Easy Way To Open Stubborn Videos On Snapchat

There comes a time when Snapchat refuses to behave properly instead it may start to misbehave, this is frustrating when you want to do something important.

The case of videos refusing to open on Snapchat, as experienced by mostly Android and iOS users is quite annoying. But hopefully your annoyance will stop, as Snapchat is a nice application, so we will make it work.
If you are having this problem here is what you should do.

First thing first, make sure you are on the app, some have found that they were tapping on something else, thinking that it is Snapchat video.

- Refresh your snap list. Most at times the app experiences problem,  and may show you something that is not there.

- If it doesn't work close the app and re-open. It may be a simple problem that may require you closing it by force.

- If the above fails, try clearing the Snapchat's cache. This can be done in the phone settings.

- If it doesn't work turn off your phone and turn it back on again.

- If you're still having problem  Check your WiFi connection.

- If it still doesn't work, uninstall it and install back.

Your stubborn snap chat videos should work now. But if any of the above process fails to work. Try logging in with another phone to see whether the problem is somehow from your phone.

11 Top Websites To Download Free TV Series

Are you looking for the latest episode of Breaking bad, Game of thrones,Terra nova or you are just browsing about looking for the latest TV shows that will catch your fancy. Well if you are looking for websites to download latest, recent even old or archived TV shows, here are the sites.

11 Top Websites To Download Free TV Series

Looking for the latest released episode of your favorite TV shows, visit this site. Seriously this site is the real deal. They are one of the best website when it comes to Seasonal films and TV shows.

2. TvShows4Mobile.com
This website offers the contents of its name. Just like the name TV shows are plenty, just locate the name and download. Again this is one of the best site for shows. Forget the mobile attached all videos are in mp4 and can be played on your PC.

3. Toxicwap.com
At first you may taken aback by its name, but not to worry there is nothing toxic about this site. Here you'll find many TV shows to download. The downside of this site is probably the navigation, Shows are arranged in Alphabetical order, you have to click for example the alphabet O to locate Olympus and other shows that starts with O. Most times the search feature doesn't work.

The site contents are best download through mobile devices, you can use your computer if you have strong internet connection otherwise stick to your mobile device.

Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies etc. Along with movies, they also gives you option to download TV Shows, HD Videos etc. Forget the name you can download high definition TV shows with as high as 1gb, that is if you don't want to download the compressed 300mb version.

All videos are in MP4 and optimized for mobile devices, but it doesn't mean that it won't play on your PC it will as that is the standard.

Have not tried this site out, but seriously judging from the positive reviews people are giving it, it is good, especially for finding rare TV shows.

Motion empire, has an empire-like collection of Tv shows and even feature films. You can download as long as your memory and data allows.

You get to download all kinds of movies like Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies. But importantly you get to download TV shows.

With Mp4Mobile movies, TV show download is just easy and convenient, All videos are in MP4.

Despite what the name says downloading is easy, you just have locate the download optrion and it downloads. Apart from TV shows you get to download a lot more.

Though you can download cartoon movies, it is not restricted to cartoon movies alone, you will get TV series in high definition, the one con of this site is the large amount of data required to download this TV series.  

7 Best Over The Counter Creams And Oils To Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Written by Elizbeth Lizzy - beauty therapist.

There is nothing like total flawless I mean skin that is 100% clean with any blemish, but we aim for 95%. One of the major skin defects that hinder one from that is Stretch marks.

Stretch marks can really give someone heartache, it can make a person cry causing depression and other negative things that comes with it.

This is why you should try to get ride of any major stretch mark you might have, fade them out is the word. A good skin improves ones confidence greatly so that you can stand tall among your pears, man or lady.

Stretch marks does not care about gender. Male or Female can get stretch marks. Though it is not much on the female gender, it still happens to many people i.e men and women.

I am going to highlight some top, over the counter creams that will help you fade your stretch marks. So whether you have old stretch marks, or you want to get ride of those new ones you see on your thighs, breast, arms, bum and other places, this stretch mark removal creams will do that for you. This creams will be  absorbed deep into your skin and will help rebuild the ripped and torn skin underneath, because that's what stretchmarks are- your skin ripping and stretching too suddenly

1. Coconut oil and vitamin E : Coconut oil and Vitamin E is one of the best remedy for stretch marks on the skin. Get a coconut oil and mix it with vitamin E, apply it to the skin where this marks are present.

