How To Share Your Infinix Zero To Hero Images Using Mobile Phone

How To Share Your Infinix Zero To Hero Images Using Mobile Phone

Yes! This is indead great The ‪#‎ Zero2Hero‬app is now on mobile! Your smartphone now have an app to make this simpler, it’s time to share your #Zero2Hero story!

To do it, you'll have to follow this simple “How To” guide below:
- Click on infinixmobility to download the ZeroToHero app on your smartphone
- Install and open the app
- Click “Create”
- Add your old and recent photos
- Click the preview tab on title bar
- Click upload and register
- Share profile Just remember, an amazing surprise awaits you! Also, you'll get an invite to ‪#TheNextHero‬launch party where you stand a chance to win the next Infinix device.

How To Share Your Infinix Zero To Hero Images Using Mobile Phone
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5 Simple Steps To Win Amazing Prizes With Infinix Mobile

5 Simple Steps To Win Amazing Prizes With Infinix Mobile

If you love winning then you need to find opportunites that lets you win, not just any type of winning but getting good and solid things as prizes, or things that will definitly suprise you.

This is why Infinix mobile has decided to create this avenue for Nigerians and indead others to be suprised. From time to time Infinix mobile runs contest for fans where they give away amazing prizes! Guess what? Currently they are running a contest called #zero2hero where people are expected to share their #zero2hero stories and stand the chance to be one of 100 fortunate people to get an exciting suprise! How exciting could this be, you don't know what shape the suprise may take, is it gonna be a smartphone, a car, power bank, headset, an event invite, money? Whatever Infinix is giving to this few 100 it's gonna be indead suprising! Find out what suprising things it is by winning. To get a chance to win here are the 5 steps you need to follow.

1. Go to the Infinix Facebook page. Infinixmobile
2. Click the ZeroToHero tab.
3. Put your nickname and e-mail address, then press “START” and “OK”
4. Upload your old and current photos, then “SUBMIT.” Press “SHARE”
5. Dont Forget to always check Infinixmobile
to win other exiting prizes!

5 Simple Steps To Win Amazing Prizes With Infinix Mobile

Ensure you read and follow the House Rules: Here

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Infinix #TheNextHero Will Soon Arrive Watch Out!

Infinix #TheNextHero Will Soon Arrive Watch Out!

For followers and my personal friends and followers across many social network platform, those of you who have been asking me what the KEVLAR post meant, well here is more light to KEVLAR Infinix relationship, the reason why Infinix is letting people know about their product or event before hand is simply so that people especially Infinix fans can contribute and help spread the word around, this thus creates an atmosphere of suspense, curiosity and excitement (S.C.E) it's a good thing that they are giving information bit by bit, you know keeping their cards close to their chest. After all what makes those movies you love so much thick, is the same SCE, suspense curiosity and excitement are always a good thing.

Here is the official statement direct from Infinix mobile about the next big thing.

"All lovers of sleek smart phones are in for a massive surprise as Infinix Mobility launches the #TheNextHero hashtag across different social media platforms."

So you see they are involved in massive promotion, though the company is keeping the details of the event or product close to its chest, but the excitement and expectations are very high due to the strong brand presence that Infinix Mobility has created in the Nigerian market within a few years of entry.

The excitement has reached a fever-pitch online, especially on Facebook with the users answering questions developed around the various attributes of a “hero”. That is in case #TheNextHero is about a new phone launch and not a event, the online users have been suggesting different kind of features that they would like to see in the phone.

Here is what Infinix Mobility Head of Marketing, Peter Zhou, has to say “#TheNextHero is about developing conversation with our community of users, who are key to our business. We want to feel their pulse and elicit feedback that could be useful as we finalize and reveal the concept behind the #TheNextHero.

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How To Get Quick Sharp Loans In Nigeria Without Collateral


There many banks in Nigeria that can give you loans but majority of those banks require collateral and going through collateral takes time which can stay up to months, it's only just a handful that can give you loans without requiring collateral, among those handful it's just few that will give you a loan that same day.

We know that emergencies do happen, and you might need money to meet those emergencies, if there is no cash at hand we need to borrow, borrowing money from people in Nigeria is not easy as many may not have it, some that do might be reluctant to give. Thankfully we now have a bank that caters for this type of emergencies. Apart from emergencies you can get loans in 24 hours for other things like.

