How To Easily Leave A Groupme Chat On Android And iPhone

How To Easily Leave A Groupme Chat On Android And iPhone
How To Easily Leave A Groupme Chat On Android And iPhone

Groupme is one the many numerous SMS chat application and one of the few best applications in that niche.
For Android:

Here is how to leave or end a groupme chat on Android.
→To leave a group:

1. First select the group you want to leave.

2. Tap the group’s avatar in the top right corner or you swipe left from the right side of the screen.

3. Now tap on Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and
then tap or click Leave Group.

You can also see 'End Group it means that you're the owner of that group so that is you created that group, If you select End Group you will delete the group entirely. 

To leave the group without deleting it, you can change the group’s creator.

For iPhone (iOS)
The steps are basically the same with Android, here is a recap though.

Select the group you want to leave.

Tap the group’s avatar in the top right corner or swipe left from the right side of the screen.
Tap setting, come down to the bottom of the page and then tap leave group.

If the above seem too cumbersome or doesn't work for your device platform. Do this simply one instead.
Text #STOP to any group number.

Note This will end all communication with all of your GroupMe groups and
forbid communication from new groups in the future.

This is especially good if you don't just want to leave the groupme group but will like to take a break from this App.

When you feel like coming back in just text #resume to any group number to opt back in to
GroupMe texts.

That all hope you all enjoy your SMS GroupMe texts.

7 Best Over The Counter Creams And Oils To Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Written by Elizbeth Lizzy - beauty therapist.

There is nothing like total flawless I mean skin that is 100% clean with any blemish, but we aim for 95%. One of the major skin defects that hinder one from that is Stretch marks.

Stretch marks can really give someone heartache, it can make a person cry causing depression and other negative things that comes with it.

This is why you should try to get ride of any major stretch mark you might have, fade them out is the word. A good skin improves ones confidence greatly so that you can stand tall among your pears, man or lady.

Stretch marks does not care about gender. Male or Female can get stretch marks. Though it is not much on the female gender, it still happens to many people i.e men and women.

I am going to highlight some top, over the counter creams that will help you fade your stretch marks. So whether you have old stretch marks, or you want to get ride of those new ones you see on your thighs, breast, arms, bum and other places, this stretch mark removal creams will do that for you. This creams will be  absorbed deep into your skin and will help rebuild the ripped and torn skin underneath, because that's what stretchmarks are- your skin ripping and stretching too suddenly

1. Coconut oil and vitamin E : Coconut oil and Vitamin E is one of the best remedy for stretch marks on the skin. Get a coconut oil and mix it with vitamin E, apply it to the skin where this marks are present.

View offer N2000 Virgin Coconut Oil

With Vitamin E

View offer N6950 Vitamin E

2. Bio Oil
One of the best stretch mark removal oil around the world, this is particular for Pregnant women. Apply it every night it's made for stretchmarks and scars! Frankly It has so much more in it than most products out there, you will see results within two week.

You can also use it at night as a moisturizer too because it evens skin tone, helps with scars, and re-hydrates skin. It doesn't stain your cloths nor sheets.

View Offer N6000 Bio-Oil

3. Cocoa butter

some Cocoa butter based cream usually have a special blend of pure Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Bio C-Elaste, a 3 in one combo. Bio C-Elaste is a powerful combination of Collagen, Elastin, Centella Asiatica, Sweet Almond Oil and Argan Oil. 

This cream helps in improving elasticity and suppleness of stretching skin during and after pregnancy. Cream is Ideal for stretch mark prone areas such as bust, hips, and others, including the marks that appear because of weight fluctuations.

View N4000 Cocoa Butter cream Or the raw one

View offer N10000 Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter

4. EMU oil and soap

Emu Oil is natural oil that can get rid of stretch marks. It contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats that stimulate the growth of new skin cells, ingredient include Vitamin E which is considered to be a great skin rejuvenator. It also helps in absorption of oil into the skin. Linolenic acid and oleic acid are also present in the oil.
Emu Oil is used for repair of damaged skin as in the case of scars and stretch marks. There are many types of products to choose from like Emu Oil Body Lotion, Pure Emu Oil and Emu Bath Oil. Any of these can be used for treatment of stretch marks. 

Application is dependent on the type, for the body lotion Apply by rubbing in Emu Oil Body Lotion after taking a shower as that softens the skin and ensures more absorption. 

