List Of Top Honda Generators For Homes And Offices Specs And Prices

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When it comes to Generators for supplying  electricity either as a standby supply, complementary or as the main supply for homes and offices, Honda Gens should be considered because this brand is indeed well known and they known worldwide for being in the for front of Gen production.

This portable Honda Generators provide quiet power for all your electrical needs especially outdoors, whether you're camping, RVing, tailgating, races, parties, offices and homes including other situations that may need a 24 hours power supply.

For Home, Honda generators provide convenient reliable back up power for outages, for Work
Honda portable generators are among the best in the construction and rental industry.

It doesn't stop there this Honda Gens have many benefits including:

  • It provides quiet power for camping, RVing, tailgating, races, parties, and more.
  • Honda home generators also offer convenient, reliable back up power for outages. 

  • This portable Gens doesn't make much noise, quiet and efficient.

  • The carbon monoxide or exhaust smoke disperses in different direction this helps minimize pollution.

  • Low Fuel or Diesel consumption

  • Low Maintenance cost

1. Honda EG1000 Generator

This Gen is 0.75KVA with maximum output of .85KVA, has a portable 4-stroke, air cooled cooled, eco firendly gasoline engine, and different compartment for petrol & oil, 

Doesn't use much  fuel as it is highly efficient, has a continous running time of  up to 8hrs on 3.6ltrs fuel tank capacity. Its maintance is easy as most faults can be fix without involving any Technician, This is one of the best portable generator available in the market. 

It can carry a minimum of 3units of 60W bulb, 1unit of 100W ceiling fan, 1 unit of 200W LCD, 1 unit of 75W Home Theatre system.

Price in US dollars $350
 View offer on Konga Honda EG1000 60,500 Naira

2. Honda EG6500CXS Generator

EG6500CXS is another good Gen from Honda, is a 5.0Kva (5.5Kva maximum) generator manufactured to withstand the typical condition in Africa, you get to enjoy what you spend your money on  a Gen with no unnecessary over head cost.

This generator can be used with the following items in homes or offices:

Up to 6 units of 60W bulbs, 3 units of 100W ceiling fan, 2 units of 200W LCD Tv, 2units of 75W Home Theatre, 1unit of 200W fridge, 1 unit of 500W Deep freezer, 1 Hp water pump (this is not a small thing), 2Hp Ac.

Comes with electric/recoil starting system, and a large tank capacity of 24Ltrs with continuous operational time,  rated load is 8.hrs with low noise level.

Price in US dollars $ 1200
View offer on Konga Honda EG6500CXS 272,000 Naira

3. Honda Generator FA2500FMH
This Gen is great for its price, a cheap low cost Honda generator to get if you're on budget, this Gen gives you electricity that is steady, powes many of things including major house hold and office appliancs.

This  FA2500FMH is rated 2.2 KVA  and is manually operated. The minimum items this Gens can carry without shaking are, 6units of 60W bulbs, 3 units of 100W ceiling fan, 2 units of 200W LCD Tv set, 1unit 75W Home theater, 1unit of either 200W fridge/1 deep freezer/1Hp water pump.

Price in US dollars $300

View offer  on konga  Honda FA2500FMH 60, 000 Naira

4.  Honda EU65IS 6.5KVA 5500W Generator

Although expensive this Gen is really quality, the Honda EU6s5 generator offers 6500 watts power. Whether you're using it outdoors or indoors as primary and or standby  power source for emergency back up power for your home and offices, or for powering heavy equipments.

You'll love the low noise operating level (52 to 60 dBA) and so will your neighbors, if you live in close flats. The EU6s5 Gen is part of the i-Deluxe Series,  the first to use Honda's proprietary "i-Monitor" technology which provides information for hours of operation, wattage and engine speed; as well as diagnostics for convenient servicing. Standard features include electric starting, Honda's patented Eco-Throttle for extended run time, , two-wheel transport kit and folding handles.

What this means is you'll have the power, information and tools to maintain and repair your Generator any time it breaks down. this of course rarely happens because the same i monitoring technology prevents any major damage to your Generator.