View offer N2000 Virgin Coconut Oil

With Vitamin E

View offer N6950 Vitamin E

2. Bio Oil
One of the best stretch mark removal oil around the world, this is particular for Pregnant women. Apply it every night it's made for stretchmarks and scars! Frankly It has so much more in it than most products out there, you will see results within two week.

You can also use it at night as a moisturizer too because it evens skin tone, helps with scars, and re-hydrates skin. It doesn't stain your cloths nor sheets.

View Offer N6000 Bio-Oil

3. Cocoa butter

some Cocoa butter based cream usually have a special blend of pure Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Bio C-Elaste, a 3 in one combo. Bio C-Elaste is a powerful combination of Collagen, Elastin, Centella Asiatica, Sweet Almond Oil and Argan Oil. 

This cream helps in improving elasticity and suppleness of stretching skin during and after pregnancy. Cream is Ideal for stretch mark prone areas such as bust, hips, and others, including the marks that appear because of weight fluctuations.

View N4000 Cocoa Butter cream Or the raw one

View offer N10000 Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter

4. EMU oil and soap

Emu Oil is natural oil that can get rid of stretch marks. It contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats that stimulate the growth of new skin cells, ingredient include Vitamin E which is considered to be a great skin rejuvenator. It also helps in absorption of oil into the skin. Linolenic acid and oleic acid are also present in the oil.
Emu Oil is used for repair of damaged skin as in the case of scars and stretch marks. There are many types of products to choose from like Emu Oil Body Lotion, Pure Emu Oil and Emu Bath Oil. Any of these can be used for treatment of stretch marks. 

Application is dependent on the type, for the body lotion Apply by rubbing in Emu Oil Body Lotion after taking a shower as that softens the skin and ensures more absorption. 

For the Pure Emu Oil is a concentrated oil that can be directly rubbed on to the affected area twice or thrice everyday. If using Emu Bath Oil take a bath in oil water once a week.
Price N15000 Emu Oil

5. Rocapy soap 
Also known as ANTI STRETCHMARK SOAP, is a very good soap especially when you don't have any dedicated soap. Apply Rocapy Soap directly on affected on the skin where theose stretch mark lines appear, then leave for longer period (overnight is best). Regular use use of this soap will see your stretchmarks gradual fade off.

For best application one hour a day is best for sensitive skins. Good for all skin type, because it does not tone it does not darken, it only exfoliates and makes bright glowing skin.

6. Revitol
Patience is needed with this product. I usually recommend Revitol for the black skins and skins like the African Amerian with a deep-caramel complexion, having one of the hardest categories. 

Revitol is most effective before or very soon after stretch marks appear that is when they are still fresh with a reddish color.

Constant application will make them narrower, smoother to the touch but after 2 to 4 months the stretch marks becomes invisible.

7. Mederma
This cream fades and as well prevent the marks, by increasing the moisture content of the skin, it keeps the skin more elastic, thereby preventing more Stretch marks from appearing.

Formula combines a unique blend of ingredients:
Cepalin which is a proprietary botanical extract,
Hyaluronic acid and
Centella asiatica plant extract.

It might as well be used during pregnancy beginning in the second trimester, and while breastfeeding.

View offer Price is Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy ₦3,250

Note: Though Stretch marks does not fade immediately you start applying this creams, nevertheless there are some marks that fade faster, like marks that are new, but the old ones do take time.

Written By Elizbeth Lizzy Okoro 
Studied Beauty Therapy In London School of Beauty & Make-Up,
Use Comment form to ask questions, I'll get it as it is linked to my email.

Simple Way To View Private Badoo Photos And Pictures Legally

Update: There is a web service that can do this automatically, though they offer one free view per user, if you will like to view more you'll have to pay to upgrade, you may have to endure one or two adverts or survey here mega view

If you know Badoo, I mean if you really know what Badoo is and what is going on there you'll really want to know who is behind that picture you may have seen, you'll want to see other photos to help you conclude whether who you're seeing is really the person.

Simple Way To Fix Flash Light That Is Not Working On Android

If your phone's flashlight refuses to turn on, this post is for you, because at the end of it you'll learn how to make it work,not just to work temporarily, you will actually fix your device's flashlight, hopefully once and for all.
Simple Way To Fix Flash Light That Is Not Working On Android

So below are steps you are to follow closely for your flash app or phone torch to work again.

- In some apps or phones you have to turn LED on by checking or marking it. Look for Settings in your flashlight app, then find LED settings and tick LED.

- Make sure you don't use many flashlight Android apps at the same time. Better still uninstall others and leave one. This is to avoid app conflict, because your phone may go haywire if you have many. This result in faulty flashlight.