For the Pure Emu Oil is a concentrated oil that can be directly rubbed on to the affected area twice or thrice everyday. If using Emu Bath Oil take a bath in oil water once a week.
Price N15000 Emu Oil

5. Rocapy soap 
Also known as ANTI STRETCHMARK SOAP, is a very good soap especially when you don't have any dedicated soap. Apply Rocapy Soap directly on affected on the skin where theose stretch mark lines appear, then leave for longer period (overnight is best). Regular use use of this soap will see your stretchmarks gradual fade off.

For best application one hour a day is best for sensitive skins. Good for all skin type, because it does not tone it does not darken, it only exfoliates and makes bright glowing skin.

6. Revitol
Patience is needed with this product. I usually recommend Revitol for the black skins and skins like the African Amerian with a deep-caramel complexion, having one of the hardest categories. 

Revitol is most effective before or very soon after stretch marks appear that is when they are still fresh with a reddish color.

Constant application will make them narrower, smoother to the touch but after 2 to 4 months the stretch marks becomes invisible.

7. Mederma
This cream fades and as well prevent the marks, by increasing the moisture content of the skin, it keeps the skin more elastic, thereby preventing more Stretch marks from appearing.

Formula combines a unique blend of ingredients:
Cepalin which is a proprietary botanical extract,
Hyaluronic acid and
Centella asiatica plant extract.

It might as well be used during pregnancy beginning in the second trimester, and while breastfeeding.

View offer Price is Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy ₦3,250

Note: Though Stretch marks does not fade immediately you start applying this creams, nevertheless there are some marks that fade faster, like marks that are new, but the old ones do take time.

Written By Elizbeth Lizzy Okoro 
Studied Beauty Therapy In London School of Beauty & Make-Up,
Use Comment form to ask questions, I'll get it as it is linked to my email.

NTEL Nigeria 4G Data Plans Bundle Sizes And Prices

The new re-branded NITEL called NTEL has finally rolled out their 4G services for smartphones, laptops and other internet surfing devices with 4G capabilities.
So here are the bundle plans, validity period, prices and durations.
1. Smart plan starter Price - N1000 Valid for 3 days with unlimited data, and 30mins voice calls and SMS.
2. Standard plan Price - N2400 valid for 7 days with unlimited data and 70 mins voice calls and SMS.
NTEL Nigeria 4G Data Plans Bundle Sizes And Prices
3. Monthly plan Price N9,000 valid for 30 days with Unlimited data and 300 mins voice calls and SMS.
It is true that all of the above data plans are unlimited but the speed throttling comes in after some amount of data has been used (unlike Etisalat Socialme speed throttling).
Even at a throttled speed, its 4 times faster than Etisalat or Airtel normal data subscription on a normal day. Ntel promises as much as 230 Mbps data speed.
Also there are some selected smartphones and mordens the NTEL sim will support.

How to Play Android Games on PC Without Any Software

If your PC is Intel then you're set to play cross platform games with your computer.
This means if you have a touch enabled Intel Windows Laptop, then you can play your favorite Android games on your computer with absolutely no third party software involved.

How to Play Android Games on PC Without Any Software
No Blue stacks and such software. This is even better than using any software as you'll get the same experience you get on a top notch Android device while playing your favorite game on this PCs.

Although Intel has pushed “Dual OS” PCs that is devices
with both Windows 8 and Android on them, it yet not available for many computer users.
When it becomes available both new and old touch enabled PCs will have that capability to play Android games. 

This means you don't have to buy a new PC to do this — you can run Android apps and even the Android operating system on your current PC, the old PCs will only be required to upgrade via online download.

This will allow you to use Android’s ecosystem of touch-
based apps on touch-enabled Windows laptops and tablets. Once it becomes widely available we will update this post, stay in touch; as the step by step guide will soon follow.

Top 5 Sites To Watch FA Cup Live Streams Free

Football fans in the world especially fans of the English FA cup often find it difficult in getting live streams to watch this football matches.

You won't find streams in most matches, especially matches involving lower teams like Bolton vs Fulham. And even the fixtures involving the big clubs like Man city Vs Chelsea, and other high profile FA Cup matches.

Below are top 5 websites that streams this matches live and direct, provided that there is TV coverage for those matches. This is important because

Note: While I actually took time to vet this list, I can't guarantee 100% as last minute changes may happen, but as at the time of publishing this they all checks out. Also some site only comes up on match days, the best time to check them out is during  match days.