1. As student loans to pay school fees in Nigeria
2. SME loan to set up small and medium scale business in Nigeria
3. Agric Loans get money to start up an Agric based business in Nigeria
4. Personal loans, use this loan to take care of yourself.

Steps to get this loans

1. Currently there is only one bank that offers this type of bank loan, that is First City Monument Bank, FCMB Nigeria under their arm called Credit Direct. This credit direct is responsible for giving out unsecured loans AKA sharp sharp loans. (credit direct limited loan)

High points of this loan are
*. Requires no collateral or Security
*. No account or deposit
*. No account transfer nor Guarantors.

Other benefits of this loan

*. No processing fee or consultation fee
*. No gurantee of employer
*. Non-discriminatory lending come just as you are.
*. No collateral or lien over borrower's assets
*. Credit life and Disability insurance, in the event of death or permanent disability your family is under no obligation to pay.
*. No restriction concerning where or what you buy
*. Loan application fee is free.

1. What you'll need Get this ready. Two passport, appointment letter, confirmation letter if you are working (to get this loan you need to be either a student or a worker, preferably a worker).
Pay slip, staff ID (for students student ID, and your guardian's staff ID, pay slip and appointment letter.) then another form of identification like Drivers license, National ID, govt ID.
2. If every thing is in order your funds will be processed and your money given to you.

How to repay the loan

Currently repayment is suitable for workers as the money will be taken from your monthly salary. A percentage will be deducted from your salary every month for the duration of one year.

For example if you take out 20,000 naira as loan, they will deduct 2600 naira per month for one year. They have a minimum loan grant of 18,000 naira.

Note: This type of loan is available to selected FCMB branches in Nigeria. Check your local bank branch or get in contact with Credit Direct headquaters at no. 48/50 Isaac John street G.R.A Ikeja, or visit FCMB website.

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How To Book Flights Online With Arik Air Nigeria Prices And Schedule


Booking any Arik air flights is even easier when you do it online as you'll just do it from the comfort of your room, no more hassles, no more rush to go to the airport because of traffic hold up.

Whatever city or state you're you'll benefit, as you can book from any where to various destinations in Nigeria and abroad. You can book and use MMIA in Lagos, Nnamdi Azikiwe airport Abuja, Kano airport, Akanu Ibiam Airport Enugu, right to Imo airport Owerri even the new ones at Uyo in Akwa Ibom and Cross River in Calabar.

Arik Air also reaches 9 air ports in Africa, including Accra, Cotonou, Banjul, Dakar, Johannesburg, Luanda, Douala, Freetown, and Monrovia. Arik Air flies to London's Heathrow and New York JFK.

Arik air online transactions that's available

Transactions supported by the Arik Air online booking platform include:
flight booking, secure payment, online ticketing (e-Ticket printout), booking management, fares calculation, online check-in, viewing of flight schedule, and others.

Currently this Airline does not support cancellation of flights once it is confirmed, also online and rescheduling of flights online are not supported, they Will be available soon, in the meantime both cancellation of flights and rescheduling can be done through phone or by visiting one of its local branches nationwide.

Things You Will Need For Online Payment

1. Cards You'll need either your debit or credit cards the ones you use on ATM to pay for your booked flights if you decide to go through.

2. Money Of course we all know that we need money for this, but I'm saying this nonetheless, just because you're booking online does not mean you are not going to fund your bank account. Your money should be linked with your card, the you want to use for payment.

How to Book

1. Visit
2. You'll see this options
Book Flights
Book a hotel
Manage your flight
Online check-in
3. Chose book flights, a page will appear like the picture below, just select what you need. Your destination, type class, your age etc. Then scroll all the way down and click search and book.


Arik air prices varies depending on many factors especially type of class you'll be flying in whether it's economy, or first class, It also depends on your destination whether it's domestic or international.

Normal price for one way trip starts at 16000 naira. However you will see the amount after going through the first stage of online booking so you'll decide whether you'll pay or not.

For questions and enquiries, you can call Arik Air customer care on 01 2799999. You can also connect with Arik air on Twitter.

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Watch Out For KEVLAR The Next Hero



What exactly is this KEVLAR?
What can it be used for?