- Update your Android phone, or look for an app which supports your Android version.

This is so because, some flashlight apps may not work on older Android versions. When installing a new flashlight app, check to see the supported Android version.

- Restart your phone, if the battery is removable. Take out the battery, wait 30secs and put it back, then on.

At this point it should work, if it doesn't work. Do a hard reset by factory resetting it, remember to back up, to avoid loss of important data. If is still doesn't work 

- check the camera flash, test it and see whether it is ok, if it is fine, find a torch app that make use of the camera flash as the main means of giving off light. E.g Torch light by mobile SITech apps

- If the camera flash is not good download an app that make use of your phone's screen. E.g Flaslight -LED Torch light by Asus computer 

Working Tracfone APN And MMS Settings

This settings for Tracfone is somehow tricky. Because You must have data turned on to send or receive MMS otherwise it might get stuck, and so you can't download. So check that first before you conclude.
Image result for tracfone
If you've tried contacting them by mail or through their customer care number and it failed, you then have to do it yourself.

A working Fascinate , should have a list of APNs, five in most cases which are:
Verizon , Verizon CBS , Verizon FOTA , Verizon IMS, and Verizon Internet.

The one you should focus is Verizon, with the APN listed below

not set
not set
not set
not set
not set
MMS proxy
not set
MMS port
not set
Authentication type
not set
APN type
default , mms, dun
APN protocol
IPv4 / IPv6
APN roaming protocol
( greyed out) APN enable /disable
( greyed out) APN enabled
MVNO type
( greyed out) MVNO value
Not set

For list of APN just open your  Voice Dialer, then say "A-P-N ". You should see a dialog box pop up with a button marked "Open APNs". You should then see the list.

Press one, the details should show. If that doesn't work try this APN

Not set
Not set
MMS proxy
Not set
MMS port
Not set
Authentication type
Not set
APN type
default , supl ,mms
APN protocol
APN roaming protocol
( greyed out) APN enable /disable
( greyed out) APN enabled

Bearer is the last item in the list. There are no entries for "MVNO type " and " MVNO value"
At this point your data and MMS should work. If it doesn't work then flashing to a new ROM will do the work. In my own case I found Teamhacksung 's cm_fascinatemtd-ota-eng.BUILD 14.zip ended up being the
rom that worked, but I won't advise you to do that because it may brick your phone.

Simple Way To View Private Instagram Photos and Profiles Legally

Simple Way To View Private Instagram Photos and Profiles Legally
Update 2: There is this online site that can do this for you hurry before this one closes too, you'll may meet this annoying advrts ignore and continue Here

Instagram which perhaps is the world's largest online photo showy and sharing website has a seemingly small bug, a bug that's small in size but big enough to allow some "knowy" people i.e people that know the way to view pictures and profiles that are locked by their owners. This is not just possible it a fact provided you follow every details as it is, then you'll do just fine.

It's one thing to view photos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter Google plus etc, it's another to view private or hidden ones especially on Instagram. For clearer understanding private, hidden or locked pictures and profiles are photos which can't be seen without authorization, in case of pictures which are not viewable by any one except the owner, this applies also to private profiles, which is a collection of the person's personal information. Both are not meant to be seen by any one except the owner. They are like a wind, you can't see it but you can feel it you know it exist, except perhaps you can see this one if you put your mind to it
Here are the few things you need to know before proceeding :

Why Private Photos?

Why do most people lock their pictures, why do they change their privacy settings to private? This questions are all answered by human character, people love hiding their instagram photos from the public especially when those photos are not decent, or fall below their expectations. Celebs like some music stars Kanye West for instance are all on Intergram but they can't risk some scandalous photos so they make them private

Others simply derive joy from frustrating their followers by closing them, they think is fun.

Why do you want to view private photos?

The best judge should be you as the one reading this, but however there are a lot of common things, common connections that charactarize people who wants to view this instagram hidden images, this is curiousity. Curious to know what's inside that pic, what's my friend hiding, why aren't this photo displaying etc.

Steps to view instagram pictures

This tutorial is in steps for easier understanding
1. You've to know You first have to know the Twitter username of your target. Once that is down, move on to the next step.
2. Visit You've to visit another website to convert the Twitter username which will then allow you to view your target's picture.
Go here here as the other is no longer working, this is a new tool, the old one has been blocked by Instagram
3. Finalize Once you are there paste the persons Twitter name and click submit.