Price in US dollars $4924
View offer on konga Honda EU65IS 6.5KVA 5500W Generator 979,999 Naira

5. Honda Generator - EM10000

EM10000 is rated 8.0Kva with maximum output of 9.0Kva.The generator can be used with the following items:  

Up to 6units of 60W bulbs, 3 units of 100W ceiling fan, 3 units of 200W LCD Tv, 2units of 75W Home Theater, 1unit of 200W fridge, 1 unit of 500W Deep freezer, 1Hp water pump, up to 3Hp Ac.

It runs continuously approx 6.5hrs on a full fuel tank which is 31Ltrs, and with a noise level of 73db(A).

Price in US dollars $3718
View offer on Konga 740,000 EM10000 Naira

6. Honda EB3000 2.5Kva Manual Generator

Rated power is 2.5Kva, has a recoil starting system, 14.5 Ltrs fuel capacity and a continuous operational time of up to 8hrs with a noise level of 71db(A)

The generator can be used with the following items: 
Up to 6units of 60W bulbs, 3 units of 100W ceiling fan, 2 units of 200W LCD Tv, 2units of 75W Home Theatre, 1 unit of 500W Deep freezer, 1Hp water pump.

Price in US dollars $593
View offer on konga Honda EB3000 118,100 Naira

7. Honda EU20I 2KVA 1600W Generator

 At first glance it seems you can pick it up and actually turn it in a hand bag, because of the look, it looks cool and o very portable, the style is something else, more so it is light weight which the hand bag you thought it could be used for can become a reality. 

You get to power the necessary things in your home and office.

some features
  • Honda's lightweight and compact EU20i generator offers a versatile and economical source of electrical power to a wide range of domestic and commercial users.
  • A quiet and clean running engine ensures reduced noise and emissions levels whilst 'inverter technology' means the engine only runs as fast as the load requires.
  • This feature reduces overall fuel consumption, thus helping to reduce running costs.
 Price in US dollars $1507
View offer on Konga Honda EU20i 298,999 Naira 

8.  Honda 4.0Kva Generator - EG5000CX

One thing that strikes me is the power duration of this Gen, it can run continuously for 10hrs, has a large fuel tank of about 24 Ltrs, this Gen is rated at 4.0Kva with maximum output of 4.5Kva. low or almost low noise, plus requires low maintenance.

The generator can be used with the following items:
Up to 4units of 60W bulbs, 2 units of 100W ceiling fan, 2 units of 200W LCD Tv, 2units of 75W Home Theater, 1unit of 200W fridge, 1 unit of 500W Deep freezer, 1Hp water pump, 1.5Hp Ac.
Installed with recoil starting system.

How To Deactivate And Delete Yahoo Messenger Account Permanently

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How To Deactivate And Delete Yahoo Messenger Account Permanently
Whatsapp, Facebook, Google hangout and others may be the in thing now, but Yahoo messenger is still used, it usage might not be what it was before, but it is still used nonetheless.

However if for someone reason you decide to deactivate or delete your Yahoo messenger permanently then this article is for you.

Before you delete or deactivate your account, check if there is another solution to the problem, the main reason why most people may want to tamper their messenger is that of unsolicited notifications, lots of unwanted notifications popping up here and there.

If that's is your problem then you can actually do some thing, locate your privacy settings and choose who you want to send you messages and how it should be delivered.

If this doesn't work out then move on to the next step, in order to delete your messenger you need to first delete that particular Yahoo account that's linked to the Messenger application you want to delete permanently.

To this follow this simple steps
Like I said you need to delete entire account,

1. Visit Account Deletion page on Account Configure page

2. You'll be asked to sign in if you're not, or to verify your password for the account you wish to delete.

3. Do that and start the deletion process.

Please note that after the deletion process is initiated your account can never be recovered.

Also note, deleting your Yahoo account won't uninstall the application software. After you delete your account, you'll need to remove the App, to do that

Go to  into Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs to delete the Yahoo Messenger program itself.

Make sure you save anything you want beforehand. Once the account is deleted, everything associated with will disappear as well such as contacts and important email.

If you delete your account you'll lose a lot of things, should read every warning you see before you complete the process, below are just some things you'll lose

  •  Yahoo answers
  •  Flickr
  •  Yahoo!Mail
  •  Yahoo! Address Book
  • * Yahoo! notepad
  • Yahoo! Briefcase
  •  My Yahoo!

 And any other area of Yahoo! that can only be accessed with your Yahoo!ID and password.

Deleting your account also deactivates your account, it can not be the other way around.

