Top Online Streaming Sites To Watch NFL Games In HD Free

You can watch NFL games this season live and in HD for free. I know this sounds too good to be true, but it is true.

Are this providers crazy? You might ask well they are not, they are very much sane. It is just a marketing strategy, no big deal about it, you get  exposed to their sponsors and know more about their brand, they get to make this matches available for streaming free, so you can watch major NFL football games.

Another catch to this HD Free streams is, they only show selected matches, so you may not get to watch a game in HD if it wasn't fortunate to get selected. If that is so try out (this sites are more reliable, but the 
streams are not in HD.)

1. CBS 

will live-stream the game on will stream 104 games online this season, including three NFC  playoff matchups, through its Fox Sports Go app , but a cable/ satellite subscription is required. This service is only available to customers of Comcast, Cox, Charter, AT&T U-Verse, Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, Verizon FiOS.

its website and through the CBS Sports app. it will be free to everyone, 
even those who don't subscribe to cable. The
network will also stream NFL live score.

2. FOX 

NBC will be streaming all Sunday night NFL games
and can be streamed via your PC OR Mobile.

4. Yahoo/
Free global stream of a regular-season NFL game are available including games between Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills, and other top matches.

Top Streaming Site To Watch NFL Games Online Free

There is nothing bad in having options, especially when it comes to streaming live NFL games or matches on the Internet. 

Depending on major players like ESPN, Fox or Skysport may get you disappointed especially if you want to watch the NFL playoff games on PC, tablet and set-top boxes outside America or even in US.
Top Streaming Site To Watch NFL Games Online Free
So if you're around the world, places like Europe, Asia and even Africa, you can still watch this NFL matches via streaming. Even places like Australia are catching up.

Here are the websites that offer this content free. They stream NFL games for free alright, but it comes with its own draw back, being a free stream. 

The quality is not expected to be top notch, also some sites on this list 
has some pretty annoying popups.

Before visiting any of these sites, I  recommend you have a popup blocker. 

If you have Google
Chrome installed, I recommend using Popup Blocker Pro. Search for it in the chrome store, or Google it.

The sites are





The quality of the above streams will vary so you may want to test it out, 
before you settle for one. Each stream has a different  quality and rating as voted on by active viewers to help you decide.

Alternatively You can Watch NFL Games and matches online in high definition for free! 
For viewing in HD see this top site for that.

5 Free Online Streaming Sites To Watch Live Baseball Games

It is becoming somewhat difficult in watching Baseball matches, especially if you're not around your cable TV or you didn't to the Stadium. online streaming as the only alternative which is the best alternative has problem in terms of finding good quality streams to watch live Baseball matches, through your computer, mobile device or PC.

So with this websites that offers free streams for Baseball games, you'll sure get to enjoy Baseball games anywhere you are worldwide.

Before you get too excited, before you move on to finally settling for a streaming site to watch Baseball matches. It is vital you know that their quality are not exactly top-notch. Most of this sites has different quality of streams. You should try each before you settle down to one.

Your region or country is important while streaming Baseball matches. The quality of the stream you get if you are in Australia in Europe, will be different with the person that is Biafra (Nigeria) in Africa.

Here are the top free sites for Baseball Matches.

.1. Batmastream

This site allows unrestricted access to any live Baseball events. The rationale behind their free streaming of Baseball matches according to them is that they felt that the game of Baseball is underappreciated, perhaps because people don't get to watch it as often as people in the United States.. So they want the world to feel Baseball.


You get to watch Baseball games including the famous world series online live. You can watch everything from training to the match proper. They are best when it comes to delivering Baseball contents to fans via the Internet.

Update: It seems they no longer support free version, you have to subscribe to get the content.

Shows Baseball matches around the world. Once you're on this website, live matches, that is Baseball games that are currently on going will be shown. So you select and play.

4. ATDheTV One of the best free site for doing what you want to do. Unlike other streams, this website has quality in their streams.

5. Vipleague/ This site is rated highly by users. Which simply means they rock. For a free stream you can do more that this.