Read>> Two Hard Ways To View Private Facebook Pictures

             6 Simple Steps To View Private Instagram Profiles
Note: You may have to go through a survey or something like that, which won't take much seconds. There is a way to view this photos and everything closed on instagram without even using twitter usernames, unfortunately I can't post it here, well it's not entirely legal.

Is this really Legal?

To understand this you need to know what legality in a broader sense really means, I'm not a lawyer but I know some stuffs. Something is said to be legal if it's generally accepted by the majority, not really permitted by law as people make laws. Just because one don't want you to view his or her photos doesn't mean you can't. After all the person is only one, while those who are interested to view those closed pictures are many.

The fact is people who make their photos private are in minority while those who wants them public are in majority. Ultimately it all depends on discernment, use discernment to make it secret, don't let your target know or else there may be trouble. The best form of legality is secrecy.
Know of another way to view private Instagram photos? I'd be happy to hear it, as I don't know everything, you can share your knowledge with us.

 Lastly you can help spread the world by sharing this using those share buttons below.

 New How To Get A Refund On Match Dot Com

Update It seems the owner got greedy and decided to double the surveys on that site, hence some are finding it pretty difficult, bear with me and stick around, as I attempt to find another way or method around it. Everything I believe is possible only difficult!

There was a walk around in this space earlier, but sadly I've been asked to take it down, so people won't see it, until they find another way to patch it up. That method to view private Instagram pictures is not legal hence we agreed to take it down.

6 Hard Ways To View Private Protected Tweets On Twitter

Tweets on Twitter are pretty difficult to view this days, when compared to before, this is partially due to the improvement of web security, and other things.

But it is not impossible to view private protected Tweets even though it might be difficult. What you need is patience, determination and time. 

If you don't have those things then you best stay put, because the days where one can exploit any flaw on Twitter is gone one way or the other even if a flaw is found today it takes a maximum of 24hours to patch it up. 

So you see there is a small window of opportunity for everyone one is desirous to view this private protected tweets to do so. Practically making it impossible to view private tweet on Twitter.

There is a way which you can you use, and this requires your determination, even at that it is no guarantee that it will work, to put in percentage 70% it will work if you follow through.

Here are what you'll need to do

- Open a new Twitter account, using exactly or close, the same information as the one you intend to view his or her protected tweets.

- Generate activity for that Account, and trend some harsh tags for some months (Twitter loves this, they've even made mistakes of verifying a wrong account instead of the right one because harshtags)

- Your account should now be among the first account to shown to your target. It is human nature to find out things, they say curiosity kills the cat. 

You have like 80 percent chance of your target following you just to find out why you're so hot.

- If the person doesn't follow you first take the first step and follow, he or she will follow back. Remember you need to get the person to follow you and follow back.

- Once that is accomplished you can see his or protected tweets for friends. 

- You have to build trust to get  the whole private tweets. Building trust involves using what you know.

Note: You might find this pretty difficult or unworkable, but the truth is it is pretty much workable, in short there are people or agency that does this for a fee. This is exactly the method they use. Before you pay you must see result.

Simple Way To View Private Twitter Accounts

Update: If you rather you do it the easy way, there is an app that will help you do this, they offer one view per user, if you'll like to view more then you have to upgrade. you'll also have to endure some adverts or survey though, here is the site megaview

There is no feeling greater than the feeling you get when you finally get to see what someone has been hiding from you, yes catching someone at their game is a great feeling.

A lot of tools has come and gone, like TwtRoulette, an online tool that let's you view private tweets. A lot twitter holes has been patched, but then there is one that's not patchable , one hole that still remains.

Privacy is all about what you can't see, when one make a thing private he believes others can't see it, that he or she is the only one that can see it, this includes some certain things he thought might be private thereby taking it for granted. Well this might shock you not everything on your profile is private. One could for instance obtain the list of who you follow easily despite you making that part private.

You see Twitter is set up much like Facebook, apart from the small difference, they are pretty much alike no matter how different they may seem, both forget to take care of one small part of their privacy, that small part is what we will use.

This is not necessarily to show you how to view private Twitter account of other Twitter users, information gotten can be used to protect yourself, that is to the best of your ability, do your part and leave the rest, because this aspect of privacy is more dependent on Twitter.

You are going to learn things including
how to find out who your target have been following
then the relationship of your target to that follower. And any other thing you can find during the course of your investigations.

Before you proceed a fair warning, this is not 100 percent guaranteed, so don't be disappointed if you don't get what you're exactly looking for, your getting the information mentioned above depends on you, this procedure is not automatic, much depends on how you use your brain.

