5 Free Online Streaming Sites To Watch English Premier League Matches

4 Free Online Streaming Sites To Watch English Premier League Football
Ever wondered where you can watch premier league matches for free? That is without paying a dime both in cable cost and streaming cost. Well online is the way, you can catch your favorite Barclay's matches live as it happens without relying on the likes of Sky sports, ESPN, Supersport etc to watch Arsenal vs Man United, Stoke City vs Newcastle, Mancity vs Chelsea, Everton Liverpool and other EPL matches.

To take advantage of this free method you'll need to connect your computer to the internet. Some of this online streaming websites will want you to install their software, although most don't, but if you're not comfortable with any software you don't have install anything.

1. firstrowsports This website stream everything football, not just EPL matches but many football matches; club, country, sub20, division, etc.

2. MYP2P This is a site specialized in schedules for all kind of Sports especially Soccer. You can watch Live Premiership matches by using their schedules. On top, browse to Live Sports, you can also watch live Tv. This site requires you download some client they might refer you to.

3. Rojadirect One of the best sites you can get football content for free, almost all major live sport events including English Premier league matches are shown. They also have a section where you can download full passed matches so you don't have miss any match.

4. ATDhenet This a free online TV that streams news, entertainment and importantly sports events especially EPL matches. You get to watch lots of live matches during core weekends; Saturdays and Sundays.

5. Drakulastream Another football streaming website that allows you to watch football matches of major leagues in the world. Though I haven't tasted this but they claim to show many Live matches including EPL, Bundesliga, Seria A, La Liga and others.

The list will be updated as soon as we get more website that we are sure streams live football matches especially matches from the Barclays Premier League.

Do you know any other website that shows football matches? If yes please share with us through via comments.
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Best Hashtags For Likes On Instagram 2015 Edition

Best Hashtags For Likes On Instagram 2015
It amazes me why some people especially Instagram users fail to use the greatest free marketing tools available to them in terms of getting Instagram likes and followers.

 But for those like you that already know the power well count yourself fortunate, but then it is known that a car can be driven, it is another thing to know how to use the car and drive it, so too it is one thing to know about this Instagram hashtags, it is another thing to know how to use that knowledge.

If you've been having difficulties getting this hashtags to work then you better learn how to do it properly.

Head over The Harshtag way to get Instagram Likes and followers and see how. By the way after extensive research with many manual and auto tools like Webstagram, including practical use to see how well this tags checks out we gathered and put together the top Instagram harshtags for 2015, this tags are evergreen which means they are not likely to finish trending as the day rolls into weeks and month.

However if at the end of 2015 this best Instagram harshtags come to their end, then there is always a 2016 edition or version call it what you like.

General Hashtags 

This hashtags can be used in any Instagram photo that fits, unlike day specific hashtags this tags are not used for a particular day in the week.


Day Specific harshtags 

This Instgram tags are used for a particular, unlike the general harshtags they can not be used for every day.

#FlashbackFriday or #ff

That is all for now will be updated as soon as a new harsh tag establishes itself on Instagram.
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3 Best Third Party Official Launchers For Android Phones

There are many android launchers out there in Google play store. The Golaunchers and co, are all good but there are others which are better, ones that wont hang when you activate the launcher it. Basically do the things launchers are made to do, help keep your Android phone neat, tidy and pleasing to the eyes.

Also a good launcher should be able to help a smartphone run smoothly, with good and compressed functionality, optimize the background pictures, not take up too much space... I could go on and on but the fact is there is no perfect Launcher, but you can definitely find something close. Third party Launchers that is close to perfect are available.

 It took a while but I narrowed the field down to three. For a robust "free" option my choice might be everythingMe Launcher. If you want to get lost for a few hours in mindless non-productive tweaking this is a good solution.

The only negative of this for  is that it's loaded withnon-intrusiveadware in form of suggested apps. if this adware where to be removed even if it is a paid version then this Launcher will be the best in the world.

Nova  Launcher. The paid version of this app is wow compared to most of everything else out there it's more to taste with style in both in what it offers and how it works. The paid version goes for  $4.99, the free version is OK which also depends, it is infact the free version that will make you upgrade. To some people it is that good, so help the developers and pay. 

Apex is well Apex, one of the best Launchers one can have around not only is this launcher good, with it crisp display, app drawer, backgrounds, good wallpapers and a very handy organizer, it also comes with other amazing features.

Over to you are there any other Launchers out there that you've used and found it good? If yes can share it with others.
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10 Best Kindle Games For Kids Development

10 Best Kindle Games For Kids Development
There many good games available to Kindle users, countless number of games that cuts across many genres of games. But finding games that are children friendly is not easy.

