Fly Aero Flight Reservations And Online Booking

Aero contractors is one of the popular airlines we have around, they are not just popular for popularity sake, they are top notch when it comes to aviation safety and passenger comfort, they also have a thing going for them in flight fares that is money people pay to fly Aero flights.
Fly Aero Flight Reservations And Online Booking

They operate in many parts of Nigeria including some important Nigerian domestic routes in such cities and airport like Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja, Murtala Muhammed
international airport MMIA in Lagos, Akanu Ibiam airport in Enugu, Owerri, Kano, Warri, Portharcourt, Sokoto, Calabar, Uyo, Asaba, Kaduna, and Benincity.

They also have gone international with Destinations such as Accra Ghana in West Africa.

But then you need to know how to book this flights online the right way that is, this is important so that you won't fall victim to any questionable deal or scam.

How then do you book and schedule flights on Aerocontractor the right way? it is simple make use of their website, don't ever use any third party website when booking online unless you have it on good authority to do so.

How To Book Flights

- log in to Aerocontractor official website at FlyAero
- Chose book flight, a page opens where you'll be able to do the following

*. Choose whether you'll like to fly a one way trip or round Trip. A one way trip is a flight that is once, that is you only choose it if you just want to fly with the airline only once.

*. The other option is the round trip option, here you can be able to book double flight. that is a to and fro flight example Lagos to Accra, and back to Lagos with the same airline Aero Contractor.

- Next is to select the city of departure and arrival. then time of departure

- Choose other option that apply such as, how many adult you're booking for, how many children and infant you're reserving flights for. When you're satisfied click or tap search.

Fly Aero Flight Reservations And Online Booking

Proceed to other pages and complete the rest of the process which is easy. Then print your eTicket. That's what you will present at check in, in the airport.

Booking a Fly Aero Flights online also reserve your flights, for flight reservations and schedule you need to adjust your flight date and time. It is important to note the below


Always check your travel d hates and flights carefully.
Passengers must arrive for check-in a
minimum of 2 hours before an international
flight and a domestic flight.

Check-in closes 40
minutes before departure.

Please note that the eTicket (Electronic Ticket) is NON-REFUNDABLE, except when the flight is cancelled by the Carrier.

eTicket (Electronic Ticket) are NON-TRANSFERABLE but rebookable before departure date, subject to seat availability.

Applicable Conditions

An infant does not require a seat. However, there must be one Adult passenger for each Infant traveling. If you would like a seat for an Infant, please Go Back to booking and enter this passenger as a Child.

Fare Basis Conditions: Non
refundable, ticket validity varies according to fare class. Any baggage in excess of 20 kg is
chargeable at an excess fee per kilo.

Only one piece of hand luggage, not more than 5 kg and 50
cm x 35 cm x 23 cm, is allowed in the cabin.
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Simple Way To Make Whatsapp Free Forever on All Smartphones

This is really easy and it won't be considered cheating because the process is just plain simple and fully supported by WhatsApp. Legally clean and guaranteed to work.

But if you have the money please pay, we are fortunate that WhatsApp charges such a small annual fee for this great service.

With this two ridiculous simple methods you'll make your Whatsapp free. It doesn't matter if it is about to expire or have already expired, what matters is you'll be able to get your WhatsApp account back without stress.

How to do this is simple, you just have to do the following

First Method

The first method involve deleting your WhatsApp account the safe way. This creates an illusion that your expired account is out of there system.

- Delete your WhatsApp account To this Open your WhatsApp and navigate to Settings } Account } Delete My Account

- Enter your mobile number in the blank and Tap on Delete my account button and confirm it. you've just deleted your account.

- Next is to create your new account for Whatsapp messenger as you've done before.

- Next check the last expiry date of new whatsapp free trial by going to WhatsApp Settings } Account } Payment Info. You’ll see that your WhatsApp free trial have been extended.

The second Method is just to simply do the following

- Completely uninstall Whatsapp messenger from your smartphone.

- Re install it again from your appropriate app store. that is Plays store for Android

- Create your account, you'll get your free trial.

Works on all smart phones including Android and iOS - iPhone and iPad.

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How To Get A Refund On Match

If you're one of those that have been angered by Match dot com one of the many popular dating agency we have, on money refunds and other related issues, then you need the help you can get.

