complimentary online collage maker that enables users to create awesome collages, users don't even need to download and register.

There are up to 320  delicate templates and 80  classic layouts, and all of them could be decorated with new text, clip art images and backgrounds.

Users could make collages quickly and easily.
You can pretty much make colleges for many uses like
  • For  Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter 
  • Google plus and others.
some samples
Fotojet Site That Allows You Create Photo Collages Online

Fotojet Site That Allows You Create Photo Collages Online

Visit to get started, thank me later

side note: Colleges created on Fotojet raised a lot of questions both on Whatsapp, BBM and particular Facebook, they wanted to know how I did it, now you've seen it.
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Easy Way To Find Facebook User Location Legally

Easy Way To Find Facebook User Location Legally
Updated now working!

There is nothing wrong if you want to know more about an individual on Facebook, as a matter of fact for the sole reason that he or she sent you a friend request or is your friend, you have the right to know as much information as you want, whether the person wants it or not. It's not a crime, it's legal as finding out the person's details including the location will help you protect yourself.
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5 Free Online Streaming Sites To Watch English Premier League Matches

4 Free Online Streaming Sites To Watch English Premier League Football
Ever wondered where you can watch premier league matches for free? That is without paying a dime both in cable cost and streaming cost. Well online is the way, you can catch your favorite Barclay's matches live as it happens without relying on the likes of Sky sports, ESPN, Supersport etc to watch Arsenal vs Man United, Stoke City vs Newcastle, Mancity vs Chelsea, Everton Liverpool and other EPL matches.

To take advantage of this free method you'll need to connect your computer to the internet. Some of this online streaming websites will want you to install their software, although most don't, but if you're not comfortable with any software you don't have install anything.

1. firstrowsports This website stream everything football, not just EPL matches but many football matches; club, country, sub20, division, etc.

2. MYP2P This is a site specialized in schedules for all kind of Sports especially Soccer. You can watch Live Premiership matches by using their schedules. On top, browse to Live Sports, you can also watch live Tv. This site requires you download some client they might refer you to.

3. Rojadirect One of the best sites you can get football content for free, almost all major live sport events including English Premier league matches are shown. They also have a section where you can download full passed matches so you don't have miss any match.

4. ATDhenet This a free online TV that streams news, entertainment and importantly sports events especially EPL matches. You get to watch lots of live matches during core weekends; Saturdays and Sundays.

Read 7 Premier League Streaming Subscription Sites For EPL
    How To Watch Live Football Matches Online Free

5. Drakulastream Another football streaming website that allows you to watch football matches of major leagues in the world. Though I haven't tasted this but they claim to show many Live matches including EPL, Bundesliga, Seria A, La Liga and others.

The list will be updated as soon as we get more website that we are sure streams live football matches especially matches from the Barclays Premier League.

Do you know any other website that shows football matches? If yes please share with us through via comments.
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7 Premier League Streaming Subscription Sites For EPL Matches

7 Premier League Streaming Subscription Services

See this top premier league streaming sites and service to watch guaranteed EPL matches without interruption or ads.

Unlike the free EPL sites which I highlighted last time, this streaming sites requires you to pay, simply put it requires subscription, you subscribe for a some duration or time, and you get to watch what you subscribed for.

It is simple you get to watch what you pay for and in the best condition nothing less. Just make sure your internet is okay, so that you'll notice any faults from their end.

1. This is the obvious website to for if you're in the United Kingdom.

2. For my United States friends go for Fox Sports. It streams every EPL matches live for US region. What this means if you're not in the US then this site is not for you. Although a good VPN software will do the job.

Apart from this two popular ones there are other good ones out there. There is

3.  One of the best streaming sites when it comes to slow or unstable connections. The
problem is, Star sports is  region locked, in case your region is not listed, a good work around is to use  VPN to access it.

4. NBC Sports: A very good Serviceable stream, that you can subscribe to, and watch your English premier league matches.

5. RDS: There is no free version of this, and it seem to be catering for only the needs of the Canada community. A VPN can unlock this website EPL whatever country you're in, just set the VPN to Canada.

6. It streams EPL matches but in Chinese language commentary.

This is the official streaming platform of the Barclays Premier League, subscribers get to watch every match of the Premier League live, as well as produced Highlights, Review and Preview shows on computers, tablets, phones and smart tv's.

Unfortunately Premier League Pass is only available in 3 countries that is New Zealand, Taiwan and the Philippines.
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32 Sony Xperia M Secret And Reset Codes

32 Sony Xperia M Secret And Reset Codes
The Sony Xperia M has about two smartphones under it's C class make, the Xperia M C1904 and the Xperia C1905 all with its secret codes.