How To Use The PrtSc Key On Your Laptop To Capture Things

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How To Use The PrtSc Key On Your Laptop To Capture Things
The Prt Sc key can be used for many things, except to print, for get that it's labelled something like Print, it was never meant to be used to print documents via your printer, rather it is used to do some far more amazing thing than printing documents.

Is not that you can not use it to do the normal printing, it is just that it's not the normal way, and most PC's don't support it. The Prt Sc also known as Print screen, or by its numerous names and abbr like Print Scrn, Prnt Scrn, Prt Scn, Prt Scr, Prt Sc or Pr Sc all depending on the PC keyboard you use, is mainly used to capture or take screenshot of the entire display or the current PC window.

This is quiet handy if you need to take a screenshot while browsing the Net, or your PC seem to be misbehaving and Tech support demands a screenshot of the problem to help you fix it.

For example on the IBM Model F keyboard, the key is labelled PrtSc and is located under the Enter key.

How To Use

This is how to use the Print screen to capture things on your PC

1. On Windows computer, pressing Prt Sc will capture the entire screen.

2. To take a screenshot of the current window press Alt key together with Prt Sc.

4. Next step is to paste this captured image into an editing program such as a graphics program like Paints or Photoshop or a word processor, like Microsoft word.

In Paints press either CTR V or right click and select paste

To do this on Photoshop after you press the print screen key, back in Photoshop you have to use the "paste" option or "ctr V" to view the image you have copied. You might first have to create something like a macu ree selection if you want to paste into a selected area.

Other uses

When you Press the Prt Sc together with left Alt key and left Shift key, it turns on a high contrast mode, this shortcut can be disabled by the user.

In Windows 8, pressing the Win key in combination with Prt Sc will save the captured image to disk. This is used for backward compatibility by users who learned Print Screen actions under operating systems such as MS-DOS.

This can change on desktop as most desktop environments, including GNOME and KDE, automatically save the screenshot file in the Pictures directory of the user.

But on Macintosh it does not use a print screen key, it uses just some keys pressed together which are start with Cmd plus Shift.

How To Locate The Print Screen Key On Your Keyboard

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 The Print screen is usually a single key located on the keyboard of a Laptop and Desktop, this bottom come with a lot of labels which at times may be confusing as the Print screen you see today may turn to Prt Sc tomorrow, as you change your PC, the keyboard changes so too is the layout. That is why it's important we know where this key is usually located and by what names it usually takes.

Names this Print Screen might take are many, they include

Print Scrn, Prnt Scrn, Prt Scn, Prt Scr, Prt Sc and Pr Sc

see some pictures to help you find this key

How To Locate The Print Screen Key On Your Keyboard
How To Locate The Print Screen Key On Your Keyboard
How To Locate The Print Screen Key On Your Keyboard

How To Locate The Print Screen Key On Your KeyboardHow To Locate The Print Screen Key On Your Keyboard

This names are what you should take note of, so that you'll be to recognize this key no matter where or how it is labeled or located. Finding this Print Screen key becomes easy.

This PRT SC is usually located in the same section as the break key and scroll lock key. It also may share the same key as system request.

For example on the IBM Model F keyboard, the key is labelled PrtSc and is located under the Enter key.

On the IBM Model M, it is located next to the F12 key and is labelled Print Screen.

How To Play Music On Mono Bluetooth Headset With Your Android Phone

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How To Play Music On Mono Bluetooth Headset With Your Android Phone
It's kind of difficult using A mono Bluetooth headset on an Android phone especially those Bluetooth Headset that doesn't support A2DP which means you cannot play music in them, some Android smartphones can play any media with any headset without any problem but then those Android phones are not usually handy.

Normally before you  listen to music, you have to pair your Headset with your phone. And make sure that your phone is visible to the Headset and vice-versa. After pairing completes, you will be able to listen to songs on the Headset, but then this is not so if you're using a Mono headset with an unsupported Android device. Nethelpblog have just found a walk around to this.

  •  First you need to pair  the headset with your phone In order to pair the Bluetooth device with your phone all you have to do is open the "Settings" menu from the application drawer and then select the option as "Bluetooth" and turn ON Bluetooth.

  • In your Bluetooth headset long press the power bottom until you see continuous blinking of a blue color light that can be used to pair to your phone. Search for the Bluetooth device in your phone, you'll see it listed click to pair

  • Once you have done that you will be able to have paired the phone with the Bluetooth device.