But can you really get a refund on Match dot com? Can I get a refund on Match? You'll like to know the answer to this questions, perhaps you're apprehensive having heard how notorious this company can be in eating customer funds. Well the simple truth is you can, they've been confirmed people who where refunded.

Is not as if you'll take them to court ,( you can try if you have the time and perhaps the money) or force them to give you back your money, but you can try because you now have a chance to do that.

Before you do anything let's understand a little about this dating platform.

Match Dot Com normally give a new subscriber free access to some Match features.

Once this free Match dating profile is created, you can view photos and profiles of potential dates. When you've found someone you like, you can subscribe to make contact by email and start getting to know them.

Note that 'subscription' that is where it gets interesting

Like every freemium service a good deal of its features are free. This is a good strategy because it lets you test
the waters before you spend any money subscribing.

With that free subscription, you can browse Match. com, search for and view matches, create a profile, send and receive “winks,” use Match's message center, and use their smartphone app.

Part of their strategy is designing all their free features to make you get into a paid subscription. Only with the paid subscription can you send messages to any Match Dot com member, see who has viewed or favorited your profile, connect with other members via IM keep track of your connections, and many other things.

Subscription on Match starts from as low as $20 to as high as $45 per month depending on many factors including subscription incentives.

The money can quickly add up if you decide to pay for a number of months, which is often recommended, so you may end up paying for 6 months.

Although a minimum of $120 may not break your pocket or drain your bank, but when it continues every 6 months or there about then it might eventually happen especially if you're no longer using Match's platform to find your dates or match.

In such case there is a need to stop it, and try to get your money back. Stopping it is just as simple as writing 'stopping' out. Just cancel your subscription and you've stopped it. wait o is not that easy, as they've been reported cases of people who taught they've cancelled their subscription only to be charged again.

So when you cancel it, be sure you've cancelled it. Make sure you receive their email confirming that you've successfully cancelled it, otherwise you'll be charged again then again, again and again. Because that is the main way they make their money.

Now to get a refund you need to make sure you are not at fault, make sure you cancelled your subscription before they charged your card, when you signed up you agreed to their TOS, that TOS is what binds you to pay if not cancelled. Which means if you can't cancel your subscription you must pay whether you use their services or not.

After you made sure that you've cancelled your account and they charged you ( which they shouldn't do under normal circumstance) you have all right to request a refund. First send them an email explaining what happened clearly and make sure to state that you've already CANCELLED your Match subscription before they charged you for renewal. At this point they should refund you your money.

If this fails which rarely happens then contact their customer care using Match refund number and have them transfer you to the person in charge of this department. Explain in details what happened and the steps you took to resolve it before calling.

Some business thrive when their customers are ignorant, once you no you've done everything according to their book you should be able to get your money back or take them to court and triple it.

This are just some of the ways to get a refund on match. com. Doing it well brings back your funds.

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How To Delete Someone On Tinder Easily

Deleting someone not just any person but a particular individual from your Tinder account may not be officially known but you can do it if you put your mind to it is not as difficult nor as easy, it depends on how you understand the world delete. 

- Log in to your account, locate the swiping screen if you're not there already, tap the flame shaped icon to get there.
- Go the message inbox by
tapping the Messages icon at the top of the screen, this looks like a speech bubble. Scroll down and find the person you want to delete. open the message thread by tapping.

- Open the more button option by Tapping it, This "more" button looks like three vertical dots arranged in a pattern. After touching it, a small sub menu with "Unmatch" and "Report" options will appear.

- After selecting "Unmatch," you'll be asked to confirm your decision. Tap "Unmatch" again to finish.

On the other hand we have the report button, this button is used when you're not satisfied with just deleting someone, maybe you feel that someone deserve to go out of Tinder entirely either because he or she is creepy, or dishonest. Just use the report option to do that.

Unmatching a person from Tinder is the same thing as deleting or blocking that person as you'll not be able  to undo it. It is important to note the below.

After deleting

- You will not see this person on your swipe screen again.

- This person will not be able to send you any more messages, even if they have already done so.

- You will not be able to send any
messages to this person.

- Both you and the person you delete will be unable to read your previous

- The message thread will
disappear from both of your inboxes.

This is how to delete a particular person from your Tinder account, simple and easy you just have to use what they provide to solve your problem.
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Simple Way To View Private Twitter Accounts

There is no feeling greater than the feeling you get when you finally get to see what someone has been hiding from you, yes catching someone at their game is a great feeling.