*. The first step is to create a brand new Twitter account with a false name. I recommend a female account if you're targeting a male, and a female account too if you're targeting a female.

*. Login to Twitter with your new account, find and follow your target. Do not follow or like any other person, company or organization, this is very important. After which log out, give two days gap then log in again.

*. You'll see recommendations, Twitter is going to show you people and organizations to follow. This recommendations are based on people you follow, and your interests, perhaps from searches you've made on Twitter that's why should do nothing more than follow your target.

*. Now look closely at those recommendations, you now know the people your target follows. To find out the relationship your target has with those he or she is following, you have to do series of logins and out over a period of 7 days or more.

Each time you log in take note of the people being recommended by Twitter. Do this over the specified period. If one, two, three or more appears regularly then the relationship is close.
For instance if you're seeing a dating agency always then it is certain that he or she does that behind your back. You can also find other things about that person.

Two Hard Ways To Delete Groupme Messages And Pictures

Two Hard Ways To Delete Groupme Messages And Pictures

Using the GroupMe application to text our friends is good, especially if those friends don't usually check their email inbox. It's even easy to start a conversation with group of friends using GroupMe, the hard part is deleting those conversations.

With over 550 million messages being sent through this app, keeping track of conversations, and developing supporting structures to keep the app working must be a tough task for the Groupme management, this might be why the management are not doing anything to help users delete their messages and pictures.

Why we may need to delete our Groupme messages and photos

Too many things can make us want to reach for the delete button, we may find that we accidentally sent some inapproriate text messages, pictures or whatever to our Group, or we just decided that those messages we've been sending should disappear, we don't want any one seeing them ever again. We want them to disapear just like the messages and pictures on Snapchat.
Here are some real reasons from some real people describing some situations where they'll like to erase their messages and pictures.
"This makes no sense! We should be able to completely delete pictures. A picture was accidentally put on. Due to the sensitive nature of the picture it was placed in good faith, this image is about a birth announcement and a picture to a church group. Well the baby was laying on a particular part of the mother's body and we didn't know until she told us. So now we can't take it off and she is very uncomfortable, It was an honest mistake but we cant' take it down and men can see the picture. I don't understand. Any other app or web based service allows for deleting"
" I sent a photo to my Group, this photo shouldn't been seen by anyone else besides my group, now they've seen it I want to delete it to prevent others from picking their phones and seeing the picture."
The above are just some things people are saying. What about Groupme? What are they saying? Here is their official reply to my query "Unfortunately there is no way to delete photos or messages on GroupMe. GroupMe works just like regular texting. Once you hit Send, there is no way to edit or erase it. You can hide the message, which will temporarily hide it from your own device, (to un-hide simply log out and log back in) but it will still show up on everyone else's devices. You also can clear the chat history, which will remove the messages from your phone permanently, but again, this will only remove the messages on your device. While we know there is a demand out there to delete photos, at the moment it's not what we're focusing on. We're always open to hearing about ways to make your GroupMe experience better. Thanks for your feedback."
This simply means that messages and pictures sent via GroupMe are on a one way traffic, once sent it's sent, no going back, no deleting, forever at the mercy of your contact's GroupMe app.
So how do I delete my GroupMe messages and pictures? How do I erase my conversations with others, not just hiding them but deleting them completely.

Two hard ways

1. Ask nicely
If you sent a message or media via GroupMe, then decides you longer want them to see it again, then ask nicely.

Send another message to the same group you sent those messages or pictures ealier, telling them to hide (this deletes it from their smartphone) the messages you sent so so and so time (give them a hint), you can decide to tell them the truth or lie to them, whatever you do just make sure what you're telling them will actually move them to do as you want.

2. Leave them

Yes, leave them, I'm not talking about leaving GroupMe, it wouldn't make sense as all your messages and pictures you sent is still with them.

What you'll do is to leave that particular group, when you leave that group your messages and images leaves with you. To delete your conversations via the delete group method, just swipe all the way into the group's right tray or tap the tiny group avatar in top right. Tap settings and come down.

You either leave the group or end the group if you are the creator. Ending the group is permanent it also deletes all the messages both from your end and from the end of your contact.

To rejoin the groups you have left on your own by going into Global settings and tapping Archive.
This are indead hard but not impossible, do this two ways right and you'll get what you want.

Update: Aside This there is this online app that automatically deletes this messages at least once per account, before you'll be asked to upgrade Megadeleta beware that you'll have to pass one or two surveys at most before you'll use your free slot, otherwise you'll have to upgrade first.