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Review of Real Football Game Hidden Codes and Tricks

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Simple Way To View Private Badoo Photos And Pictures Legally

Update: There is a web service that can do this automatically, though they offer one free view per user, if you will like to view more you'll have to pay to upgrade, you may have to endure one or two adverts or survey here mega view

If you know Badoo, I mean if you really know what Badoo is and what is going on there you'll really want to know who is behind that picture you may have seen, you'll want to see other photos to help you conclude whether who you're seeing is really the person.

Simple Way To View Private Twitter Accounts

Update: If you rather you do it the easy way, there is an app that will help you do this, they offer one view per user, if you'll like to view more then you have to upgrade. you'll also have to endure some adverts or survey though, here is the site megaview

There is no feeling greater than the feeling you get when you finally get to see what someone has been hiding from you, yes catching someone at their game is a great feeling.

A lot of tools has come and gone, like TwtRoulette, an online tool that let's you view private tweets. A lot twitter holes has been patched, but then there is one that's not patchable , one hole that still remains.
Privacy is all about what you can't see, when one make a thing private he believes others can't see it, that he or she is the only one that can see it, this includes some certain things he thought might be private thereby taking it for granted. Well this might shock you not everything on your profile is private. One could for…

How To Fix Unfortunately Badgeprovider Has Stopped Error

The, unfortunately, Badgeprovider has stopped error is quite common,  especially on Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, and other android phones.
This issue has been given a lot of Android users a headache, as it seems to be popping out of nowhere. Sometimes this is quite irritating, especially if you have something important and urgent you are doing. So if your Badge provider has stopped working here is what you need to do. 
What is Badge provider?
BadgeProvider is a sort of system app that works in tandem with Badge notification, this runs in the background all the time. In one hand, it shows pending notifications and on the other hand, it consumes battery a lot. Though this is not a battery killer, it can consume a lot of your device battery.
How to fix its error
- You first have to open Settings. Find your way to applicationand Application manager.

- Go to Alltab. Scroll down and find out BadgeProvider. Tap on this to open the settings. - Tap on it to open it.
*. You'll see various opti…

59 Practical Secret Codes For Samsung Galaxy S2 II

The Samsung Galaxy S2 II which is part of the Samsung smartphone family is a unique phone, easy to use, good screen resolution, elegant and slick design, ease of browsing and many more functions.
Like any other phone, the Samsung Galaxy S2 II has it own secret codes, those secret codes unlock many unseen functions that the manufacturer has put in place. Get to know them and use them
Secret codes for Samsung Galaxy S2 II 1. *#1234# (View SW Version PDA, CSC,MODEM)
2. *#12580*369# (SW & HW Info)
3. *#197328640# (Service Mode)
4. *#0228# (ADC Reading)
5. *#32489# (Ciphering Info)
6. *#232337# (Bluetooth Address)
7. *#232331# (Bluetooth Test Mode)
8. *#232338# (WLAN MAC Address)
9. *#232339# (WLAN Test Mode)
10. *#0842# (Vibra Motor Test Mode)
11. *#0782# (Real Time Clock Test)
12. *#0673# (Audio Test Mode)
13. *#0*# (General Test Mode)
14. *#2263# (RF Band Selection)
16. *#9090# (Diagnostic ConfiguratioN)
17. *#7284# (USB I2C Mode Control)
18. *#872564# (USB Logging Control)
19. *#4…

How To Easily Clear Wifi Cache On Android

Here is how to easily clear your Wi-Fi cache on your Android phone through your wireless setting, in any version of Android be it Jellybean, Kit Kat, Gingerbread, Lollipop, Marshmallow or even Nougat.
Clearing Wi-Fi cache the easiest way to solve your device WiFi problem. As this usually the first point of call when a problem like that arises.
Without being too technical here are the things you need to do, to clear your WiFi cache.
*. Open your Device menu.
*. Tap Settings, then go to Storage and Cache Data.
·         A confirmation message would appear.
·         Tap OK to confirm cache clean-up.
·         Try connecting to your WiFi connection again.
Some device may require you to select the Internal storage, then you'll have to come down to cache. Tap and confirm to clear.
Once you clear the cache if it a minor problem when you reconnect your WiFi should work. If it doesn't work look around there are other fixes for WiFi problems on Android here.