Games that are suitable for children should have all the necessary attributes of a standard game, must be easy to download and install , must also be easy to start plus it must also help shape a child.

At this stage a good game will help a child greatly, challenges that are faced before a particular level is passed requires many things, Patience, determination, critical thinking and focus. Games that can teach this things to children in shortest time as possible, more than you can ever achieve with any means in such a short time frame. The key here is to get a good game that they will love.

So you see a good game is much more than that, is not all about playing for playing sake, or playing to pass time, it is much more than that it helps a child develop or improves skills that are important to every day life. A good good especially for children should not be boring, it should be just the opposite that is exciting.

Here are 10 top Kindle games for children

1. Crossy road

2. Candy crush saga

3. Gummy Drop

4. Cookie Jam

5. Township

6. Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home

7. Dragon City

8. Cooking Fever

9. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

10. Flow Free

Help a child today and share.
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How To Rename Or Remove Cortana In Windows 10

Windows came up with Cortana, an alternative to Siri or should I say a Windows version of Siri. Cortana promises to be your personal assistance to you when it comes to your PC usage. 

Cortana like Siri helps you do many things, things that will take time doing if you add it all up. Although Cortana is useful, it could as well become a nuisance especially on Windows 10, you might not understand if you don't use it, you'll understand if you do.

To remove Cortana on Windows 10, just follow this procedure
Go to "TaskManager" then go into the "Details" tab in task manager...find SearchUI.exe.
Right click on SearchUI.exe then select Open File Location.
You will see this folder Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy if you go back to
SystemApps or this is the directions to this directory...C Drive/Windows/SystemApps...
- Find Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy folder
Ok now you're doing this to gain enough time to rename Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy...

- Next right click on Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy and add a 1 at the end of the title ....

It probably wont let you rename it because SearchUI.exe is running.

So here is a walk around, try  renamingvMicrosoft.Windows.Cortana_cw..... by adding the number 1 at the end, like this

- A small window pops
up and with the words  "FILE IN USE" and you will see the button to "TRY AGAIN" ....

- Don't close it just move this
"File in Use" window over to the right of your screen...and then go back to the TaskManger/Details Tab...find SearchUI.exe..right click and select "End Process Tree"....

-You will now have enough time to go to that open notice that  says "FILE IN USE" and quickly press "Try Again" before SearchIU.exe opens back up... Congrats you've successful renamed Cortana, it will now have a new name, except any unforseen occurrence comes up.

To summarize this here is what to do 

You need to slide over the "File in Use" window over on your you have the "Try Again" button visible when you go back to TaskManger / Details tab to quickly close out SearchUI.exe by closing the tree process..then soon as you do that go back over to "FILE IN USE" and quickly press "Try Again" will work this way.

You might not be deleting Cortana as you know it, but technically by renaming it you've in a sense deleted the name 'Cortana'. So you've deleted it. Change the name and you've removed it.
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Fly Aero Flight Reservations And Online Booking

Aero contractors is one of the popular airlines we have around, they are not just popular for popularity sake, they are top notch when it comes to aviation safety and passenger comfort, they also have a thing going for them in flight fares that is money people pay to fly Aero flights.
Fly Aero Flight Reservations And Online Booking

They operate in many parts of Nigeria including some important Nigerian domestic routes in such cities and airport like Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja, Murtala Muhammed
international airport MMIA in Lagos, Akanu Ibiam airport in Enugu, Owerri, Kano, Warri, Portharcourt, Sokoto, Calabar, Uyo, Asaba, Kaduna, and Benincity.

They also have gone international with Destinations such as Accra Ghana in West Africa.

But then you need to know how to book this flights online the right way that is, this is important so that you won't fall victim to any questionable deal or scam.

How then do you book and schedule flights on Aerocontractor the right way? it is simple make use of their website, don't ever use any third party website when booking online unless you have it on good authority to do so.

How To Book Flights

- log in to Aerocontractor official website at FlyAero
- Chose book flight, a page opens where you'll be able to do the following

*. Choose whether you'll like to fly a one way trip or round Trip. A one way trip is a flight that is once, that is you only choose it if you just want to fly with the airline only once.

*. The other option is the round trip option, here you can be able to book double flight. that is a to and fro flight example Lagos to Accra, and back to Lagos with the same airline Aero Contractor.

- Next is to select the city of departure and arrival. then time of departure

- Choose other option that apply such as, how many adult you're booking for, how many children and infant you're reserving flights for. When you're satisfied click or tap search.