  • You can stop here if all you want is to  make and receive calls only, for playing media including music, then you need a router, a router that will make it possible to play music via your headset.

  • A good headset router is the Mono Bluetooth Router  either follow that link or search for it on Google Play store, download and install it. once downloaded open it, the interface look like this 

How To Play Music On Mono Bluetooth Headset With Your Android Phone
  •  Double check weather your headset is still connected, if so move on, tap ON on the Mono Bluetooth Router, you'll see media connected

  •  Tap the wire icon, you'll see the Bluetooth volume and media volume, high everything. 

  •  Then open your music player, play any music of your choice, it will now play via the headset.

Tested both on Android default Music player and on TTPod, all working fine.

How To Book Flights Online With Fly Dana Air Nigeria Prices And Schedule

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How To Book Flights Online With Fly Dana Air Nigeria Prices And Schedule
If you're booking flights with Fly Dana airline, you need to do it the right to way to avoid avoidable loss, scams and such. You see Dana airline has made available online booking, flight schedule and their ticket information on the Net for easy access, this is remarkable for being unremarkable, considering the traditional way Nigerians are used to doing things.

Whether this is your first time of trying out online booking of flights or you're seasoned in this act you still need a guide an updated guide on how to do this, so that you won't lose your money or miss your flight.

Moreover booking your flights online with Dana air has its advantage, it is convenient, cost-efficient and has a greater success rate than the traditional offline booking, if you're flying with Dana Airline you need to fly it the right way. You don't need to leave your home or office, sit in the comfort of your home or office and access the airline's online portal using your internet connection to conveniently book and make payments for your air flights.

Things you will need for online payment

In order to book and pay for Dana Ng flights online you will need the following:
1. ATM Cards If you have an ATM card you can make payments with it, the Dana payment portal allows the following cards: InterSwitch, eTranzact, and Visa. Look at your card if you see any of those written on it then you're good to go.

2. Money You need to have money in your account that is linked with the debit card you want to use. Make sure the money is enough. (check the prices for more.)

How to book flights online with Arik Air Schedule and Prices

See The Amazing Nigerian Pressure Cooker That Cooks All Things

How to book

1. Visit www.flydanaair.c om. Once there you'll see a box titled "book a flight".
2. You'll see a bow where you'll choose the type of trip you want. You have 'round trip, and one way trip'. Round trip is for going back and forth while the second is just one trip.

3. Check the best fare box if you want Dana Air to recommend comfortable flights for you if available.

4. Next select the your departure location, target destination and the time respectively. Prices vary so make sure you indicate Adult or Child.

5. Click next and you'll be taken to the next page, with price and ticket information, again prices are different depending on the airline class you wish to fly with, select the one that suits your budget, review it and proceed to checkout.

Dana air tickets can be paid for in Nigerian Naira. Online payments for Dana Air flights can be made with Visa, Inter Switch and eTranzact debit cards. After payment and confirmation your Dana air eTicket will be sent to your via your email. Dana air fares as of 2014/2015 starts at N10,000. Periodically Dana Air run promotions in which discounts are offered to customers. The airline also have a loyalty scheme for rewarding loyal customers.
You will require at least a photo ID to board your Dana air flight.

Dana Air Flight Schedule and Locations

The airline currently operates in Lagos, Abuja, Uyo, and Port Harcourt. Goto here to access their timetable, for details of flight schedule, and prices. At the fly Dana Air website, you'll find contacts of Dana air offices through out Nigeria.

For questions and enquiries, you can call Dana Air customer care on 01-2809888 or 0700 FLY DANA (07003593262).

3 Steps To Book Flights Online With Arik Air Nigeria Prices And Schedule

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3 Steps To Book Flights Online With Arik Air Nigeria Prices And Schedule
Booking any Arik air flights is even easier when you do it online as you'll just do it from the comfort of your room, no more hassles, no more rush to go to the airport because of traffic hold up.

Whatever city or state you're you'll benefit, as you can book from any where to various destinations in Nigeria and abroad. You can book and use MMIA in Lagos, Nnamdi Azikiwe airport Abuja, Kano airport, Akanu Ibiam Airport Enugu, right to Imo airport Owerri even the new ones at Uyo in Akwa Ibom and Cross River in Calabar.