Watch out for this, coming very soon Remember KEVLER will change your life in some positive way.

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List Of Top VUE Cinema Locations In London


Vue cinemas are spread in many parts of UK and Ireland from Ireland to England which has about 10 different locations in London alone, vue cinemas has grown to become the third largest cinema in the world.

Though their presence are all over UK,  they are heavily involved in England London to be precise with over 10 different locations in London,   all having very nice giant screens with a picture quality that's unbelievable,  video quality is even in 3D.

So for travelers that want to experience what's  it really like to watch a good movie in a good cinema in London should locate the nearest location for them,  if you're one of them you'll enjoy the experience,  the only downside of it is that they show mainly Hollywood films,  sorry for my friends in Africa Nigeria precisely no Nollywood for you guys.

VUE locations in London

1. Wood Green

Vue Wood Green has a 6-screen cinema, one of
which is a Digital 3D Screen, with a
seating capacity of 1,742 people in total,  it has a standard seating
cinema complex, which is directly opposite Wood
Green tube station. Good for adults.

2. Westfield Stratford City

Located close to London’s Olympic Park, this VUE Cinema located in
Westfield Stratford City is one of the largest cinema complexes in Europe, it has  17 plus screens
fitted with Sony 4K digital screens, Digital Dolby 6.1 Surround Sound and stadium seats for audience comfort.  Of the 17 screens five of them  are
Digital 3D Screens, it also have a seating capacity of 2,500 seats
overall. People over 60 can take part in special Seniors Club screenings here and Vue also shows the latest Bellwood movies in this cinema.

3.  London - Finchley Road (O2 Centre),

A hi-tech Cinema with
eight screens, including a VueXtreme screen. With a seating capacity of  1,905,  located at Finchley Road just a short distance away from Finchley Road Tube Station.
KidsAM, over-18s and Vue Classical screenings take place here.

4. Fulham Broadway

There are 9 screens at Vue in
total, with the largest having 524 seats, while the
cinema complex is equipped with industry-leading Sony 4k Digital screens throughout and 2 Digital 3D
Screens. Affordable family tickets are are available.

5. Islington

Vue Islington has 1,736 seat capacity 9 screens
are located here, 3 of which are Digital 3D
Screens, the cinema also boasts of VueXtreme, which is a screen nearly the size of four double decker
buses. This cinema at Islington is suitable for all ages with KidsAM film showings and screening exclusively for over 18th.

Other cinemas are

6. Shephard Bush

Located at West 12 shopping and leisure complex, which is a short walk from Shepherd’s Bush tube

7. West End (Leicester Square) cinema

8. Fulham Broadway cinema

9. Action cinema.

Any more cinema you know of that's popular please let us know.

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Top Nigerian Android Smartphones Worth Buying In 2015

Top Nigerian Android Smartphones Worth Buying In 2015
Xperia Z2
Naija as popularly known all over the world, this country has over 100 million plus known users of mobile phones in Nigeria, because of this the demand for phones is on the rise especially among internet savvy and young urban city dwellers. The listed devices are not mainly the most popular by user base alone, they are all round popular both in functionality and in user base.

Although this top Nigerian smartphones in terms of users, is but a fraction of  Tecno, Gionee and other low budget phones' users which makes up the majority of smartphone users in the country. yet there are still a smartphone worth buying in the country today.

Below are the smartphones in Nigeria that is worth buying, many of this smartphones are expensive considering what you might be used to. But they are great if you could afford them.

1) Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen)

  Top Nigerian Android Smartphones Worth Buying In 2015
 2) Sony Xperia Z2

 3) Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

 4) Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

 5) Google Nexus 5

 6) Motorola Moto G (1st Gen) 4G

7) Sony Xperia E3

 8) Sony Xperia Z3

 9) Acer Liquid E700

 10) Huawei Ascend P7

1 1) Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen)

12) Google Nexus 5

 13) Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

14) Huawei Ascend P7

15) Motorola Moto G (1st Gen) 4G

16) Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

17) LG G3

Top Nigerian Android Smartphones Worth Buying In 2015
 18) CAT B100

19) Acer Liquid E700

20) Sony Xperia Z2
The above smartphones are hot favorites in many offline and online shops in Nigeria, especially konga, Jumia and others. It might not be what you think, but it's a change from the normal Tecno an average Nigerian is used to.