Some distractions like pop ups, ads and redirection may happen, ignore them it is what comes from free things. Enjoy

8 Best Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams

By Elizbeth Lizzy A Beauty Therapist

Check this collection of creams that's currently hot in the market right now this creams will make your skin fair and white, it doesn't matter if you are dark like charcoal or if you are already fair. What matters is they will lighten your skin to the desired color. There are many reasons why you might want to bleach, there also many benefits of bleaching. For some.

Reasons for Bleaching


You may have spots on your face or old body caused by freckles, age spots, liver spots, birthmarks, burns, sun burn scars, accident scars and any other scars. Also condition like hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation, or any one of many embarrassing skin conditions that may be making you feel self-conscious thus having low-confidence.

 About this skin bleaching creams

Most of this skin whitening treatments act by blocking melanin production.
Their main action is to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase. Several treatments use a combination of gels or lotions along with a sunscreen. Below are some of the components you will find in skin whitening products:

*. Hydroquinone – primarily, this substance is used for whitening the skin because of its antioxidant abilities. Cosmetic concentrations are available in 2%, which can be gotten over the counter while other concentrations are at 4%. Contrary to what people think Hydroquinone does not bleach the skin but it helps lighten the skin.

 *. Kojic Acid – The by-product of malting rice or the process of sake production. Studies have shown that Kojic acid is efficient in inhibiting melanin production but this is also an unstable ingredient in without the right cosmetic formulation. When exposed to sunlight, this can turn brown and therefore lose efficiency. Several cosmetic companies have used Kojic dipalmitate as potent alternative.

*. Arbutin – this is an effective alternative to hydroquinone. Arbutin is gotten from mulberry, white mulberry, bearberry, and paper mulberry. The action of arbutin is to inhibit the production of melanin. Some forms of arbutin are also found in pears and this substance is considered safe over other skin whitening ingredients.

*. Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) – This ingeredient can easily penetrate the skin because of its  molecular size. The benefit of AHA is to generate cell regeneration and remove abnormal layers of the skin (exfoliation). The superficial layer of the skin is where most discolorations occur.

Before you start you need to get ride of the pimples first if you have one, this is necessary because, most of this bleaching creams only whitens your body and doesn't cure pimples entirely, although some might try but it won't be as strong as a dedicated acne cream.

Talking about dedicated acne cream, the best in Nigeria and one of the best in the word is Funbact A Triple Action Cream This cream is very powerful, you only need to wash your face with warm water to open the pores then apply Funbact in the morning and night. You'll see the magic after few days.

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams
View Offer  Funbact A Triple Action Cream N700

When you're done with your pimples move over to this creams.

1. Fair & Brite Lightening Cream. This cream does what it says, it lightens your skin, it doesn't whiten per say but you'll love it if all you just want is to lighten your skin, that is from dark, black or chocolate to something close to white but not white. You'll love the skin colour it gives to black or dark skins, it also makes your face smooth.

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, Fair & Brite Lightening Cream

View offer On Konga starting from N600 Fair & Brite Lightening Cream 

 2. Fair & Brite Extreme Skin Radiance Brightening Lotion.
This is suitably for fair and semi fair women or men, it does almost the same thing with the cream, except that it is a lotion and as a lotion it helps enhance the fair people colour, the blacks are not left as it contains some trace quantity of hydroqunin that serves as a catalyst to lighten the dark skin in the shortest possible time, specifically just 3weeks.

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, Fair & Brite Extreme Skin Radiance Brightening Lotion.

View offer
Konga N2000   Fair & Brite Extreme Skin Radiance Brightening Lotion

3. Carrotte Whitening Serum Now this is the cream that turns you white, when I say white I mean pure white like Oyibo, I tested this Serum on one of my client and I saw result in one week! This Serum when used alongside its Sister Intense toning will sure get you the desired result. You can discontinue its use when you've gotten the desired skin colour and start using a good toner.

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, Carrotte Whitening Serum

 View Offer Konga  Carrotte Whitening Serum N2750

4. Carrot Glow Intense Toning Beauty Milk
It is one thing to spend lots of Nairas on bleaching creams and then get your desired skin tone, it is another thing to maintain that colour, because leaving that cream will eventually bring you back to square one, continuous use it might over whiten you, or at worst damage your skin, here is where this Skin toner comes. With this Tonner you don't need to apply lots of creams, just use whatever cream that gets your desired skin colour, then use this toner to maintain it.