Arik Air also reaches 9 air ports in Africa, including Accra, Cotonou, Banjul, Dakar, Johannesburg, Luanda, Douala, Freetown, and Monrovia. Arik Air flies to London's Heathrow and New York JFK.

Arik air online transactions that's available

Transactions supported by the Arik Air online booking platform include:
flight booking, secure payment, online ticketing (e-Ticket printout), booking management, fares calculation, online check-in, viewing of flight schedule, and others.
Currently this Airline does not support cancellation of flights once it is confirmed, also online and rescheduling of flights online are not supported, they Will be available soon, in the meantime both cancellation of flights and rescheduling can be done through phone or by visiting one of its local branches nationwide.

Things You Will Need For Online Payment

1. Cards You'll need either your debit or credit cards the ones you use on ATM to pay for your booked flights if you decide to go through.
2. Money Of course we all know that we need money for this, but I'm saying this nonetheless, just because you're booking online does not mean you are not going to fund your bank account. Your money should be linked with your card, the you want to use for payment.

How to Book

1. Visit
2. You'll see this options
Book Flights
Book a hotel
Manage your flight
Online check-in
3. Chose book flights, a page will appear like the picture below, just select what you need. Your destination, type class, your age etc. Then scroll all the way down and click search and book.


Arik air prices varies depending on many factors especially type of class you'll be flying in whether it's economy, or first class, It also depends on your destination whether it's domestic or international.
Normal price for one way trip starts at 16000 naira. However you will see the amount after going through the first stage of online booking so you'll decide whether you'll pay or not.

For questions and inquiries, you can call Arik Air customer care on 01 2799999. You can also connect with Arik air on Twitter.

Upcoming Nigerian Blogs To Watch Out For This Year

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Upcoming Nigerian Blogs To Watch Out For This Year
There are a lot of blogs coming up in the country, this sites are really the blogs you should follow if you're serious in finding latest contents. There are blogs that are all about entertainment, Donto Dike Killed a man or whatever this celebs does, be sure that they'll post it, we have ones on Technology you know the latest Infinix, Innjoo, Tecno and other phone reviews you read about, others are on Tutorials, you'll read about the latest how to articles.

Others too are based on states, they give online info on states in Nigeria.

Entertainment and news

1.  Riseup247 is about Relationships, Dating and Lifestyle.. I think relationships are so vital to our lives. We can learn a lot from them as we continue to grow and gain more experiences. When Riwo writes, he wants to give the blo's readers a different perspective on each gender from a psychological/philosophical standpoint and have his readers really think about the meaning of a “relationship”. this site is managed by Riwo Adhuze an upcoming blogger.

2. A news website, not just any news wesbite, this website has many shocking news and videos available in Nigeria. Owned by Abdulsalam Selim

3. this is an entertainment, news and education website, featuring contents by  Akachukwu Harrison Olinya  Do you know what parrot does? It talks a lot, this site is owned by Adeshina Olaleye, and it does what its name suggest, it keeps you updated on current news.

True this blog is owned by a Nigerian Funmy Kemmy by name, but it doesn't focus only on local content, it includes global news, you know all those breaking news.

6 .Maxiloaded.Blogspot.Com/ This is an entertainment blog that focuses on celebrity news and gossip, run by Adisa Sunday, who you all may remember his name in years to come.

5.  this deals many things that are all focused in the country, news, Tech and others.

 Tech And Tutorials

Technology News, Fashion, Scholarships and Health
BLUE TECH STATION is run by Johnson Daniels Tavian

8. this is one of the rising Tut blog, you'll get to read and do things you won't have dreamed of doing, this site is owned by Okorie Ikenna

9.  A blog about science & technology news  managed by Michael Ozil

10.  Ifeoluwa D. Ojo Gives updates and what's trending on Technology, Relationship and Inspired Quotes. 


11. Olasupo Abideen Opeyemi's
Youth Opportunities and Education News platform.

12. Brainbuildersedu.comBrain Builders Edu - This is a site that focuses on Consulting Daily School News, and Admission guides in Nigeria

State Blogs

14. , if want specific information on Lagos state then Lagosgist should be were you should visit, other news and gist can be gotten.
olaniyi ayomide

This website focuses mainly on Abia a state in Eastern Nigeria, you get to learn what's hot and what's not, including latest news in Abia.