This codes are designed by its makers Sony to help in the functioning of this device, you can use them to troubleshoot your Xperia, obtain amazing information and keep your phone's hardware in top shape, among other things. So if you have Sony Xperia M, you need this codes for many things at least Maintenance.

1. *#*#7378423#*#* This code is called the Service test code and it is used for performing various service test especially on the Xperia M hardware and software, very important if you want to know exactly why your Xperia M is misbehaving.

To access the various testing options just Open the dialer and enter this code*#*#7378423#*#, after which you will see the following options

*. 'Touchscreen test. To know whether if it is faulty or not.

*. And other test like Display, LED, Illumination, Light Sensor, Speaker, Earphone, Microphone, Camera, Front Camera, Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS, Compass, Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, RTC, Total Call Time, Battery Check, NFC, Flash LED etc.

Tap on any option to test it. If test is successful then your phone is in perfect condition without hardware faults.

2. *#*#73556673#*#* Wait before you dial this it is extremely important you understand what this code does. This code is code is called the  Retail Mode Code, unlike its fancy name, what this code does is not fancy atall, if activated it can delete all your photos, videos and other media stored on the phone's storage. This code is also called the Xperia M Reset Code.

The only useful use of this Retail mode code is for retailers, it is used to show the phone's features by means of a retail video. This code once activated voids the warranty on the Xperia M.
 So use it at your own risk.

3. This one is not a code in the sense of numbers, but a code in the sense of the what it does, it unlocks the developer options. To unlock developer options go to'Settings >System > About phone'. Now tap on 'Build number' few times to unlock developer options in Sony Xperia M

General codes

Below are the codes for many Xperia smartphones. This codes have been found to work for Sony Xperia M
Information on cell phones and batteries

4. * # * # 4636 # * # *
This suggests the following four on-screen menu:
* Phone Information
* Battery Information
* History of Batteries
* Statistics

Reset data such as origin
5. * # * # 7780 # * # .
This will remove the following:

* Google account settings stored in your phone
* System and application data and settings
* Applications that download
and will NOT remove:
* System software and bundled applications at this
* SD card files such as photos, music files, etc.
Note: Once you input those codes you'll be asked to confirm.

6. Format to the original manufacturer
* 2767 * 3855 #
Think before you give this code. This will remove all files and settings including the internal memory storage.
It will also reinstall the phone firmware.
Important: Once you give this code, there is no way to
cancel the operation unless you remove the battery from the phone.

7. Information about camera phones
* # * # 34971539 # * # *
This code indicates the following four menus:
* Update the firmware of the camera in image (this option is very dangerous)
* Update camera firmware in SD card
* Get camera firmware version
* Get firmware update count

8. * # * # 7594 # * # *
This code can be used to change the "End Call /
Power" action on your phone keypad.
The default, is pressing the button for a few moments, a screen will be displayed asking you to select an option that is Silent mode, Airplane mode and Power off the phone.
You can change the action using this code. You can
activate this power directly from the button so it will be easier.

9. Open the screen where the file copy
* # * # 255 * 273 283 * 663 282 * # * # *

10. Service log mode
* # * # 197328640 # * # *

You can run various tests and change settings in
the service mode.

11. Test Code: WLAN, GPS and Bluetooth
* # * # 232 339 # * # * - WLAN test

12. * # * # 526 # * # * - WLAN test

13. * # * # 528 # * # * - WLAN test (Use "Menu" to
launch a range of test)

14. * # * # 232 338 # * # * - Shows WiFi MAC address

15. * # * # 1472365 # * # * - GPS test

16. * # * # 1575 # * # * - Another GPS test.

17. * # * # 232 331 # * # * - Bluetooth test

18. * # * # 232337 # * # - Shows Bluetooth address

19. The launch GTalk Service Monitor
* # * # 8255 # * # *

20. Code to get the firmware version information:

* # * # 4986 * 2650468 # * # * - PDA, Phone, H / W,

21. * # * # 1234 # * # * - PDA and Phone

22. * # * # 1111 # * # * - FTA SW Version

23. * # * # 2222 # * # * - FTA HW Version

24. * # * # 44336 # * # * - PDA, Phone, CSC, Build
Time, numbered list of changes.
Codes to launch various Factory Tests:

25. * # * # 0283 # * # * - Loopback packet

26. * # * # 0 * # * # * - LCD test

27. * # * # 0673 # * # * or * # * # 0289 # * # * - Melody

28. * # * # 0842 # * # * - Device test (Vibration, and
Backlight test)

29. * # * # 2663 # * # * - Touch screen version

30. * # * # 2664 # * # * - Touch screen test

31. * # * # 0588 # * # * - Proximity sensor test

32. * # * # 3264 # * # * - RAM version
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