Note: Because the above sites all offer free streams, the quality of the streams varies, this is why it is recommended you try all of them out before settling for one. Get on, enjoy your games, Whether it is MLB or NCAA Baseball games you're covered.

Simple Way To Borrow Books From Kindle Library

As a customer you'll be able to borrow books from many Kindle lenders. Books that cuts across many genres. Apart from books joining this program by Amazon allows you to do many things.

It's not just restricted to borrowing books alone from the Kindle Library. There are many benefits that comes with it, benefits like

*  You can instantly watch over 40,000 movies and TV episodes with titles for everyone.

* Borrow books from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library

* You'll also get unlimited FREE two-day shipping with no minimum order size
Just check the banner for more details.

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Top 10 Largest Internet Service Providers In The US With Subscription Prices

Top 10 Largest Internet Service Providers In The US With Subscription Prices
There are many Internet service providers in the world, majority of those are located right in the US, providing services based mainly on cable, DSL and dial-up services. Providing all round internet services for telephone, Desktop Computers & Laptops with such services as Wi-Fi.

What makes this internet providers thick is "services" they provide fast and almost 99% reliable internet services to consumers. Because they are not one their services varies, for example, one can have more speed compared to others while the price will be much higher, while another may have less speed but make it up with the price as the price will be lower.

Without much fuss here is the top 10 largest and popular internet service providers in the United States if not in the world. They are numbered from 1 to 10 (1 being the highest) in order of importance and popularity, while the depth of their services are factored in.

Top 10 ISP List

1. Comcast This is without doubt currently the largest cable provider in the U.S, with over 17 million internet customers at an amazing speed of up to 105 Mbps. It doesn't stop there, Comcast also provides other features such as internet security and parental controls. A Comcast account come with 7 email accounts, with 10 MB/ea, this is limited. Plans start from $29.99 per month for 6 months.

2. AT&T Closely following Comcast is AT&T, they provide DSL and dial-up services, fiber optic connections with its U-Verse service, over 17 million subscribers enjoys speed up to 6.0 Mbps, also the U-Verse fiber optic delivers speeds up to 24 Mpbs with 10 email accounts, unlike Comcast AT&T has unlimited email storage. Dial-up start from $22.95 per month. While DSL starts at $14.95 per month. The U-Verse starts goes from $19.95 per month.

3. Time Warner Cable This internet provider has 14 million customers, with coverage of about 39 states in the United States. This company delivers its services via cable network, with speeds up to 50 Mbps. Its other service called the " Road Runner" puts in speeds from 768 Kbps to 30 Mbps. Plans begins at $19.99 per month.

4. CenturyLink CenturyLink should perhaps be number 3, as their rapid rise was ochastrated by their acquisition of Qwest Communications, although they've gradually became the third largest telecommunications company in the U.S. With over 7 million subscribers using their Internet services. Services they provide include DSL and fiber optic services with speeds up to 40 Mbps. Plans begins at $14.95 per month.

5. Charter Charter is responsible for proving such internet services like Internet security, parental controls, and ten 1GB email accounts to over 5 million customers scattered in about 26 states in US with cable speeds up to 60 Mbps, plans begins at $19.99/month.

6. Verizon Verizon has some top States they cater for States like Texas, California, Florida and some other states, Its fiber optic service, which is called FiOS, is available too. Their services include but not limited to fiber optic, DSL, and dial-up. For DSL plans at 0.5 to 1 Mbps and include 9 email accounts with 10 MB of storage. FiOS has speeds of 15 to 50 Mbps. Dial-up is $14.99 per month. DSL begins at $29.99 per month. FiOS starts at $49.99 per month.

7. Cox Cox Internet services include cable internet which is the medium through which all their services are rendered to about 5 million customers in more than 16 states with speeds of 3 to 50 Mbps. . Along with 10 email addresses, security software, and customer support. Plans begins at $15.99 a month for 3 months.

8. Optimum Optimum provides cable Internet to a subscriber base of more than 3 million mainly in New York, and other Rocky States. speeds up to 50 Mpbs, along with five 2GB email accounts, security and parental controls, are what comes with a subscription while there are added bonus like 12GB site hosting. The Plan begins at $29.95 for 6 months.