If you can afford it go for it. Visit to get the latest price and discount
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Tecno Boom J7 Review Specs Features and Price

Tecno Boom J7 Review Specs Features and Price

This device is perhaps the official Tecno express music, as it is built for music, Tecno claim that just 5% battery charge you'll have hours playing music, forget Tecno phantom this smartphone is the real thing.
power full music interface with a powerful equalizer that lets you choose how and what type of genre to play the music, remember the famous android app ttpod and its music settings? well this one is much more powerful as it's built into this Tecno boom j7.

Tecno Boom J7 is a new smartphone running Android 4.4 Kitkat, sporting a 5″ HD screen with a resolution of 1280×720. The phone has a 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera, this cameras are very powerful great for taking selfies.

This flagship tecno product comes equipped with the following
1. charger
2. 1 usb cable.
a pair of earphones
3. two covers.

Buy Now

Stylish and beautiful you wont regret to sport this device as it's a brand new phone that offers much more than tecno phantom.

DISPLAY: Size – 5.0″ Resolution - 720 x 1280 HD IPS BODY SIZE: Dimensions - 143mm × 71.9mm × 8.93mm

CAMERA: Rear Camera – 8.0, Front camera – 2.0MP, (With Auto Focus for both Cameras)

 MEMORY: 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM (External Memory Card Support – 32GB Maximum)

PROCESSOR: 1.3GHz Quad Core processor Cortex-A7 CPU, MediaTek – MT6582 chipset, Mali-400MP2

GPU OS (Operating System) : Android 4.4 (KitKat) SIM TYPEDual SIM, (Normal Sim and Micro Sim card)

NETWORK DATA: 2G / 3G CONNECTION: – Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi direct – WIFI hotspot, – Bluetooth – 4.0

BATTERY: Capacity – 2020mAh Li-ion Battery

OTHER FEATURES : COLORS – Grey, Black, White, Pink & Green- SNS integration – MP4/MPEG4/H.263/H.264 player – MP3/WAV/eAAC+/AC3/FLAC player – Document viewer – FM radio – Image viewer and editor – Voice memo/dial/command – Predictive text input – Preloaded apps – Gmail, Gtalk,
 Google Now, Youtube, Flash Share, Facebook, Palmchat
Tecno Boom J7 Review Specs Features and Price

 Price varies sales on Konga for #25,000 – #28,000 at the moment, depending on the seller. Buy Now
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How To Get BBM Pins And Whatsapp Numbers of Hot Pretty Girls And Guys

How To Get BBM Pins of Hot Pretty Girls And Guys

The craze for Blackberry messenger this days is enough to create a niche for ladies and gentlemen, especially the ladies and gentlemen of pleasure as they will like to be called, but perhaps there are just hot boys and girls, nothing lady like nor gentlemanly about what they are doing.

In the world of chatting especially the BBM and Whatsapp world, there are different sections for different users. There is the section Dating; people using BBM pins and Whatsapp numbers to find people to date or hang out with. There is the section of business, users who are more interested in doing business over and with this social networks, there yet another group of people who only see Whatsapp and BBM as a cheap alternative to voice calls, they use this tools for communication, simple communication with friends and family.

Whatever category or categories you belong, is best known to you. But you'll only get to learn to ho get this BBM pins and Whatsapp number of ladies and men all over the world. can teach you to mine this Pins and numbers yourself.

There are ways to get this contacts easily, infact a simple google search will likely get you what you want, but the downside is you won't know who you're adding, atleast the basic details about him or her. But here are some ready-made resources to get this numbers and pins.
1. Bbm pins 2014 list
2. BBM pins 2015 list

You'll get as much pins as you want using the above links. But if you'll like to be among the first to get this BBM pins and Whatsapp numbers of this pretty hot ladies, then you'll need to joing socialconnect. Socialconnect is another to get this contacts firsthand, as firsthand receipient of this pins and numbers you get to choose who suits you best. And being a member is free.

Subscribe HERE you'll go to the subscription page where you'll be required to fill in your details. Fill your details and subscribe, then make sure you confirm it. And you're set to go.

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