Fly Aero Flight Reservations And Online Booking

Proceed to other pages and complete the rest of the process which is easy. Then print your eTicket. That's what you will present at check in, in the airport.

Booking a Fly Aero Flights online also reserve your flights, for flight reservations and schedule you need to adjust your flight date and time. It is important to note the below


Always check your travel d hates and flights carefully.
Passengers must arrive for check-in a
minimum of 2 hours before an international
flight and a domestic flight.

Check-in closes 40
minutes before departure.

Please note that the eTicket (Electronic Ticket) is NON-REFUNDABLE, except when the flight is cancelled by the Carrier.

eTicket (Electronic Ticket) are NON-TRANSFERABLE but rebookable before departure date, subject to seat availability.

Applicable Conditions

An infant does not require a seat. However, there must be one Adult passenger for each Infant traveling. If you would like a seat for an Infant, please Go Back to booking and enter this passenger as a Child.

Fare Basis Conditions: Non
refundable, ticket validity varies according to fare class. Any baggage in excess of 20 kg is
chargeable at an excess fee per kilo.

Only one piece of hand luggage, not more than 5 kg and 50
cm x 35 cm x 23 cm, is allowed in the cabin.
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Simple Way To Make Whatsapp Free Forever on All Smartphones

This is really easy and it won't be considered cheating because the process is just plain simple and fully supported by WhatsApp. Legally clean and guaranteed to work.

But if you have the money please pay, we are fortunate that WhatsApp charges such a small annual fee for this great service.

With this two ridiculous simple methods you'll make your Whatsapp free. It doesn't matter if it is about to expire or have already expired, what matters is you'll be able to get your WhatsApp account back without stress.

How to do this is simple, you just have to do the following

First Method

The first method involve deleting your WhatsApp account the safe way. This creates an illusion that your expired account is out of there system.

- Delete your WhatsApp account To this Open your WhatsApp and navigate to Settings } Account } Delete My Account

- Enter your mobile number in the blank and Tap on Delete my account button and confirm it. you've just deleted your account.

- Next is to create your new account for Whatsapp messenger as you've done before.

- Next check the last expiry date of new whatsapp free trial by going to WhatsApp Settings } Account } Payment Info. You’ll see that your WhatsApp free trial have been extended.

The second Method is just to simply do the following

- Completely uninstall Whatsapp messenger from your smartphone.

- Re install it again from your appropriate app store. that is Plays store for Android

- Create your account, you'll get your free trial.

Works on all smart phones including Android and iOS - iPhone and iPad.

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How To Get A Refund On Match

If you're one of those that have been angered by Match dot com one of the many popular dating agency we have, on money refunds and other related issues, then you need the help you can get.

But can you really get a refund on Match dot com? Can I get a refund on Match? You'll like to know the answer to this questions, perhaps you're apprehensive having heard how notorious this company can be in eating customer funds. Well the simple truth is you can, they've been confirmed people who where refunded.

Is not as if you'll take them to court ,( you can try if you have the time and perhaps the money) or force them to give you back your money, but you can try because you now have a chance to do that.

Before you do anything let's understand a little about this dating platform.

Match Dot Com normally give a new subscriber free access to some Match features.

Once this free Match dating profile is created, you can view photos and profiles of potential dates. When you've found someone you like, you can subscribe to make contact by email and start getting to know them.

Note that 'subscription' that is where it gets interesting

Like every freemium service a good deal of its features are free. This is a good strategy because it lets you test
the waters before you spend any money subscribing.

With that free subscription, you can browse Match. com, search for and view matches, create a profile, send and receive “winks,” use Match's message center, and use their smartphone app.

Part of their strategy is designing all their free features to make you get into a paid subscription. Only with the paid subscription can you send messages to any Match Dot com member, see who has viewed or favorited your profile, connect with other members via IM keep track of your connections, and many other things.

Subscription on Match starts from as low as $20 to as high as $45 per month depending on many factors including subscription incentives.

The money can quickly add up if you decide to pay for a number of months, which is often recommended, so you may end up paying for 6 months.

Although a minimum of $120 may not break your pocket or drain your bank, but when it continues every 6 months or there about then it might eventually happen especially if you're no longer using Match's platform to find your dates or match.

In such case there is a need to stop it, and try to get your money back. Stopping it is just as simple as writing 'stopping' out. Just cancel your subscription and you've stopped it. wait o is not that easy, as they've been reported cases of people who taught they've cancelled their subscription only to be charged again.

So when you cancel it, be sure you've cancelled it. Make sure you receive their email confirming that you've successfully cancelled it, otherwise you'll be charged again then again, again and again. Because that is the main way they make their money.