New! List of Fastest Internet Providers in The US

9. Frontier True to its name Frontier is mainly focused in providing Internet access to people in rural areas with over 4 million keying in. Service is; DSL service, you get the luxuary of 8 email accounts, security and parental software, then call waiting if you subscribe, begins start at $14.99 a month.

10. Suddenlink With over 1.4 million subscribers in such big States like Texas and Louisiana, this broadband company deserves the hype and just like Frontier they are available in rural areas. The Suddenlink2GO is one amazing feature which can be used to watch TV and movie content from any computer across the U.S. Plans begins at $19.95/month.

Note Changes may occur in prices and prices may rise or lower depending on the company. The top 20 list is here meanwhile share!

7 Premier League Streaming Subscription Sites For EPL Matches

7 Premier League Streaming Subscription Services

See this top premier league streaming sites and service to watch guaranteed EPL matches without interruption or ads.

Unlike the free EPL sites which I highlighted last time, this streaming sites requires you to pay, simply put it requires subscription, you subscribe for a some duration or time, and you get to watch what you subscribed for.

It is simple you get to watch what you pay for and in the best condition nothing less. Just make sure your internet is okay, so that you'll notice any faults from their end.

1. This is the obvious website to for if you're in the United Kingdom.

2. For my United States friends go for Fox Sports. It streams every EPL matches live for US region. What this means if you're not in the US then this site is not for you. Although a good VPN software will do the job.

Apart from this two popular ones there are other good ones out there. There is

3.  One of the best streaming sites when it comes to slow or unstable connections. The
problem is, Star sports is  region locked, in case your region is not listed, a good work around is to use  VPN to access it.

4. NBC Sports: A very good Serviceable stream, that you can subscribe to, and watch your English premier league matches.

5. RDS: There is no free version of this, and it seem to be catering for only the needs of the Canada community. A VPN can unlock this website EPL whatever country you're in, just set the VPN to Canada.

6. It streams EPL matches but in Chinese language commentary.

This is the official streaming platform of the Barclays Premier League, subscribers get to watch every match of the Premier League live, as well as produced Highlights, Review and Preview shows on computers, tablets, phones and smart tv's.

Unfortunately Premier League Pass is only available in 3 countries that is New Zealand, Taiwan and the Philippines.

How To Read Someones WhatsApp Messages Without Them Knowing

Here is how to read your WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing. It is very easy, simple and highly effective. It may sound ridiculous, but don't underestimate it.

WhatsApp has pointers that shows the different state of messages, this pointers are in form of marks, especially the two most used the clock shaped mark and the good long marks (thing of your elementary and high school days).

It goes this way when you send a message and it hasn't reached the person you're sending it to you get the clock mark sign, when it reaches the person but the person is not online it gets marked as sent, that is where you get the 'one' mark sign. If that person comes online or is online when you sent the message it gets marked double, that is it gets gray marked twice. The whether it is a clock sign or one and double 'good' mark they all have the same colour gray.
Read Someones WhatsApp Messages Without Them Knowing

When the person reads the message the double gray good mark turns green. At this point you know that your message have been read. And vice versa.

Because of the make up of Whats App it is often difficult to read message without the sender knowing, because what I explained above is kind of common knowledge. But with this method you can do that easily.

Note: At this time I have only tested it on android, iPhone users will have to tweak somethings to get it to work. Also this is temporary because eventually you'll have to open WhatsApp to read the messages or it will continue pilling up, even if you off your smartphone and on it.

Here is what you'll do. When a message comes do not open it, just leave it and read it through your notification area. I mean the area where you get notified, the one at the top of your Android phone.
If that place is clear of clutter, when a message comes it will roll through one by one until you read it all. In case you want to read other message, you'll have to go Whatsapp app proper not the notification area. 

When there read the ones that matters and ignore that one you read through your notification.