4. Health Talk focuses on health related issues. Bringing awareness to people about what should be done and what not to live a healthy lifestyle as well as diseases and illness awareness. This site is owned by Toluse Dove Francis

Top Portable Diesel Generators For Home And Office Use Prices And Specs

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Diesel Generators are often viewed as those heavy messy engines with oil every where that runs on Gas, well it's no longer so, Tech is changing and everything is changing with it. Generator manufacturing companies are changing too, as Gens produced this days are now made better and portable, hence the gradual phasing out of 'those heavy engines'

Diesel is better than fuel economically, the amount you spend on Diesel is twice the amount you'll spend using Fuel Diesel, not to mention the the near silent sound you'll get from this Gens. Most of them are sound proof which is a plus if you're keeping close to your house.

To choose a good Diesel Generator  you need to consider some things among which is the main important thing; what it will power, depending on your house, the rooms, your house household, how many electrical appliances etc. But generally a good KVA rated Diesel Gen can power your home, to get a clear understanding of Gens see All About Generators Including Types Of Electric Generators

1. Hyundai 5.0KVA Diesel Generator

Tank capacity 15 litres, 9.5 hrs continuous running time, low noise sound proof, single phase key stater, wheel, single cylinder four stroke direct injection.

Top Portable Diesel Generators For Home And Office Use
Price in US dollars $1232.09
View offer on Konga 245,000 Hyundai 5.0 KVA Diesel Generator N245,000

2. Kipor 5.0KVA Diesel Generator


Model- KDE7000T

Features- Semi-silent, sound proof

Rated Output 4.5KVA

Max Output- 5.5KVA

Voltage- 220/240V

Frequency- 50/60Hz

Starting System- Key Start

Diesel Tank Capacity- 13.5L

Continuous Operating Hours- 12 Hours

Dimension- 912mmX 532mmX 740mm

Dry Weight- 100Kg

Top Portable Diesel Generators For Home And Office Use
 Price in US dollars $1106.36
 View offer on Konga  Kipor 5.0KVA Diesel Generator N220,000

3. Sumec Firman SPG 7000SE

 Diesel is a cost effective generator for your home or Large business. Sumec Firman SPG SPG 7000SE-Diesel is a value for money.

Top Portable Diesel Generators For Home And Office Use

 Price in US dollars $1025
View offer on Konga  Sumec FirmanSPG 7000SE N204,000



Product Type: Generator

Model: SDG7000SE


AC Output (50Hz): 5.0kva Max 4.5kva Rated

DC Output (12V/8.3A): Yes

Phase No: Single Phase

4. Hyundai Diesel Generator 4.5KVA | HYD55F‎

It has a Low‎-oil shutoff that protects your generator‎'‎s engine from damage if it runs too low on oil‎,‎ a spin on fuel gauge to show you the level of diesel left‎.‎

*.Power‎:‎ 5KVA
*.Fuel Tank Capacity‎:‎ 15L
*.Built‎-in AVR
*.Electric Starter
*.Oil Alarm System
*.DC Volt‎:‎ 12V
*.100% Copper Coil Transformer
*.Single Cylinder‎,‎ 4 Stroke‎,‎ Air-Cooled diesel Engine.

Top Portable Diesel Generators For Home And Office Use
Price in US Dollars $1176
View offer on Konga  Hyundai Diesel Generator 4.5 KVA | HYD55F‎ N234,000

5. Champion 2.4 KVA Diesel Generator - CG2500RD

2KVA diesel generator with a maximum capacity of 2.4KVA made in Japan. It is very rugged, a one start pull gen set,fuel efficient and semi-silent with a fuel tank capacity of 12 litres. It is very easy to maintain.

Top Portable Diesel Generators For Home And Office Use
Price in US Dollars $729
View offer on Konga  Champion 2.4 KVA Diesel Generator - CG2500RD N145,000

6. Sumec Firman SDG9PS Perkins Engine


Model SDG9PS

Type Synchronous

Electrical Capacity 9.1kva

Rated Output 7.3kw

Frequency 50Hz

Protection IP23

Engine Perkins 403D-11G Water Cooled

Cylinders 3

Speed 1500r/min

Engine Power (Max) 9.2kw

Engine Power (Prime) 8.4kw

Fuel Tank Capacity 160L

Fuel Diesel

Operation Time at Full Load 61hrs

Operation Time at Half Load 120hrs

Noise Level 7m Full Load 66dB(A)

Net Weight 425kgs

Dimension mm 1710*820*1190

Top Portable Diesel Generators For Home And Office Use

Price in US Dollars $ 7501.14
View offer on Konga Sumec Firman SDG9PS Perkins Engine  N1,491,600

All About Generators Including Types Of Electric Generators

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Before you do any thing that's based on Electric Generators, either to buy or to recommend or even to sell to people you need to know if nothing else at least the basics. This way you don't get duped, scammed or get to buy fake generators.