A lot of tools has come and gone, like TwtRoulette, an online tool that let's you view private tweets. A lot twitter holes has been patched, but then there is one that's not patchable , one hole that still remains.

Privacy is all about what you can't see, when one make a thing private he believes others can't see it, that he or she is the only one that can see it, this includes some certain things he thought might be private thereby taking it for granted. Well this might shock you not everything on your profile is private. One could for instance obtain the list of who you follow easily despite you making that part private.

You see Twitter is set up much like Facebook, apart from the small difference, they are pretty much alike no matter how different they may seem, both forget to take care of one small part of their privacy, that small part is what we will use.
This is not necessarily to show you how to view private Twitter account of other Twitter users, information gotten can be used to protect yourself, that is to the best of your ability, do your part and leave the rest, because this aspect of privacy is more dependent on Twitter.
You are going to learn things including
how to find out who your target have been following
then the relationship of your target to that follower. And any other thing you can find during the course of your investigations.

Before you proceed a fair warning, this is not 100 percent guaranteed, so don't be disappointed if you don't get what you're exactly looking for, your getting the information mentioned above depends on you, this procedure is not automatic, much depends on how you use your brain.

*. The first step is to create a brand new Twitter account with a false name. I recommend a female account if you're targeting a male, and a female account too if you're targeting a female.

*. Login to Twitter with your new account, find and follow your target. Do not follow or like any other person, company or organization, this is very important. After which log out, give two days gap then log in again.

*. You'll see recommendations, Twitter is going to show you people and organizations to follow. This recommendations are based on people you follow, and your interests, perhaps from searches you've made on Twitter that's why should do nothing more than follow your target.

*. Now look closely at those recommendations, you now know the people your target follows. To find out the relationship your target has with those he or she is following, you have to do series of logins and out over a period of 7 days or more.

Each time you log in take note of the people being recommended by Twitter. Do this over the specified period. If one, two, three or more appears regularly then the relationship is close.
For instance if you're seeing a dating agency always then it is certain that he or she does that behind your back. You can also find other things about that person.
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5 Simple Steps To View Private Myspace Pictures

5 Simple Steps To View Private Myspace Pictures
Despite their tight privacy settings, they still have a flaw, yes a flaw that can allow you view private Myspace photos. Although Myspace might not be what it used to be in terms of users and overall popularity they are much in the business of giving people there own space online.

Like everything else viewing private Myspace photos is somewhat difficult as this involves breaking and entering. But then there is a way to do that clean and simple. Follow this simple steps

1. The first Thing you need to do is to search for the profile which contains the MySpace private pictures. MySpace permits searches for people based on name, gender, age, status and location. These many search features should make it easy for you to find the person’s profile.

2. Move through the list of options. A list of possible people who have MySpace accounts will appear, you'll then be able to see their name, age, gender, location and default picture.

3. Tap or Click the Friend button, which is located next to their default picture in the results displayed. To be sure of the person, click on the person’s name to view the visible parts of their profile which is not private.

4. Tap or click Add to Friends located underneath the default picture. After this you have to wait for the friend request to be accepted.

5. If the person accepts as a friend on MySpace, you will be able to view any MySpace private pictures that are viewable by friends, but not the general public.

If  for some reason it becomes impossible for you to become friends, either you don't want to add the person as a friend, or the person rejected or if the pictures are private to friends, including you, then you need a walk around.

Their is another walk around to this, another method to view this private locked pictures on Myspace without becoming friends. Here is an article explaining the procedure of viewing private Myspace without being a friend
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How To View Private Myspace Pictures Without Being A Friend

How To View Myspace Pictures Without Being A Friend
You don't really need to be friend in order to see some private pictures on Myspace, you don't even need the person's acceptance, you only need one thing, just one simple thing.

Is not money because you don't need to pay any thing, is not effort because you're not gonna break a sweat, nor do you have to spend sleepless night monitoring MySpace website, so as to take the advantage when it occasionally goes down offering the few who are opportune the opportunity of seeing private things.

What you need for this to work is to get the person's Myspace ID, I mean the real ID not the usual ones people often believe to be the ID.