How To Fix Unfortunately Dialer Has Stopped On Android Phones

Your Smartphones are meant to be smart little things that perform many functions optimally, without hitches. But then because of it not being 100% perfect it is bound to misbehave, especially on Micromax Yuphoria, Google Nexus, Oneplus, CM12, Tecno and many other Android phones.

This Android phones has been noted to have lots of problems, running into errors as often as possible, among which is this error "unfortunately dialer has stopped working" or "unfortunately contact has stopped working" when this occurs the dialer or the contact simply closes and you'll be unable to dial number or access your contact.

How To Fix Unfortunately Dialer Has Stopped On Android Phones


RAM size : RAM size is definitely one cause, the lower the size the higher the rate in which this occurs. That is a 512mb RAM has a very high chance of this having this error than a 1GB, 2GB or more RAM.

Storage size: Though Android have some small part of its memory dedicated to the storage of system files often known as unusable space, this reserved space is just a fraction of the overall phone memory that Android is equipped with. The rest are yours to do as you see fit.

So take care not to fill your phone up, or you'll keep getting errors, not just the unfortunately dialer has stopped error, but a lot of things will go wrong, including games or other applications running too slow.


Before beginning, we recommend that you backup all the contacts on your Android Smartphone to your Google Account. So that in case all the
contacts gets erased from your Smartphone, you
can safely get them back later.

Note: There is just a small chance of this happening, backing up your contact is not a must.

In case of RAM Size, if you're with a phone that is below 1GB do what we call RAM management, download clean master from Play Store. 

After downloading the application install and run it, when it opens go to "clean junk", the app automatically detects all junk files that might be affecting your device, and then it will ask you to clean them.
- Tap clean, and allow to clean.

- Next step is to go to phone boost in the same Clean Master app and boost your RAM. 

2. Second step is to go to Settings on your phone then ~ Apps ~ All Contacts and then click on the “Force Stop” button followed by the “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” buttons.

Now again from Settings ~ Apps ~ All Contacts
~ Storage and then click on the “Clear Cache”

Again from Settings, go to Apps and then the All tab and then click on the Dialer application. Then
clear the Cache and Data of the Dialer application as well.

Now restart your Android Smartphone. It should work. 

But if all this doesn't work which I highly doubt. Move on to the third and final step that is the ultimate step.

3. Back up your phone files to your external memory card or Google backup or any other cloud storage, because you are bound to lose your files including your contacts if you go through with this step. 

The final step is to factory reset your android phone. If you don't know how to do that search around this site for the reset code of your Android smartphone. If you can't find it post it via comment box. 

After factory resting your device, download and install the clean master app, run it. Always use it to clean junks when the app detects them. You can also use the application to fix your CPU when it becomes hot, that is over heat.

Easy Way To Find Facebook User Location Legally

Easy Way To Find Facebook User Location Legally
Updated now working!

There is nothing wrong if you want to know more about an individual on Facebook, as a matter of fact for the sole reason that he or she sent you a friend request or is your friend, you have the right to know as much information as you want, whether the person wants it or not. It's not a crime, it's legal as finding out the person's details including the location will help you protect yourself.

How To Capture Weather Screen Shot On iPhone And Ipad

How To Capture Weather Screen Shot On iPhone And Ipad
Unlike Windows or Mac that is no official application or software for taking weather screenshot on iPhone, this is because this feature is built right into it.

The interface on the iPad or iPhone is more like Android than windows.

So with that built in feature capturing weather screenshot using any iOS device is very much easy. Apart from getting the weather images you also capture pretty much any thing on your iPad or iPhone using this method.

- Power up your iPad or iPhone, then go to the place you usually access your weather reports. It could be an app or a website.

- While there press and hold the Home button that is located at the bottom center of the device, that is the button you often use to exit the app and return to the home screen

- While the home button is down, press the Sleep (or Wake) button located on the opposite edge of the phone. The screen will flash momentarily, you will also hear a click sound and the content of the current screen, that is the weather screen will be saved as a new image in your Photo Gallery.

Note: The same key combination will reset your iPhone if you press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least 10 seconds.