Electric Generators which can also be called power generators, and as we know is primarily used to generate electric power, but for the benefits of those who are not too familiar with Generators we will go further, Electric Generators is like an electric generation medium which is in form of a solid mass that is used to generate electricity, it converts this electrical current at the point of generation from AC to DC current which is safe to use, then it is passed to our homes, work and offices to be used in powering our home appliances like TV sets, fridges, cooker; in our places of work like office equipment, heavy duty machines, computers, printers etc.

Types of Generators

There are currently three types of Generators namely

All About Generators Including Types Of Electric Generators
Tiger Gen
1. Fuel powered Gens : This are Generators that use crude oil product like fuel to power them. This generators are the most common and also among the cheapest you can find in the market. Example of such Gens are : the small 650W power Tiger Gen popularly known as 'I pass my neighbor' generator others are the 3200s Gens which are bigger than the small ones and holds more current.

The 650W Gens don't carry much power and can't power major household appliances, such as a 5000volts Stabilizers, UPS, Fridge, etc, you know any thing that's more than it's 650W capacity.

2. Diesel/Gas powered Gens This simply means it uses Gas or diesel to power it. This type of Gen is less popular than the fuel Gens, they are mostly used on Generators that are called Listers or Plants, are usually measured in KVA, for instance those white Mikano Gens used in Telecom masks.

See  Portable Diesel Generators For Home And Office Use Prices And Specs

3. Solar Powered Gens This Gens make use of rechargeable batteries which are recharged with the sun by means of inverters, once it is recharged and connected it will now start giving light currents.

All About Generators Including Types Of Electric Generators
Diesel Gen
This generators don't just manufacture Electricity by itself there are a lot of things that goes into electric generation, the generator is first filled up with fuel, diesel or recharged and then it is started and connected via a copper wire, this wire is linked to the main house wiring via circuit breakers.

It might be said that this Gens are mainly used in Africa, especially in Nigeria, but then it's used in other continents, it might not be rampant in America or Europe, but they have standby in case of emergencies.

Generators are mainly produced to be used as standby power generator, to complement the normal Public or Government power
- used for emergency, in case the regular power supply is not available

The benefits of Generators are many, the above are just few of the things a Generator can do.

Let's look at what you need to watch out for when buying a power Generator

What do you need? Do you need a work Gen or a home Gen or both? Considering this questions would help you decide what type Gen you need to get.

For Gens that will be used at home, you need to consider what it'll be powering, the minimum in this case is the 650W small Gen, this powers the basic things in your home, like Television sets, your Laptop or Desktop, the lights in your home, it doesn't power your fridge, UPS, Electric cooker and other heavy home appliances.

If you want a complete package, that is Gens that will power every thing in your home shoot for Gens that are rated in KVA, for example the  Elemax 2.6KVA Petrol Generator or the cheaper  Sumec Firman SPG2500 Gen will all power every thing in 1, 2, 3, or 4 room apartment.

All About Generators Including Types Of Electric Generators
Citizen Elite
For places that require heavy power like banks, Schools, Offices, some homes and business establishment that have heavy equipment like printing press etc, the bigger capacity Gens are needed, the 650w, 1, 2 or 3 KVA Gens won't do it. They need bigger capacity. Listers which are diesel engine is ideal for this, they make use of Gas not Fuel. If you don't like such heavy looking Diesel Engines,  try this portable one the  Hyundai 5.0KVA Diesel   Generator,  this is very portable at the same time strong and rugged.

However if you're so in love with Fuel powered Gens, the 10 KVA  Citizens Elite Electric Q-10000E Generator is the best for office complex, schools and hospitals.

For large establishment, especially ones that is based in manufacturing, Fabrication and production Diesel powered Listers are for you.


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