The Friend ID is usually located at the end of the person’s MySpace URL and is a string of numbers. If you still can't find it, follow this step to get the ID
  • Visit ID Generator , this site generates the ID of Myspace users using the URL obtained. Enter the URL in the website Generator then tap or click Submit. You'll get the Friend ID. CTR A then CTR C on your PC keyboard to copy.

  •  Manually type in a URL code that allows you to view private pictures with the Friend ID at the end into your browser. For instance, consider a URL like this

  • Now paste that Friend ID after the equals sign =. Tab or click Enter, to process it. 

  • The above URL code isn't the only type code that could be used to view MySpace private pictures on that person’s profile.

Also important is to note that this codes are time sensitive, it expires some quickly some not.
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Names Of Top Airlines To Fly With In Nigeria

Names Of Top Airlines To Fly With In Nigeria
When it comes to aviation safety is important, you need to be sure of what you're flying, then the people that will fly you. Safety first before other things including the amount you spend per flight, the class and other things.

Recently the Nigerian Aviation regulating authorities gave guild lines and directives to this airlines with safety as the most important of those guidelines, this was done to minimize or eliminate flight hazards like plane crash, majority of those airlines have implemented this directives as a result plane crashes have become rare this days. Nigerian airspace have become clear and free.

See the top airlines to book flights on both international and domestic or local flights, featuring passenger, Charter and cargo airlines, Charter airlines are more than Passenger and Cargo airlines.

Where a review is available the name of that airline will be hyper linked, clicking on it takes you to the review, where you get to see the prices, flight schedule, ticket information, how to book and schedule flights online, routes and airport, user feedback and how to book that flight right at that spot.

Passenger Airlines

  •  Aero contractor
  •  Air Azman
  •  Fly Air Peace
  •  Dana Air
  •  Arik Air
  •  Discovery Air
  •  First Nation Airways– formerly Bellview Airlines
  •  Med-View Airline
  •   Overland Airways

  Cargo Airlines

  •  Allied Air
  •  Fly Emirate Touch Aviation Services – formerly Millennium Air
  •  JedAir– formerly Wings Aviation
  •  Skypower Express Cargo

Charter Airlines

  •  Airfirst Nigeria/ Jetalliance
  •  ANAP Jets
  •  Azikel Air
  •  DANA – Dornier Aviation Nigeria
  •  Dominion Air
  •  Gyro Air
See  How To Book Flights With Arik Air The Right Way
  •  Izy Air
  •  Jafac Aviation
  •  Kabo Air
  •   King Airline
  •   Maple Aviation
  •   MaxAir
  •   Odengene Air
  •   Omni Air
  •   Prime Air Services
  •   SkyBird Air
  •   SkyJet Aviation– formerly Barbedos Aviation Services
  •  Skypower Express Airways
  •  TopBrass Aviation
  •  Toucan Aviation
  •  Tradecraft Air
See  How To Book Dana Flights Online
  •  Triax Airlines
  •  Triton Aviation/ Hangary
  •  West Link Airlines
  •  Zeefass Aviation
  •  Helicopter Companies
  •  Aero Contractors
  •  Atlantic Aviation/ CHC Nigeria – former partner of Aero
  •  Caverton Helicopters/ DanCopter / Heli-Union
  •  OAS Helicopters
  •  Pan African Airlines/ Bristow Nigeria / BATS
  • Start-up/Dormant/Grounded Airlines and Helicopter Companies
  •  Air Nigeria – formerly Nigerian Eagle Airlines / Virgin Nigeria Airways
  •  Air Taraba
  •  Alpha Helicopters
  •  Airstream Cargo
  •  Associated Aviation/ Associated Air Cargo
  •  Chanchangi Airlines
  •  Hak Air
  •  IRS Airlines
  •  Jet Taxi Transport
  •  Meridian Airlines
  •  Nigerian Eagle
  •  Oriental Airlines
  •  Red 1 Air / fastjet Nigeria
  •  Re-Routine Air
  •  TaK Aviation
Whatever city or state you're you'll benefit, as this airlines fly any where, goes to various destinations in Nigeria and abroad. You can book and use any airline in MMIA in Lagos, Nnamdi Azikiwe airport Abuja, Kano airport, Akanu Ibiam Airport Enugu, right to Imo airport Owerri even the new ones at Uyo in Akwa Ibom and Cross River in Calabar. Or London, USA, China, UAE Dubia, South Africa, Kenya, and other parts of the world.
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List Of Top Honda Generators For Homes And Offices Specs And Prices

When it comes to Generators for supplying  electricity either as a standby supply, complementary or as the main supply for homes and offices, Honda Gens should be considered because this brand is indeed well known and they known worldwide for being in the for front of Gen production.

