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Top 10 Trustworthy Online Shopping Apps Like Wish

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Top 10 Trustworthy Sites Like Aliexpress

When it comes to cheap, cheaper and even cheapest online shopping store Aliexpress comes to mind, yes you get to buy many things on that online store which are pocket friendly.
Though Aliexpress is a Chinese company, it is built for the outside world, what is simply means it ships worldwide. So we are basing our criteria on choosing  Aliexpress alternatives based on,

- If it is Trustworthy
- the simplicity of the store
- how pocket products there are on the average
- the quality of the goods (Goods on aliexpress are averagely good, to find excellent ones you have to pay attention to ratings and review)
- Shipping (shipping fees and destination or number of countries supported)
1. One of the best site like Aliexpress, where you can buy a lot of electronics for half the price on Amazon or even Ebay.
2. Another Chinese website for many products, they also ship to many places.
3. For cheap gadgets like computers, watches,…

Easy Way To Delete Conversations And Messages on Facebook Messenger

It's not out place to erase ones Facebook messages, perhaps due to some uncomfortable messages sent and received. Or one may even decide to delete the whole conversation and forget about that person - a memory thing.

Whatever reasons you personally might have for wanting to delete your Facebook conversations and messages it's your reason, Nethelpblog is only here to show you have to do this in simple clear way.
Delete Facebook messages and a conversation on Android If you have an Android smartphone, chances are you have the messenger application installed, and you chat via that app (you can't delete FB messages via web using your mobile). If this is true then follow this steps to delete your chat conversations
To delete a message

- Open the conversation

- Tap and hold the message you'd like to delete
- Tap > Delete message

To delete a conversation
- Open the conversation - Tap the menu button ( the three lines) - Tap > Delete conversation.
Delete a Conversation …

Bluetooth Features How To Connect Bluethooth Headset To Mobile Phones

Bluetooth headsets has replaced the traditional wire enabled earpiece, as many phones both feature and smartphones are now equiped with bluetooth functionality.
A simple phone like Java enabled Nokia S60 phone series that include Nokia X2, Nokia Asha series, and E series to more advanced smartphones like Android enabled Techno and other phones, also super-smart devices like ipad, ipod, Samsung Galaxy, Varison and others are also using handsfree Bluetooth headset.
Bluetooth hands-free headset types and features Bluetooth headset has types, there're two major ones.
Two major types of bluetooth earpiece

The single-ear bluetooth(earpiece) :This earpiece resembles the traditional earphones except this one has no wire and it's only made for one ear. It's a mono, single-ear headsets; and as such it's limited in its functions
Features of this Single-ear bluetooth earpiece It has one button used for making and receiving phone calls. Most devices of its kind can't change mu…

How To Delete Conversations On Tinder App

The Tinder application is meant to match people male and female with their intended. There is a reason why they have so many interest you'll have to fill; description, gender, country etc.
All that is done, so you can find people nearby, people who may be interested in you. What then happens when you find them? You'll chat with them, using the details you provided they will instantly know whether you're for them or against them.
How do I delete tinder conversations then? Although there is no official way to do that, you can still do it if you want to, albeit the hard way.

Different method for different folks depending on your situation, for example if you only want to get rid of conversations with someone then blocking is for you. But if you have a motive like your Girlfriend or boyfriend catching you cheating, then your best bet is to delete your account. Deleting erases every thing, your matches, messeges and others.
How to block someone on Tinder - To block someone ju…

3 Things To Consider Before Buying A Professional Dynamic Mic

Getting a Dynamic microphone soon? That's good, but here is a question, will any Mic just do it? Nethelpblog answers NO, of course I know too well that you need a Mic for something, it's that something you need to consider. That something is what this post is about.

3 solid somethings 1. Types of mics This is the first thing you need to consider, what type of mic are you after. There are mics for  variety of uses, do you want for example a mic that's strictly for music, not just stage music but studio singing then the Nady PCM-200 is for you, this inexpensive mic, will blow your mind especially if you want an assessment of your voice when the people you're trying to impress are few. But if you want to go for those stage Mics that will aid you in thrilling the crowd and make the crowd go wow!

Then the Shure SM7B Vocal is ideal, it's kind of expensive but it's really worth it. This Mic amplifies user's voices, making even a bad voice seem good. If it'…

3 Tested USB Desktop Mics For Playing Video Games

Looking to get a desktop mic for video games with a USB port for ease of use especially when you're faced with having to plug it in and out from your computer?

There are mics with this specs, which I'm going to pick out, I'm using the ones I'll had experience with to help you get the perfect Mic (if there is anything like perfect mic) for your gaming experience although I'm highlighting few, but this few are the best to the best of my knowledge.

 I've used this Microphones so I can vouch for them, don't mind if the headline reads in part "3 best gaming mics" one of the criteria is best in quality and not price, some are even cheap, in case you're wondering if you could get anything cheaper without losing quality.

This mics can be used to talk over Skype, so it's hybrid supporting Audios in games and Skype.

1. Samson C01U

Samson C01U USB Studio (See on Amazon)As far as cheap, good quality microphones go, the Samson C01U is the best microphon…