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams,Carrot Glow Intense Toning Beauty Milk

View offer Carrot Glow Intense Toning Beauty Milk  500ml N13500

5. Original Caro White Lightening Beauty Cream.
With 2% hydroqunin as it maximum (4% being the maximum, but not sold in the open market) this cream will lighten you even if you are very dark, it will give you a smooth skin, its smell is even the second attractive thing about this cream, I assure you, you'll love the the smell, just don't eat it! On a serious note this cream works.

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, Original Caro White Lightening Beauty Cream.

View offer on Konga Original Caro White Lightening Beauty Cream. N1150 

6. Caro White Body Lotion
This is the lotion version, as you know by now lotions are good for naturally fair people. People who were fair before but due conditions they lost their colour. -

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, Caro White Body Lotion

View Offer Caro White Body Lotion
300ml N750

7. QEI Privilege Toning Body Milk
A bit expensive but works real well, this cream is best used during the last lightening stage, if you are dark before. If you are fair already you can start with it. For the dark people it's recommended you start with QEI  privilege or ( start with Almond Oil this would get you about 2 shades lighter. And the next step, after using the QEI with almond oil for about 3 months should be the QEI with Shea Butter, this optional as those creams are pretty hard to get). This is actually one of my favorites for clients, it get you lighter while giving you a lovely even and bright complexion. QEI Oriental is best used in the last stage of lightning.

Read  7 Best Over The Counter Creams And Oils  To Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Either of those two privilege and oriental, do a good job of brightening the skin some more while at the same time maintaining it. There are many lightening products, when used for a long duration, the skin starts to get damaged, this is not the case with QEI . Which is why it has done so well after so many years in the market.

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, QEI Privilege Toning Body Milk

View Offer N7000
QEI Privilege Toning Body Milk

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, Oriental with Argan Oil Soap

View offer N3500
Oriental with Argan Oil Soap

8.  Makari Beauty Whitening Milk
This is a silky light emulsion to lighten and moisturize your complexion, particularly pleasant to the touch. This cream acts very fast against excessive pigment formation. Using this cream regularly will keep your skin in perfect condition, luminous and soft.

This Beauty Milk is particularly effective against pigmented marks, scars, liver spots and other signs of premature skin ageing. It is very gentle and non-irritant, this cream is ideal for daily use.
And the best part of it, is that it's hydroquinone free.

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams,  Makari Beauty Whitening Milk

View offer N8500 Makari Beauty Whitening Milk

If you don't have any soap that works for you then you need fair and white soap with carrot, this soap sepecificaly exfoliate your skin, that is peels out those black spot and takes care of any other blemish your skin might have.

Top 8 Hot Nigerian Skin Bleaching And Whitening Creams, fair and white soap with carrot

View offer N1450
fair and white soap with carrot

Please note There are many fake product of this cream in the market, for example Maxi cream used to be a very good bleaching cream, but where is it today? can't be found because almost all of them are fake. I have seen some stores that sell the body wash of it. QEI  does not manufacture it. Nor do they manufacture an extra large size of the body lotion, so it is fake. That is why is good you buy online from a reputable supplier.

Note: Watch or download  this short video to see how you can do a self-skin test to determine your skin type and cream HERE

Written By Elizbeth Lizzy Okoro
Studied Beauty Therapy In London School of Beauty & Make-Up,
Use Comment form to ask questions, I'll get it as it is linked to my email

Full Nigerian Internet Configuration Codes/Settings For Smartphones

Full Nigerian Internet Configuration Codes/Settings For Smartphones
Full Nigerian Internet Configuration Codes/Settings For Smartphones
Here are the full list of internet configuration codes for automatic configuration and settings for manual configurations, each platform is taken care of, that is each of Android, Java, Symbian and Apple (iOS) has its own personalized settings and codes so that you don't have to worry about looking for each one.
There are about 4 major network carriers in Nigeria that provides internet services to its customers. Those networks provides many services from non-internet services like; Voice calls, SMS, Multimedia to internet services like; Web (Access points, GPRS, 3G, 4G etc), Data bundles for browsing, Live streaming and downloads. Although there a host of other network providers in the country but this four networks which are MTN, Glo (Globacom), Airtel, Etisalat are the biggest and also they are used by majority and as such they are those we will at.