This portable Honda Generators provide quiet power for all your electrical needs especially outdoors, whether you're camping, RVing, tailgating, races, parties, offices and homes including other situations that may need a 24 hours power supply.

For Home, Honda generators provide convenient reliable back up power for outages, for Work
Honda portable generators are among the best in the construction and rental industry.

It doesn't stop there this Honda Gens have many benefits including:

  • It provides quiet power for camping, RVing, tailgating, races, parties, and more.
  • Honda home generators also offer convenient, reliable back up power for outages. 

  • This portable Gens doesn't make much noise, quiet and efficient.

  • The carbon monoxide or exhaust smoke disperses in different direction this helps minimize pollution.

  • Low Fuel or Diesel consumption

  • Low Maintenance cost

1. Honda EG1000 Generator

This Gen is 0.75KVA with maximum output of .85KVA, has a portable 4-stroke, air cooled cooled, eco firendly gasoline engine, and different compartment for petrol & oil, 

Doesn't use much  fuel as it is highly efficient, has a continous running time of  up to 8hrs on 3.6ltrs fuel tank capacity. Its maintance is easy as most faults can be fix without involving any Technician, This is one of the best portable generator available in the market. 

It can carry a minimum of 3units of 60W bulb, 1unit of 100W ceiling fan, 1 unit of 200W LCD, 1 unit of 75W Home Theatre system.

Price in US dollars $350
 View offer on Konga Honda EG1000 60,500 Naira

2. Honda EG6500CXS Generator

EG6500CXS is another good Gen from Honda, is a 5.0Kva (5.5Kva maximum) generator manufactured to withstand the typical condition in Africa, you get to enjoy what you spend your money on  a Gen with no unnecessary over head cost.

This generator can be used with the following items in homes or offices:

Up to 6 units of 60W bulbs, 3 units of 100W ceiling fan, 2 units of 200W LCD Tv, 2units of 75W Home Theatre, 1unit of 200W fridge, 1 unit of 500W Deep freezer, 1 Hp water pump (this is not a small thing), 2Hp Ac.

Comes with electric/recoil starting system, and a large tank capacity of 24Ltrs with continuous operational time,  rated load is 8.hrs with low noise level.

Price in US dollars $ 1200
View offer on Konga Honda EG6500CXS 272,000 Naira

3. Honda Generator FA2500FMH
This Gen is great for its price, a cheap low cost Honda generator to get if you're on budget, this Gen gives you electricity that is steady, powes many of things including major house hold and office appliancs.

This  FA2500FMH is rated 2.2 KVA  and is manually operated. The minimum items this Gens can carry without shaking are, 6units of 60W bulbs, 3 units of 100W ceiling fan, 2 units of 200W LCD Tv set, 1unit 75W Home theater, 1unit of either 200W fridge/1 deep freezer/1Hp water pump.

Price in US dollars $300

View offer  on konga  Honda FA2500FMH 60, 000 Naira

4.  Honda EU65IS 6.5KVA 5500W Generator

Although expensive this Gen is really quality, the Honda EU6s5 generator offers 6500 watts power. Whether you're using it outdoors or indoors as primary and or standby  power source for emergency back up power for your home and offices, or for powering heavy equipments.

You'll love the low noise operating level (52 to 60 dBA) and so will your neighbors, if you live in close flats. The EU6s5 Gen is part of the i-Deluxe Series,  the first to use Honda's proprietary "i-Monitor" technology which provides information for hours of operation, wattage and engine speed; as well as diagnostics for convenient servicing. Standard features include electric starting, Honda's patented Eco-Throttle for extended run time, , two-wheel transport kit and folding handles.

What this means is you'll have the power, information and tools to maintain and repair your Generator any time it breaks down. this of course rarely happens because the same i monitoring technology prevents any major damage to your Generator.