Now to get a refund you need to make sure you are not at fault, make sure you cancelled your subscription before they charged your card, when you signed up you agreed to their TOS, that TOS is what binds you to pay if not cancelled. Which means if you can't cancel your subscription you must pay whether you use their services or not.

After you made sure that you've cancelled your account and they charged you ( which they shouldn't do under normal circumstance) you have all right to request a refund. First send them an email explaining what happened clearly and make sure to state that you've already CANCELLED your Match subscription before they charged you for renewal. At this point they should refund you your money.

If this fails which rarely happens then contact their customer care using Match refund number and have them transfer you to the person in charge of this department. Explain in details what happened and the steps you took to resolve it before calling.

Some business thrive when their customers are ignorant, once you no you've done everything according to their book you should be able to get your money back or take them to court and triple it.

This are just some of the ways to get a refund on match. com. Doing it well brings back your funds.

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How To Delete Someone On Tinder Easily

Deleting someone not just any person but a particular individual from your Tinder account may not be officially known but you can do it if you put your mind to it is not as difficult nor as easy, it depends on how you understand the world delete. 

- Log in to your account, locate the swiping screen if you're not there already, tap the flame shaped icon to get there.
- Go the message inbox by
tapping the Messages icon at the top of the screen, this looks like a speech bubble. Scroll down and find the person you want to delete. open the message thread by tapping.

- Open the more button option by Tapping it, This "more" button looks like three vertical dots arranged in a pattern. After touching it, a small sub menu with "Unmatch" and "Report" options will appear.

- After selecting "Unmatch," you'll be asked to confirm your decision. Tap "Unmatch" again to finish.

On the other hand we have the report button, this button is used when you're not satisfied with just deleting someone, maybe you feel that someone deserve to go out of Tinder entirely either because he or she is creepy, or dishonest. Just use the report option to do that.

Unmatching a person from Tinder is the same thing as deleting or blocking that person as you'll not be able  to undo it. It is important to note the below.

After deleting

- You will not see this person on your swipe screen again.

- This person will not be able to send you any more messages, even if they have already done so.

- You will not be able to send any
messages to this person.

- Both you and the person you delete will be unable to read your previous

- The message thread will
disappear from both of your inboxes.

This is how to delete a particular person from your Tinder account, simple and easy you just have to use what they provide to solve your problem.
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Simple Way To View Private Twitter Accounts

There is no feeling greater than the feeling you get when you finally get to see what someone has been hiding from you, yes catching someone at their game is a great feeling.

A lot of tools has come and gone, like TwtRoulette, an online tool that let's you view private tweets. A lot twitter holes has been patched, but then there is one that's not patchable , one hole that still remains.

Privacy is all about what you can't see, when one make a thing private he believes others can't see it, that he or she is the only one that can see it, this includes some certain things he thought might be private thereby taking it for granted. Well this might shock you not everything on your profile is private. One could for instance obtain the list of who you follow easily despite you making that part private.

You see Twitter is set up much like Facebook, apart from the small difference, they are pretty much alike no matter how different they may seem, both forget to take care of one small part of their privacy, that small part is what we will use.
This is not necessarily to show you how to view private Twitter account of other Twitter users, information gotten can be used to protect yourself, that is to the best of your ability, do your part and leave the rest, because this aspect of privacy is more dependent on Twitter.
You are going to learn things including
how to find out who your target have been following
then the relationship of your target to that follower. And any other thing you can find during the course of your investigations.

Before you proceed a fair warning, this is not 100 percent guaranteed, so don't be disappointed if you don't get what you're exactly looking for, your getting the information mentioned above depends on you, this procedure is not automatic, much depends on how you use your brain.

*. The first step is to create a brand new Twitter account with a false name. I recommend a female account if you're targeting a male, and a female account too if you're targeting a female.

*. Login to Twitter with your new account, find and follow your target. Do not follow or like any other person, company or organization, this is very important. After which log out, give two days gap then log in again.

*. You'll see recommendations, Twitter is going to show you people and organizations to follow. This recommendations are based on people you follow, and your interests, perhaps from searches you've made on Twitter that's why should do nothing more than follow your target.

*. Now look closely at those recommendations, you now know the people your target follows. To find out the relationship your target has with those he or she is following, you have to do series of logins and out over a period of 7 days or more.

Each time you log in take note of the people being recommended by Twitter. Do this over the specified period. If one, two, three or more appears regularly then the relationship is close.
For instance if you're seeing a dating agency always then it is certain that he or she does that behind your back. You can also find other things about that person.
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