Easy Way To Play Fifa 15 Offline On Android

So I downloaded the much talked about FIFA 15 for Android phones, it is a large file by mobile network standard as WiFi was not available, over 1GB data goon, well at least I can now play this game, I said to myself.

Imagine my disappointment after installing, disconnecting my internet data, opened the game only for it to refuse to run. Finally I found out that for one to play this game you need a working Internet plan or WiFi connection.

The above is what many people are experiencing with this game, granted it would have been nice if FIFA 15 can be played officially offline, but it seems that EA sports decided to host it on their server to prevent hacking. Of course this puts a lot of problems as Internet connection is not always available in certain countries, add to it the issue of their server becoming crowded or overcroweded which will lock out some users from playing.

Well a lot of us in India, US, Russia, and  Nigeria have received this complaint, so we will find a way to run this game offline. We will have to get the raw file first then the rest is easy.

Meanwhile for those in restricted countries sending in their questions, here is what to do, get Psiphon app on play store, install it and choose any country other that the restricted connect and play, enjoy!

How To Play HD Games On Android Without Rooting

High Definition games with best mobile resolution is the big thing when it comes to mobile gaming, if you want to experience the same near level of excellence, high quality graphics, action packed top notch game play, like the ones on Console then go for HD games on Android.

But the problem most times, is some games requires rooting before it can install and play. Rooting itself is not that easy as the steps involved can brick or damage your Android phone. I can't imagine getting a new Samsung S7 and damaging it same day, just because I want to root my phone.

Considering the above, we can simply say many android users prefer to give up this HD games rather than risk damaging their phone. Here with this tutorial, hopefully you'll learn how to download this games and play them without any hitches, no crashing nor lagging.

What You'll Need

 *. Know your device specs

*. Have a source to download the Apk and the OBB Or Data files.

*. Get a file explorer or use your PC.

1. First you'll have to identify your phones CPU type, RAM capacity and processor type. 

To do that download any of this apps from Play store CPU-Z we also have CPU / RAM / DEVICE Identifier, you can also get it for free at play the store.

The above process is important because knowing your device specs will determine the type of OBB and APK file you'll download.

For example here is the minimum specs required to run the Android HD game "Walking Dead" "GPU:

Adreno 300 series, Mali-T600 series, PowerVR SGX544, or Tegra 4 CPU: Dual core 1.2GHz Memory: 1GB"

If your phone has Mali as a GPU type then download the files under Mali.

2. Next is to download this games. Go to your favorite websites to download your desired HD games, the APK plus OBB files,and or data.

3. Use file exporer/winrar to decompress the files. Preferably with a PC. Find the folder that starts with "com." and copy/cut it.

For example in the case of  "The Walking Dead"    it is 

"com.telltalegames.walkingdeadm100". Now paste that folder to Android > Obb It will be like Android/Obb/(the folder).

or the data to Android/data/(folder) Now locate the apk file and install it. You're now set to enjoy your game.

Note: Some HD games may have its own unique way of installation, if so this steps might not work for them.

Top Online Streaming Sites To Watch NFL Games In HD Free

You can watch NFL games this season live and in HD for free. I know this sounds too good to be true, but it is true.

Are this providers crazy? You might ask well they are not, they are very much sane. It is just a marketing strategy, no big deal about it, you get  exposed to their sponsors and know more about their brand, they get to make this matches available for streaming free, so you can watch major NFL football games.

Another catch to this HD Free streams is, they only show selected matches, so you may not get to watch a game in HD if it wasn't fortunate to get selected. If that is so try out (this sites are more reliable, but the 
streams are not in HD.)

1. CBS 

will live-stream the game on will stream 104 games online this season, including three NFC  playoff matchups, through its Fox Sports Go app , but a cable/ satellite subscription is required. This service is only available to customers of Comcast, Cox, Charter, AT&T U-Verse, Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, Verizon FiOS.

its website and through the CBS Sports app. it will be free to everyone, 
even those who don't subscribe to cable. The
network will also stream NFL live score.

2. FOX 

NBC will be streaming all Sunday night NFL games
and can be streamed via your PC OR Mobile.

4. Yahoo/
Free global stream of a regular-season NFL game are available including games between Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills, and other top matches.