Price in US dollars $4924
View offer on konga Honda EU65IS 6.5KVA 5500W Generator 979,999 Naira

5. Honda Generator - EM10000

EM10000 is rated 8.0Kva with maximum output of 9.0Kva.The generator can be used with the following items:  

Up to 6units of 60W bulbs, 3 units of 100W ceiling fan, 3 units of 200W LCD Tv, 2units of 75W Home Theater, 1unit of 200W fridge, 1 unit of 500W Deep freezer, 1Hp water pump, up to 3Hp Ac.

It runs continuously approx 6.5hrs on a full fuel tank which is 31Ltrs, and with a noise level of 73db(A).

Price in US dollars $3718
View offer on Konga 740,000 EM10000 Naira

6. Honda EB3000 2.5Kva Manual Generator

Rated power is 2.5Kva, has a recoil starting system, 14.5 Ltrs fuel capacity and a continuous operational time of up to 8hrs with a noise level of 71db(A)

The generator can be used with the following items: 
Up to 6units of 60W bulbs, 3 units of 100W ceiling fan, 2 units of 200W LCD Tv, 2units of 75W Home Theatre, 1 unit of 500W Deep freezer, 1Hp water pump.

Price in US dollars $593
View offer on konga Honda EB3000 118,100 Naira

7. Honda EU20I 2KVA 1600W Generator

 At first glance it seems you can pick it up and actually turn it in a hand bag, because of the look, it looks cool and o very portable, the style is something else, more so it is light weight which the hand bag you thought it could be used for can become a reality. 

You get to power the necessary things in your home and office.

some features
  • Honda's lightweight and compact EU20i generator offers a versatile and economical source of electrical power to a wide range of domestic and commercial users.
  • A quiet and clean running engine ensures reduced noise and emissions levels whilst 'inverter technology' means the engine only runs as fast as the load requires.
  • This feature reduces overall fuel consumption, thus helping to reduce running costs.
 Price in US dollars $1507
View offer on Konga Honda EU20i 298,999 Naira 

8.  Honda 4.0Kva Generator - EG5000CX

One thing that strikes me is the power duration of this Gen, it can run continuously for 10hrs, has a large fuel tank of about 24 Ltrs, this Gen is rated at 4.0Kva with maximum output of 4.5Kva. low or almost low noise, plus requires low maintenance.

The generator can be used with the following items:
Up to 4units of 60W bulbs, 2 units of 100W ceiling fan, 2 units of 200W LCD Tv, 2units of 75W Home Theater, 1unit of 200W fridge, 1 unit of 500W Deep freezer, 1Hp water pump, 1.5Hp Ac.
Installed with recoil starting system.

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How To Deactivate And Delete Yahoo Messenger Account Permanently

How To Deactivate And Delete Yahoo Messenger Account Permanently
Whatsapp, Facebook, Google hangout and others may be the in thing now, but Yahoo messenger is still used, it usage might not be what it was before, but it is still used nonetheless.

However if for someone reason you decide to deactivate or delete your Yahoo messenger permanently then this article is for you.

Before you delete or deactivate your account, check if there is another solution to the problem, the main reason why most people may want to tamper their messenger is that of unsolicited notifications, lots of unwanted notifications popping up here and there.

If that's is your problem then you can actually do some thing, locate your privacy settings and choose who you want to send you messages and how it should be delivered.

If this doesn't work out then move on to the next step, in order to delete your messenger you need to first delete that particular Yahoo account that's linked to the Messenger application you want to delete permanently.

To this follow this simple steps
Like I said you need to delete entire account,

1. Visit Account Deletion page on Account Configure page

2. You'll be asked to sign in if you're not, or to verify your password for the account you wish to delete.

3. Do that and start the deletion process.

Please note that after the deletion process is initiated your account can never be recovered.

Also note, deleting your Yahoo account won't uninstall the application software. After you delete your account, you'll need to remove the App, to do that

Go to  into Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs to delete the Yahoo Messenger program itself.

Make sure you save anything you want beforehand. Once the account is deleted, everything associated with will disappear as well such as contacts and important email.

If you delete your account you'll lose a lot of things, should read every warning you see before you complete the process, below are just some things you'll lose

  •  Yahoo answers
  •  Flickr
  •  Yahoo!Mail
  •  Yahoo! Address Book
  • * Yahoo! notepad
  • Yahoo! Briefcase
  •  My Yahoo!

 And any other area of Yahoo! that can only be accessed with your Yahoo!ID and password.

Deleting your account also deactivates your account, it can not be the other way around.
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